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You saw how to operate it, so, keep an eye on things. If you see any evidence of rodents, give me a call and we can set up an appointment with the exterminator."

"That is very nice of you," Juanita said, her face blushing. "I am sorry I was so out of sorts earlier."

"Hey, no problem," he said. "I can see you take good care of this place, and we want to make sure our residents are happy, especially such prominent residents as Mr. Knight."

"Oh!" Juanita said. "That reminds me. Let me get one of those mugs. You have been such a help tonight."

"I really appreciate it. You know, I hope I don't sound like a total doofus here, but, I really am a huge fan of the show."

"Well," Juanita said as she winked back, "I know I can speak for Mr. Knight, when I say he would want you to have one. You know, he doesn't give them out just to anyone, you know."

"Fred, I think we should pull the ripcord on tonight," Darla said as she walked down off of the stage into the empty club and walked over to the bar. "It is already Midnight and no one is here. I think the jury is in. Tonight is a total bust."

"Yeah, I guess you are right," Fred sighed as he reached up and flipped a light switch over his head. Outside, the pink neon "Girls Girls Girls" sign went dark, casting the empty parking lot into complete black. The Dollhouse was closing early for the night. "Tonight was a total washout; I don't think I sold 8 beers the whole night."

"It'll pick up tomorrow, Fred. I am sure. Weeknights always suck."

"They do, but, really, I think it's this fucking heat. It's too hot to go outside."

"It is," Darla sighed as she crawled up onto one of the barstools and opened her purse. Jiggling her pasty covered breasts back and forth, she said, "even these puppies aren't a big enough draw to get those rednecks to leave the A/C in their double wides." She laughed as she added, "Just too easy to log into pornhub and enjoy some free cyber titties, I guess."

"Well," Fred said as he winked and poured her a beer. "If it is any consolation, those melons would bring me out! Still as gorgeous as the first day you started dancing here."

"You are kind, Fred, but..., hopelessly old school," she said. Taking out a Virginia Slim, she put it between her lips and lit it. She closed her eyes and as sucked in the cool grey smoke, exhaling a loud satisfied groan as a cloud of smoke emerged from her throat. "I guess that is the wave of the future, isn't it? I am sure once they have virtual reality perfected, I am going to have to go into another line of work."

"Nah," Fred said. "There will always be a market for the real deal, Darla. You have my word on that."

"Man, that is good," she said as she took another drag. "I have been dying for a smoke for the last few hours." Glancing around at the empty bar, she added, "I guess it doesn't matter I smoke in here now, does it?"

"Nope," Fred said as he fired up a blunt. "I've been jonesing myself. Ah, remember before all that bullshit anti-tobacco nonsense kicked in and we could still smoke in here?"

"Yeah," Darla said. "You are dating yourself." She grimaced as she added, "And speaking of dating yourself, can you please turn the Duran Duran off. No one is here, and I swear, if I hear "Hungry like a Wolf" one more time, I am going to lose my fucking mind."

"You have no taste," Fred said as he leaned over and switched the CD player off. Instantly the empty bar filled with the sounds of the radio.

"Good Evening, America, and welcome to Night Caller with your host, Frank Knight."

"Oh, turn that up," Darla said. "I love this show! This is a treat, I usually only get to hear the last hour on my way home."

"For Christ's sake, you listen to this crap?" Fred said.

"Yeah, it's great! I love all this spooky shit.