Funny Laura, Philip - and Judy. Porn Pics

She is no longer a little girl.

ing on when you came in, and you stayed? What kind of freakiness is that?"

"Don't turn this around on me..."

"I'm just trying to show you how ridiculous your claim sounds. I didn't purposefully expose myself to you. You're none the worse for it..."

"You need to learn to keep it in your pants..."

"Oh, lighten up. You just need to let someone get up that skirt of yours every now and then."

Norah was shocked by this last comment.

"How dare you?" she glared at him. "I have half a mind to..."

"Good morning," a middle-aged woman approached them. "Are you here to see Mr. Mayer?"

"Yes," Evan spoke up.

"I'm Ms. Penney, Mr. Mayer's secretary. Come this way, please."

They followed Ms. Penney into the hotel restaurant. Norah watched as Evan hesitated, shading his eyes; the dining room was brightly lit by a cluster of skylights. She made sure to clop her heels on the terracotta floor more firmly so that she could make as much noise as possible.

"Could you walk a little softer?" he immediately complained. "You sound like a damned race horse."

When they finally met Mr. Mayer, Norah could see why Paul had labeled the man "eccentric". Harold Mayer was dressed in a period piece 1930's pinstriped suit, with a very obvious synthetic looking toupee hanging off center over his face. He looked like he was dressed to go to a costume party, playing the role of a gangster.

Evan introduced them. "Mr. Mayer? Evan Anderson, and Norah West."

Harold stared at Norah for so long, that she began to blush. When she extended her hand for him to shake, he took it and pressed his lips onto it instead. His lips were small and wet, and Norah fought the impulse to wipe her hand on the back of her skirt.

"Sit down, sit down," the old man directed them. "Let's have breakfast first, and then we'll get down to business. I'm sure that Miss North will take better notes after she's had a decent breakfast."

Norah blinked her eyes. "West," she corrected him.

"What's that?" the old man was concentrating on sipping his bloody mary.

"Ms. West. That's my name."

Evan cut his eyes at her. She knew that he wanted to tell her that this was no time for her to play the feminist, but she didn't care how much money the old man had.

After a short breakfast, Evan began the interview. Everything that Paul had said was proving to be true; the old man was spacey and long winded. They had to keep reminding him to stick to the facts, and to answer the questions simply and honestly. He kept telling inappropriate jokes and private stories about his dalliances with and without his young wife. Norah got the shock of her life as she felt the icy metal tip of the old man's cane slowly pushing her skirt up her thigh, but when she started to jump out of her seat, Evan put a hand on her arm to subdue her.
After four hours, the old man made an announcement. "I'm tired now. I've been a little ill, lately, and the doctor says that I have to get my rest. We'll continue this tomorrow."

Evan and Norah watched wide-eyed as Harold Mayer stood up and allowed Ms. Penney to escort him out of the restaurant.

"How did we get roped into this?" Norah muttered with disgust, stuffing her notes into her briefcase.

Evan sighed. "At this rate, it'll take us two weeks to finish. We'll have to give him some coaching before we start with the stenographer, to get him to lay off the dirty bits."

"My head is starting to hurt," Norah complained. "I'm going back to the room to sit in the chair, just so you'll know." She didn't want to risk him bringing another woman to the room while she was there trying to rest.

He seemed to be reading her mind. "Don't worry. I'm a pretty resourceful man."

"I'm sure," she smirked.

She had spent the rest of the previous night nodding off in a chair in the hotel lobby. She was working on minimal sleep and a stiff neck, and the heat wasn't helping things. She longed to be home again, so that she could stretch out on her bed, after a long, hot bath.

Norah was in a rush to get back to the hotel; she'd ripped the sheets off the bed while Evan was in the shower,