Funny Ross is released and returned to the doctor. Porn Pics

A virginal paladin abandons her life of chastity.

I dunno." Bravo

Her eyes light up at the idea and she takes another bite of bacon.


Several hours later it's raining buckets. I've learned a few things about Lana. Her parents died when she was very young and left her everything. And everything is an insane amount of things. She didn't tell me how much, but they were incredibly comfortable financially.

Instead of working, she's invested money all her life and does a ton of charity work.

She loves horror movies, dirty martinis, and the color green. So I've put on a green dress. We're working our way through the Halloween franchise and drinking dirty martinis.

Lana cozies up to me, "Do you have a sweatshirt I could borrow? I'm freezing."

"I have a whole drawer full. Go pick one out. Middle dresser drawer."

Uh oh

Before I'm even on my feet, Lana is standing in the doorway, waving my strap-on at me, "I'm suddenly not cold anymore. I'm pretty hot, actually."

"I've never even used it. I swear. I've only... fantasized about it,"

She places the base of it against her pelvis and saunters over to me, pushing it against me, "I think that needs to change right now," she reaches up and kisses me, then takes my hand and guides me to my room.

Lana closes the door and promptly pushes me up against it, her fingers quickly working the buttons on my dress. Her mouth has claimed mine and that warmth rises up within me. She pushes my sleeves off of my shoulders and finds a pointy, pink nipple with her teeth. She's careful not to bite too hard. "Harder," my voice is almost unrecognizable.

Her teeth clamp down and my initial shock is met by a wave of pleasure. She yanks gently at the hem of my dress and it crumples to the floor. She drops to her knees and makes a neat circle with her lips over the fabric of my panties. I feel like I could crumple to the floor with my dress. My knees are shaking, but I don't dare tell her to stop.

In a flash, she's back on her feet. She pushes me onto the bed and crawls on top of me. She's lapping at the cotton between my thighs like a hungry beast. Like she can't get enough of my taste.

Again, instead of pulling my underwear down, she rips through the elastic band and discards them. She latches onto me, taking in every last bit of my arousal. Her tongue is like nothing I've ever felt and she works it masterfully around my clit and down to my opening. She's sucking me in over and over again and everytime I come a little closer to the brink. Just listening to her slurping sounds and the moans that drift up my way is enough to drive me crazy.

My hands are in fists, gripping my pillows. I feel like I'm about to burst when I hear O come in the front door. I prop myself up on my elbows and tell Lana to stop, but she doesn't, "Not until you cum," she mumbles against my wet flesh, "and then I'm going to fuck you," she adds.

I can hear O calling out. I think she eventually puts two and two together and I hear the TV go louder. Lana sees this as a green light to take liberties with the noise level and hums against me while she sucks faster, harder.

A sound is stuck in the back of my throat and I'm terrified to let it out. Then, as though someone's flipped a switch, I'm being overcome with a rippling orgasm that hijacks my entire body. My voice fills the room. I slap my hand over my mouth. Lana doesn't stop.

She's got her face buried in me and slowly starts backing off. She sucks my clit into her mouth and then pulls her head away, making loud suckling noises.

She stands up and drops her shorts. She throws her t-shirt across the room and quickly secures the strap-on around her hips. I'm preparing myself for her. She's got this carnal desire thing going on and I'm reaping the benefits.

She's on top of me again, propped up to one side, teasing me with the tip of the large rubber toy.