Funny Friends play a game of Dominance and submission. Porn Pics

Forbidden lust is awoken when she meets her dad.

"Don't ever use that look on me again mister."

"Oh did I just find the great and powerful Eric Mason's weakness? I think I did!" Austin grinned as he exclaimed.

Eric spooned fed a mouth full of ice cream to Austin in an effort to shut him up. "Eat up before it melts."

"Let it melt, then you can drizzle it on me and lick it off."

"What has gotten into you?" Eric glanced out of the corner of his eye and smiled.

"I haven't been able to cum in ages. My dick feels like it's going to explode."

Eric looked down and saw the noticeable dick impression under the sheet. "Wow, I guess you are horny."

"You want to take care of that for me?" Austin smiled as he made his dick jump.

Eric was quickly losing control but he knew that Austin's parents were in the next room. The last thing he wanted was one of them walking in while he was "taking care" of Austin.

"Austin, I'd love to more than anything but, your parents are in the next room."

Austin started to give Eric the look. "Do not even try it."

Austin laughed out loud. "I never thought you'd have a weakness like that."

"Let me go take the bowl out to the kitchen."

Eric walked out to the kitchen, rinsed the bowl and placed it in the sink. He grabbed two bottles of water out of the fridge and went back to Austin's room, locking the door behind him. He set the bottles on the end table before he pulled the sheet off of Austin. Given that was the first time he had seen Austin erect in a while it almost caused Eric to cum right there in his shorts.

Eric's heart raced as he sat on the bed. "I'm going to suck you off but we are not going to do anything else. I don't want you to bust a stitch or anything, okay?"

"We can still kiss, can't we?"

"Well, of course kissing. That's practically a requirement!" Eric grinned as he leaned down and started kissing Austin.

He closed his hand around Austin's rock hard cock and gently started stroking. Eric had to remind himself to take it easy kissing Austin since his jaw had been dislocated and was still sore. Precum leaked out and quickly coated Eric's hand making it slide easier. The kissing turned deeper as Austin reached up and pulled Eric in. Moments later Eric felt Austin's body quiver and he felt the hot cum shooting all over. He kept stroking until Austin's dick stopped pumping. He released his grasp and licked his fingers clean.

"I wanted to have your cum shooting down my throat but that was still hot," Eric said while giving a wink and warm smile as he grabbed a tissue and started to clean Austin.

"I want you to cum too." Austin insisted. "Lay next to me. I want to watch you jerk off."

It had been so long that Eric wasn't about to argue, he pulled his shorts down, got on the bed next to Austin and started to jerk off. He resumed kissing Austin as he ran his hand up and down his still hard member. It took him less than a minute before he was shooting his load all over his muscular chest. After Eric had finished cleaning them both up they decided to catch a little nap which ended up lasting four, long, blissful hours.

For the remainder of Austin's recovery Eric was right by his side. He did everything to make Austin comfortable. He brought him all of his meals, washed him and made sure he had at least one orgasm a day. He wanted to ensure Austin was as happy and content as possible.

As time went on, Austin was slowly able to get around the house better and do more for himself but Eric still never left his side. Anytime Austin had to go for a follow up visit Eric would drive him and sit in on the visit. Eric also helped around the house. He took over all of Austin's chores even though the Montgomery's told him it wasn't necessary. However, it actually felt good to do chip in. At his house they had maids and servants that did everything for him so it was nice to feel like he was contributing.


It was a Wednesday morning, while Eric was vacuuming the pool he noticed a seven series BMW pull in the driveway. He knew exactly who it was.

"Eric?" Mr. Mason called out.

"Hi dad," Eric s