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You find out what really happens in the airport.

one, a blue-white spirit emerged from it, shooting off into space - the soul, freed to move on to the next life!

Rakain drew his laser pistol and took aim. "Hang tight, Nora!" he yelled. He lined up his sights at a skeleton's head and pulled the trigger. The same moment he did, the skeleton lurched and ducked down mid-step, the laser shot zipping right over it's head. Energy wreathed one of Xata's hands as her Song built. In an entirely different voice from any she'd used before, she said: "Rest, warrior." And leaped forward to lash her hand out at the skeleton that had just evaded Rakain's attack... but it shied away from the touch, successfully evading it. Clearly it wasn't ready to rest just yet.

Nora drew her pistol while the little bot perched on Ami's shoulder carefully opened it's mouth. "Ami, ears." Nora quickly said with an internal count before her little bot fired it's shot in time with Nora's own gunpull. Her little drone was the only that managed to hit! Ami did dutifully cover her ears - but where a fist could crush and pulverize with ease, bullets without flesh to tear and organs to rend had...issues. The bullet chipped a rib, but left the skeleton still standing! Then the two skeletons surrounding Sam both tried to strike her dead with their swords. She lifted her arm, knocking one blade aside with a shower of sparks. The other skeleton managed to slam his sword into her shoulder, causing her to stagger slightly - then stand proudly.

The other three skeltons smoothly pulled out laser pistols of strange designs - and opened fire. The beams of orange-red light filled the air, and smashed into the wall. Ami dove for cover, and the others in the party ducked down. But none of the blasts hit, save for one that reflected off the side of Sam's armor - the immense armored woman being the bulwark of the party.

"And the skeletons have lasers, wonderful!" Rakain snarled, ducking behind one of the computer consoles -- a spray of sparks flying from the laser fire. Hana lifted her hand, another stone flying to her hand, shooting towards one of the skeletons, but it was hard to tell which one as it whizzed harmlessly past them all. But as she was also diving for cover as she fired, it was hard to blame her for not exactly aiming well. The skeletons remained standing in the open -- more focused on putting out streams of laser fire than taking cover.

"I'm going to have a bone to pick with you after this." Sam half grumbled. Sam used the matter that she was a heavily armored target to her advantage. Using the same arm that parried the blade she tried to hammer the undead opponent on that side, though undeath wasn't proving to be slow as it lurched backwards from her swing. For the other she had managed to grab hold of the guard of the blade that solidly stuck her armor, holding the skeleton in place as she reverse her fist and put it through it's center of mass. Once more a skeleton exploded with a haze of blue white light - another spirit flying away!

Xata watched Sam fight with shining admiration.

"Oh, we're doing puns now?" Rakain said. He sighted on another skeleton near Nora and pulled the trigger. The thin laser shot zipped right through two of the skeleton's exposed ribs, missing it completely and doing nothing. "Well I'm going to need a stiff drink after this! Or a good lay!"

Xata engaged Plan Beta, seizing the dueling sword at her hip and leaping at the nearest skeleton. As she struck it she decided to get in her own witticism: "I hope your bones fall apart and clatter to the ground very loudly!"

"You tell 'em Xata!" Rakain yelled.

The sword hummed and she slashed through the skeleton weakneed by Nora's gunshot earlier - and cleaved the skull off the torso, filling the air with blue smoke.