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Lydia flashes while shopping at the mall with Uncle Bill.

I don't even know if other boys will ask me out."

"Let's just go along," I said, knowing there would be no problem with other boys asking her if she didn't always turn them down. "Things will work out."
"Oh, they also told me that I should still talk to them before going out. I think the idea of only going out with you made a difference there too."

"Maybe," I said and added, "We're still on for Wednesday and sunday, right?" and she said we were.

Wednesday we met at State and I drove Colleen to Travis place to see the B-17. I knocked on the door and Mrs. Larkin answered. "Hi Howard." Then she noticed Colleen, smiled, and asked. "and who is this?"

"Mrs. Larkin, this is my girlfriend Colleen Murphy." I told her.

"Hi, Mrs Larkin," Colleen said.

"My you are young," Mrs. Larkin said.

"She's a freshman at state, Mrs. Larkin." I blurted out. "She just looks young because she is so tiny. If you saw her in her bikini you would see she has a great figure with breasts and everything. You wouldn't think she was so young."

Colleen looked embarrassed and turned a bit pink. Mrs. Larkin said, "Well you boys seem to be picking the cream of the crop. Howard, you probably shouldn't be so eager to point out Colleen's figure, 'breasts and everything.' That would be embarrassing for any woman. I also suggest you might refer to her as 'petite' rather than 'tiny'."

I looked at Colleen. She smiled and said, "Thank you, Mrs. Larkin. Boys can be uncouth sometimes."

I apologized profusely as we went to the workshop.

As soon as we came into the workshop, Susie said, "Hi Colleen," and came over. She introduced Colleen to everyone and then took her to the side where the two of them whispered and giggled occasionally. All the guys were staring at Colleen. Then Susie said, "Don't you all have work to do?" and took Colleen over to where she was assembling the connections for the radio controller.

I was struggling to get the horizontal stabilizers attached to the fuselage. I kept dropping the small bolts and nuts which needed to be attached inside. "Could I have another pair of hands?" I called out.

Colleen came over, "What do you need?" she said.

I showed her and instead of just helping she used her small fingers to reach right in and do the attachment herself.

"Wow! that was quick," I said.

I was pretty much finished with my part of the assembly and I started looking for other parts to help with. The final assembly needed a lot of interior attachments. Whenever there was a need to work inside a part I called Colleen over and she reached right in to do much of the attachment. The guys started calling her "Rosie" for "Rosie the Riveter." Thanks to her help we were almost finished with the entire assembly when Mrs. Larkin told us it was time to leave.

As I drove her home I told her, "You were awesome. We expected to take another month to finish. If you help next week we will be done then!" When we got to her home I walked her to the door and gave her a kiss. My arms were at her waist and she moved my hands down to her butt.

Gymnastics Locker Room

Saturday I went to the gym where Colleen had her gymnastics lesson. I got there at 9:20 and wasn't sure what to do. I found the room and could see girls practicing inside but there didn't seem to be anywhere to watch from so I stood outside looking through the window. Colleen spotted me and came to the door. "Come on in, don't just stand there," she said as she led me inside. She was as spectacular as I had imagined in her suit, but no cameltoe.

"It didn't look like there was a place for spectators," I said.

She pointed to some chairs at the side. A couple of parents were sitting there. "This is Howard," Colleen told everyone. "He's my boyfriend and we're going out after practice."

I watched as she did some spectacular leaps and jumps on the equipment and then did a lot of what seemed to be dance practice but with more athletic moves.