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Hurricane Helms reminds a friend how fun he can be.

"No idea? Are you sure?" Sorley asks her.

"Yes, Mr Sorley. Is she a customer?" Cassie asks, and feels silly and guilty and certain she is going to get sacked.

"Let me refresh your memory", Sorley says cooly as he turns the laptop round.

Cassie can't help blushing as she sees the screen. A slim woman in a black under bust corset, her pert, creamy breasts thrust at the screen, holds a riding crop with a pair of velvet evening gloves. The woman's long neck is all you can see, no face.

"I don't know who she is." Cassie decides to front it out, "I can't see her face". Cassie knows you never see the woman's face, plausible deniability she had called it at the time. Impossible to prove it's her.

"How about now?" Sorley asks, hitting the play button.

The voice on the film has a posh Belfast accent, "You pathetic piece of shit. How dare you presume to stand there with your lame, little cock in your hand waiting for me to tell you how to wank. You will be on your knees licking up your cum before I am done with you".

Sorley pauses the video and watches Cassie.

"Granted, it sounds like me." Cassie concedes, "But it isn't me and I'm shocked you would think I would do this. I shouldn't have to watch this sort of...filth" Cassie is panicking now, maybe she can make Sorley think she will sue him.

"You insult me, Cassie. What sort of an idiot do you take me for?" Sorley has raised his voice, he's clipped and angry. "You are the face of this hotel, my customer liaison. You cannot fucking embarrass me like this and expect to get away with it."

Cassie shrinks back in her chair, she has never heard him swear before. She tries a more conciliatory approach, "I'd never do anything to hurt Sorley's. I swear, I love this hotel." At least that's the total truth.

"You insist on this charade? Very well." Mr Sorley points at the frozen image on the screen with his pen, "That picture in the background" he indicates a corner of a painting behind the woman, "I've seen it in your house. Those gloves, you wore them to the gala last month."

Cassie's heart sinks and she blushes red, embarrassed by her own carelessness.

"And, as if I need to go on, that emerald necklace round Lady B's neck ... you're wearing it now."

"I'm really sorry, Mr Sorley." Cassie knows she has been caught red handed, there can be no denying it now, "I love this job, and I do love this hotel, and I'm good at what I do. The job, I mean." She's babbling, "Please, no one will ever know that I'm Lady B. Please don't sack me."

"This video has 70,000 hits on this website. It's on three other websites that I looked into, and many more I'm sure. There are 12 different Lady B videos here. Do you think no one will recognise you?" Mr Sorley speaks more evenly now, as though satisfied by her admission.

"I'm so sorry." Cassie apologises again, "But no one has recognised me so far, in two years. Please." She's pleading.

"You have risked the reputation of this establishment, you've insulted me. Do you think I am one of your pathetic little porn addict subs?" Sorley is cold now.

"No, Mr Sorley. I was really shocked that you had this video. I couldn't think what to say. What can I do to make it right? Please. Anything." Tears are stinging Cassie's eyes.

Sorley pauses, staring at her again. He's watching her closely, "Options, Cassie. I like you, so you might have some options."

"Yes, sir" Cassie gasps with relief, options are good. "Anything."

"Very well. Option A - take it or leave it. I'll write you a very good reference, and you can walk away and get a job in any hotel in the world - until someone else finds you out." Sorley stops talking and looks at Cassie. "Or Option B. You stay and you keep your job. And you assume a new role with me."

Cassie is intrigued by this last statement. What can Sorley mean? "Thank you, Mr Sorley but I don't want to leave." Cassie takes a deep breath. "What other role?"

"This is your last chance, Cassie.