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She is no longer a little girl.

He gripped her hand gently as the priest began speaking. Once all was said and done Ian planted a small kiss against Azuri's round lips.

It was like a trigger, everyone hooted and hollered once everything was officiated. Since Ian wasn't the only vampire prince, he would be moving into her kingdom, into her castle. He would protect the people of the Fae Kingdom.

Soon the music swelled up again and everyone was dancing and digging into food, drinking sweet wines and laughing in joy. This went on for hours, Ian wasn't really hungry and neither was Azuri, they were both nervous about what would eventually have to happen.

Ian loved Azuri ever since he saw her, as a vampire he was considered soft, and even humane. He didn't like hurting people and chose to feed from animals not humans and not any other magical creature. When the moon came out the Fae queen and vamp king ushered their children up.

"Now is the best time to be fertile." Her mother said pushing her to her new suite which she would forever share with Ian. The moonlight empowered not only vampires, but the Fae's senses as well.

"Once the deed is done we will have completed the treaty." The king said practically dragging Ian along. The doors to an ivory suite were opened, and both bride and groom were shoved in with the doors closing behind them.

"Until sunrise!" Her mother yelled at the other side of the door.

"I'm sorry." Ian said sitting down on a stool across from the large canopy bed in a light shade of green.

Azuri frowned looking at Ian "It's not your fault." Azuri sat on the bed looking down.

Ian rubbed his head unsure what to do next, he wasn't going to pressure her. Azuri looked at him.

"Does it hurt?" She asked, it was an obvious question that was often answered differently from royals who were virtuous.

Ian shrugged "I don't know...I never..." Ian struggled to say the words.

"Really?" Azuri looked him in his eyes, they were glowing rubies that penetrated her consciousness.

Ian nodded. So for an hour they both sat across from one another and chatted, they both missed their friendship. Until one finally got the courage.

"I want to violence to stop." Azuri told him "And we are officially husband and wife, it's only natural."

"Are you sure?" Ian asked her. Azuri nodded and started to slip out of her dress, under all the fabric no one knew she wore only a slip, something that was advised by her by her mother. Her supple breasts pressed against the top, her light blue nipples reminded him of fresh dew. Ian stared at her entranced by her beauty.

Ian started to undress himself and watched as Azuri pulled the slip down revealing herself bare. Azuri looked down covering her chest with her arms.

"You're staring..."

"I can't help it, you're beautiful." Ian murmured as he took his shirt off. Azuri smiled at the compliment, but still kept her chest covered with her arm, even when Ian stripped his pants off and revealed his member to her. It was cold, and thicker as a vampire.

Azuri stared at it now unsure if they should go with it.

"We don't have to." Ian said staring into her eyes. Azuri shook her head.

"No, it's okay." Azuri fumbled a bit pulling her arm from her chest. Her breasts were round and perked nipples, Ian couldn't imagine a more lovely visage that Azuri natural. Azuri was the first to climb onto the bed. Ian soon joined her. Azuri noticed her stiff his rod was now since she removed her arm.

"Azuri, I love you." Ian kissed her forehead "If you want me to stop, tell me."

Azuri nodded laying her back down onto the bed so Ian could climb on top of her. Ian decided to kiss her first, something that Azuri wasn't expecting, it was long and sensual, the heat from it had her head spinning.

Ian gently pushed her legs open so he could find her entrance. He held his girth in his hand and placed the head as her un-entered gates. Azuri blushed, not sure what to do.

"Wrap your arms and legs around me.