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She was just catching her breath from this when she felt him blindfold her eyes. Again, she felt the panic; the fear and the nausea rise in her. Her whole body was trembling. Jesus, fucking Christ! Surely this wasn't really happening!

He almost lost his nerve to go through with it when he heard her gagged sobs and felt her trembling body. No! She had been adamant that this was the fantasy that got her going the most so he was going to give it to her! Once the gag and blindfold were in place he took off his bulky coat and the mask and took the sisscors from his pocket and cut her nightdress from the hem to neck and exposed her smooth, soft body. Her breasts were heaving in her panic. He began to stoke them with his leather-clad gloves and pulled and tweaked at her nipples. Her breathing, although still faster than normal, seemed to be slowing down, becoming less erratic than before and the sounds coming from her gagged mouth less anguished. This relaxed him and he continued his gloved exploration of her body. He found his cock getting hard again - he was beginning to enjoy this.

Her mind was racing as she fought back her panic and tried to think straight. When she heard the sound of scissors cutting her nightdress, however, realisation dawned. Waking to a face full of cum, the blindfold, the scissors - Christ even the cum soaked panties in her mouth. Someone was acting out her fantasy on her and the leather-clad hands moving roughly over her body had just confirmed it. She almost laughed with relief. It was someone she knew - and intimately! She frantically tried to remember whom she had told about this fantasy - which of her current or past boyfriends had she felt most at ease with to tell? She narrowed it down to three or four. She desperately tried to get some sense of who this man was from his smell or his movements but she couldn't. All she knew was that someone had gone to considerable trouble to make her fantasy come true. A wave of pure desire spread from her cunt through her body for this man. She began to relax into it and was about to begin struggling again to make him really have to take her by force when she felt a gloved finger softly touch her cheek. He was checking she was all right! She nodded her head to let him know that she was and then pulled against the cuffs, moved her body this way and that as if trying to avoid his touch.

Yes, he was really starting to get into this! His cock was growing by the second.

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