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If Terry and the other guests wanted to see a show, then we would give them a show!

As Derek circled me around the deck, the music seemed to go on for ever. My head was spinning now but I didn't care, I was too turned on. His hands were still groping my bottom and I could feel the hem of my light dress riding up with every squeeze. Soon, I could feel the cool night air playing around my upper thighs and realised with a little surprise that I had let Derek lift the hem right up to my panties. I should have been alarmed, but all I could feel was excitement as it became obvious that all the guests now had a clear view of my panties. I could never have believed how exciting exposing myself like this would be, my nipples were rock hard under my dress and I was sure that there would be a visible damp patch on the front of my underwear.

I had decided that the music must be on a continuous loop, because it was not stopping. Derek was now kissing my lips gently as he twirled me round slowly, treating his guests to a nice view of my panty covered behind. A part of me knew that I should be trying to put a stop to this, but my feelings of lust and excitement were too strong. I parted my lips and admitted his searching tongue as I let my hands roam up and down his strong back. Derek seemed to take this as an acceptance of his amorous advances and, keeping the skirt of my dress firmly bunched above my bottom with one hand, he began to slide the straps of the halter top off my shoulders with the other. The thoughts were racing through my head: was I going to let this gorgeous man undress me like this, in public? Was he going to expose my boobs for all to see?

My unvoiced questions were quickly answered as the straps fell from my shoulders and I felt the rough material of his shirt tease my solid nipples as he pressed back into me. Thankfully the lights outside were quite dim. The moonlight cast shadows over our audience who now had stopped chatting to each other and seemed intent on watching the display in front of them. I looked over towards my husband. Terry was smiling back at me in silent encouragement. His arm was still around Jane's tiny waist, but had now moved up slightly and I could just see his hand contract and relax as he gently massaged her left breast through her bikini.

Seeing Terry enjoying the ample charms of our hostess was all the reassurance that I needed. I was feeling so horny now, so turned on and excited, that I broke away from Derek for a moment and stepped back. He seemed disappointed, but as I smiled sexily at him and started to wriggle my dress down, his disenchantment was soon dispelled. Once the dress was at my waist, it fell easily to the floor, pooling around my tennis shoes. Standing there in just my shoes and white panties, I let everyone get a good look at my semi naked body. I felt wonderful. I was the centre of attention and from the cheers and whistles that I was receiving, it was obvious that they liked what they saw. Derek approached me again. The bulge in his shorts seemed to have grown and I guessed that the garment hid a penis of excellent proportions. Still slightly dizzy from the drink, Derek lifted me up easily in his arms and carried me over to a wooden table. I was laid gently on my back with my butt on the edge and my legs hanging over. I could feel the rough hewn wood on my sensitive skin, the contrast heightening my feelings of lust.

Derek stood back to admire my body. He smiled and I became aware that some of the single male guests had moved closer to the table in anticipation of watching a young woman getting fucked. They crowded around, trying to get a better view as Derek reached under my ass and, with a swift motion, pulled the last vestiges of my clothing from my body. I heard more cheers and applause as my naked vagina became exposed to their eyes. I always keep myself shaved down there and this did not go unnoticed.

"Wow! Look at that! Her pussy's completely smooth" I heard an unfamiliar voice cry.

And then another voice from the other side of the table: "Oh,