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An author finds inspiration with a stranger.

The silk brushed her skin, sending electric sparks through her body whenever it made contact with her barely covered breasts. Finally, they came to a stop. Bright light filtered through a slit in the curtain, but Opal couldn't quite make out what was on the other side.

"Go." Jack commanded Opal, his voice like steel.

"What's happening?" Opal demanded.

Jack simply grinned, and pushed Opal beyond the curtain.

The mammoth titted mom found herself blinded by the brilliant light on the other side of the darkness. She blinked trying to focus. Finally, her vision steadied. Opal realized she was staring into her own pale, blue eyes. Or rather, a reflection of them.

Opal was staring into a mirror. She studied her reflection. Her soiled white tank; stained with her sweat. Her pale cleavage was red and swollen, checkered with bruises and welts. Her panty-line was clearly visible through her tight spandex leggings. She turned around and realized she was surrounded by mirrors; the black curtain she had just stepped through had seemingly disappeared. She looked down and took a dizzying step backwards as she found herself looking up at the underside of her swelling chest. The ceiling was similarly reflective. She stumbled again, dizzied, disoriented.

Opal finally stopped, panting. Her aching breasts were weighing her down and sending jolts of electricity through her body with every bounce. She steadied herself with a hand against smooth glass. She risked a glance at her reflection again.

Seconds ticked by as Opal processed that this new corridor of the mirror maze was different than where she had entered. Here, the reflections were twisted, warped. In one mirror her doppelganger was skinny and contorted- with long, thin breasts like smooshed sausages. Still struggling along on unsteady feet, desperately seeking an exit, Opal's gaze settled on another mirror. In this reflection, her upper body was more or less normal; but her lower half was mutated to grotesque proportions. Her ass could have rivaled even her daughters. Opal ran her trembling hands over her hindquarters; her mind tricked by the image her eyes were seeing.

Continuing on, she reached a mirror and paused. Her breasts appeared positively monstrous. Stretched, warped, and distended; the largest tits in the world. Like a fertility idol from the days of antiquity. Opal's fat, sagging udders hung down past her paunchy belly, stretching the skin on her clavicle, and swaying wildly with every movement. Her thighs were thicker than she would have liked; her ass cheeks fuller, her belly a little bigger; but those humongous, cartoonish tits, were all she could keep her eyes on.

Opal stepped closer to the mirror. She placed a hand on the cool surface. She gasped; this mirror was flat. She was staring at her true reflection. The heavy knockered woman's mind reeled. Had she really let herself go that much? Were her breasts really that monstrous and mutated? Opal's face burned red; she felt tears staining her cheeks.

"Do you love your giant breasts?" A booming voice echoed through the maze.

Opal screamed. Where was the voice coming from. "" her voice cracked. "I'm disgusting! Grotesque!"

"YOU LIE!" The voice boomed again. Opal shuddered.


"No you can't!" Opal shot back. She was spinning in circles, trying to track the voice as it reverberated off the reflective panes.

"It can't even be possible...." Opal placed her hands on her heaving chest. For the first time in her life, she actually wondered what it would be like if her breasts grew bigger.


The gears in Opal's mind spun relentlessly.