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:i-Wen discovers her bisexual interest with her auntie.

My mind is racing a hundred miles an hour, I know what is about to go down and I just don't know if I will be able to do it.

Julie senses my reservation, she strokes my cheek softly with her hand as she smiles at me. She leans in and whispers, "Baby, you can back out at any time if you need to, but I would really love to share you with Brian and I wouldn't mind a piece of Josh, and I have to have some more of you. A lot more! What do you say?"

Just feeling her hot breath and hearing her sexy whisper takes me back to how amazing she just made me feel, I close my eyes and nod. What the hell am I getting myself into?

"Good girl" she whispers as she smiles against my ear. Why is hearing her say that so fucking hot?

Julie knows me well enough to know I am analyzing and debating what to do now. She places her hands on either side of my face and looks at me with heated desire.

"Stop thinking baby, just feel and enjoy."

She slowly comes in for another kiss and my head spins. I take her advice and just feel.

As I become lost in her kiss, I feel hands on my tits, I moan into Julie's mouth. The contrast of her soft feminine kiss and the strong firm calloused hands on my breasts is heady. I keep my eyes closed, afraid to open them, afraid I will chicken out and right now I want nothing more than for this to continue. My skin feels like it on fire, my nipples and pussy are aching.

As if she is reading my mind, Julie reaches down between my legs and slides her finger over my swollen clit. She circles the hard nub slowly as she continues kissing me, biting my lip and gently sucking it in her mouth. I can barely catch my breath. I can feel a muscled body pressing against me from behind, a hard cock pressing against my lower back as those calloused hands knead my tits and pinch my nipples. My hips start to rock against her finger, desperate to find a rhythm with her finger. She smiles against my lips, knowing my need, she slides her finger inside me agonizingly slow, I moan and she inhales my breath. Fuck this feels so amazing.

I'm so close to cumming, I can feel the heat building deep in my belly. Julie starts to pump her finger faster and faster and then she pushes another one deep inside and hits my sweet spot. I throw my head back, and it's met by a strong shoulder to lean on. A warm mouth meets the hollow of my neck, "Cum Kara!"

My eyes snap open when I realize the voice is not Josh's, but Brian's. I see Josh over Julies shoulder, he is behind her just like Brian is behind me. He has one hand on her stomach and the other is rubbing her pussy, he is kissing her neck but staring me right in my eyes, they look so sexy together. Julie is staring at Brian too and I watch as she licks her lips and throws her own head back. Josh rubs her clit vigorously and Julie pushes deep and rubs her fingers across my g spot fast and furiously, we both explode. My body is quivering from the inside out, my pussy clamped on Julies fingers and pulsing as my orgasm racks my body, Brian softly kisses my ear and whispers...."That's is baby, let go."

I can barely hold myself up, my body like jelly. Brian pulls me into him, he is kneeling behind me, his cock in perfect alignment with my still pulsing pussy. He slowly slides inside and growls in my ear when he finally buries himself all the way. I manage to force my eyes open and Josh and Julie are mirroring the same moves. I didn't think it would turn me on but it totally does.

I have a perfect view of Josh's cock as he slides inside Julie's pussy, she leans back into him, her eyes closed and her head thrown back, pure ecstasy on her face.