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Funny Long distance lovers meet on New Years. Sex Video

He is teased to agony for getting aroused at the doctor.

5" to 9" long came through the glory hole to my right. I started licking the head and pushing the foreskin back with my tongue and then started to swallow the whole cock. I've always been a very accomplished cock sucker. The trucker on the other side asked in a low voice if I would meet him back in his truck and of course I said yes. He told me to wait about 5 minutes and then come out to the black truck parked in the last stall to the left and to just open the passenger door and climb in.

So, about 6 minutes later I was climbing up the truck and opening the door. The driver gave me a once over and smiled and said he liked the way I was dressed and that I looked like the 'hot truck stop cock whore' that all the truckers were talking about. I took that as a compliment and got a good look at him as well and what a stud he was. About 38 give or take a year with a dark five-o-clock shadow on his tanned face and very dark eyes and thick dark hair pulled back into a short pony tail. His shirt was open half way down and a thick hairy chest was visible. The bulge in his snug jeans was almost obscene. He reached over and pulled my head down toward that huge basket and told me to get his cock out and get back to sucking it. It took me a few minutes to get his jeans open and since he had no underwear his thick hose came into view surrounded by a mass of dark curly hair. I was in cock suckers heaven as I continued to pull his jeans down his muscular thighs so that his cock began to rise up and his egg sized balls were free. I began to suck on that big uncut tool as it began to harden and lengthen in my mouth as I played with his hot nuts with my right hand. He indeed was 9".

As I was sucking and deep throating his entire 9" cock, his left hand was on my head and he slid his right hand down my back and into my flimsy shorts and began to feel my firm round ass and then slipped his middle finger right up my steaming hole and then let out a laugh as he said "you already lubed your hole hoping you'd get fucked tonight, right?" I could only nod my head yes as I would not take his cock out of my mouth. He then stuck two of his large fingers up my ass and I began moaning around his cock. He told me to get off his cock and up into the bed area and take off what little I had on. I was up on the bed and naked in a second. He was laughing and looking over my firm lean body and rock hard cock as he was removing his cloths. Once he was naked it was my turn to gasp at the muscled, tanned, hairy and hung stud that was about to fuck my brains out.

He threw my legs over his shoulders and pushed the big head of his cock up and into my slick hole as I just let out "ohhhh, yeahhh, fuck meeeee and fuck me he did. He just slammed his thick 9" right up my ass until I could feel his big balls slapping my ass cheeks. It almost took my breath away yet still I was hard as a rock. He then pulled out to the head and rammed it back up my hole and then started to pile drive me. I was moaning and groaning like the cock whore he said that I was. He kept telling my how he loved my ass and that it was so tight and hot and he liked seeing my hard dick and knowing that I was enjoying his hot fuck. He fucked my brains out for about a good 15 minutes and then yelled that he was getting ready to cum and I was saying "yes, cum in me and fuck the cum out of me". I shot my load all over my chest and some went right into my mouth as he moaned like a caveman and begin to fill my ass with so much cum that it was running out my fucked out hole.

As his cock softened inside me he pulled out and rolled over onto his side and rubbed my cum into my chest. I got dressed with dried cum still on my chest and all over my ass and hole while he lay there naked and told me he would be coming back through Chicago in a week and could I meet him back here then. I of course said yes and left the cab and headed for the access back road that led sown to the street where I lived.


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