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Voyuerisms turns to incest.

" His voice was low and his confusion was clear.

"Wrong?" Flit asked with a laugh, she rested her head against his shoulder. "There's nothing wrong with you at all. I would say that it is actually a good thing that you don't feel like working and studying all the time."

Hell, Flit thought, if there is something wrong with you for not wanting to study this once then there is nothing right with me.

"I'm gonna take a guess here and say that you didn't get any leisure time as a Registered... did you?" She asked, her hand resting on his thigh as she got comfortable.

"Lesuire time wasn't considered a requirement for a Derivate," He began somberly. He looked over at the opposite wall and shook his head sadly.

"A part of me feels bad for not wanting to study and work. I know how important this mission is, what it means for the future of our existence but... Now that I've experienced what it's like to do something other than hard work I'm not quite as motivated," He confessed.

"Never feel bad for wanting to take some time to relax," Flit told him gently, "If we didn't allow ourselves leisure time we would all be more dangerous to each other than The Government is to us!" Flit took the data pad from his hands and put it on the bed in front of them.

"We have plenty of time dedicated to our study in the mornings, and even more time to test ourselves in the afternoon. If you want to study at night that is cool, but don't feel obliged to. The last thing you need is to burn out your enthusiasm," Flit counselled.

Flit got to her feet and walked over to Scraps's desk. She picked up her own data pad before jumping back onto the bed. She switched her device on and then opened up a game that she used to enjoy playing with Hawkeye, then did the same on Scraps's.

"Here," She said, handing the device over. "If you are going to pretend to be a Citizen you'll need to know how to relax and spend your leisure time. If it makes you feel better you can think of this as study of a different kind... Alternatively, you could always just relax and enjoy spending some time away from all the policies."

Flit and Scraps began to play the game and Flit wasn't surprised to see that he was getting quite good at this type of thing. All of his time spent with Hawkeye had certainly given him the ability to play games well. The only reason that Flit was doing slightly better than him was because she had played the game so many times, she had a feeling that in a few weeks he would be able to wipe the floor with her.


The next week went by very quickly. Flit and Scraps went about their training, settling into the rhythm of their new schedule. Just as Flit had said, they had plenty of time to study during their mornings, and much to her pleasure it was all starting to sink in. In the afternoons their knowledge was tested by Sway and Newton. The first three days were all about the history of their new identities. Where they went to school, about their family, which side of the bed they sleep on (Flit was pleased to learn that she would sleep on the left, she had never been one to cross to the other side of the bed). Flit's new name was to be Ava Parkes

Tinker managed to get a hoverchair for Hawkeye after a day or two of pulling strings. After she had acquired it Hawkeye had insisted on going to the Mess for every lunch and dinner possible. He was also pleased to learn that he would be returning to his own room within the week. His mood was, for the most part, significantly improved. There were still times when he would become melancholy, or lose his tolerance for Flit and Scraps's combined company, but they were becoming fewer and further between.

Flit and Scraps had spent the afternoon with Sway and Newton doing a needs assessment based on some falsified evidence. It was similar to what they would be doing in their new roles on the surface, and once they got into if Flit was pleased that it wasn't quite as boring as she had first imagined it would be.


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