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A lady is nervious about her first sky diving jump.

She moved one hand to her pussy and started to rub her clit back and forth as he got the lube from beside the bed. She probably did not need it but he liked to make sure he had complete access to go as deeply as possible and lubrication helped with that.

He rubbed some onto his rock hard fuck pole and then put some on his fingers and began to rub it into her cunt. She took her hand away from her clit and grabbed a pillow to put underneath her.

"This is my most fav position honey. Let's get to it!"

"Okay baby, I am just about ready to bang you like a snare drum so get ready," Cameron whispered to her as he bent close to her ear.

He gave her his full length with one quick thrust and she let out a small scream of pleasure. Oh yeah, put it in, put it in, go baby go!! He held himself there for a moment and then quickly pulled out and slammed his long hard fuckpole back into her. She continued moaning and screaming as he fucked her hard. As his orgasm neared he left his cock buried deep within her, leaned onto her back and kissed her neck several times. He then leaned back and reached his hands around to her boobs and gave them a few quick tugs.

Cameron grabbed the back of her hair and pulled her head back as he resumed fucking her. Carla was all over the bed as he rammed into her, hitting her cervix forcefully with each thrust.

He then pulled out and stood up on the bed so that he could slam into her even deeper. He pulled on her hair and continued fucking her for a couple of minutes until he knew he had passed the point of no return.

Cameron pulled his cock from her pussy and shot spurt after spurt of his warm thick juicy cum all over her back. He let go of her hair, stroked himself so that he could get every last drop out and then he was done. He rubbed his cream into her sweaty skin as she collapsed onto the bed.

He fell exhausted onto the bed beside her and lay on his back breathing heavily and trying to catch his breath. Carla was also breathing heavily. She turned her head to face him, gave him an exhausted smile and rolled onto her side to cuddle and snuggle into him.

They both fell fast asleep after their escapade fully sated and tired.



Yes, there truly is a professor in this story. Cameron was doing well in almost all of his classes except Algebra. He thought high school Algebra was tough but it was nothing like this. There was no way he could have expected or prepared for this. It was as if they didn't teach him a thing about it in high school because this all seemed totally new to him.

Professor Perkins was an Algebra fanatic. He seemed to live it and he wanted every one of his students to live it too. He knew the subject so well that he would write equations on the board so quickly and then move onto the next one before Cameron even had a chance to look at the previous one. It was very frustrating.

Cameron couldn't afford a tutor. All the other students were as clueless as he was about the subject matter so they were of no help. He needed to figure something out fast or his chances of getting into a better school would be gone.

One day after class the students were all standing up and preparing to leave the auditorium with their normal dejected looks on their faces. Professor Perkins called for Cameron to stay back. He wanted to talk with him in private. Oh great, here it comes. You are failing and there is no way you can pass this course from this point on. You may as well go right back home today. Pack your shit. Cameron hoped he was being overly dramatic.

"Mr. Carlson, how are you doing today?" the professor asked.

"Please call me Cameron. Everyone else does." He approached him but kept his eyes down to the floor. Cameron was really dreading this talk and was even sorrier that he didn't try harder to avoid getting to this point.

"Is Algebra not your thing, Cameron? Are you overwhelmed right now?" Professor Perkins asked though he surely knew the answer to both questions.