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"Your beverage, sir." Jo was wearing a silly grin.

"Thanks." I replied. I had the feeling something was going on, but I wasn't in on it.

"I had fun with you in church." She looked at me shyly. "You know, I wouldn't mind if people thought you were my boyfriend."

This was getting interesting. At twenty-three years old, it had been a long time since I'd flirted with an eighteen-year-old girl. I hoped I still knew how.

"Oh," I replied, "why's that?"

Jo's faced turned a slightly redder shade. "You know...."

"I know what?"

I felt a hand brush my thigh. I started to stiffen for, it seemed, the twentieth time that morning. I was so worked up and in need of release that I wasn't thinking straight. I caressed her cheek and looked into her eyes. It was reminiscent of a night four years ago in a dorm room. The family resemblance only heightened the similarities.

I moved closer and kissed her. She eagerly responded, darting her tongue confidently into my mouth. My hand dropped first to her shoulder, then to an ample breast, feeling the all too familiar firmness of young tit flesh.

Jo's stroking of my thigh became firmer and before long the flat palm of her hand was exploring the length of my tool as our kissing intensified. It was obvious that Jo wanted me as much as I wanted her.

Before I knew what was happening, my cock was unleashed from my pants and Jo's small hand was pumping me as we kissed. I was going crazy. I plunged my hand inside he blouse and under her bra. Her young tit was much firmer than I expected and feeling her brought me to new heights of excitement. I wanted what I had been denied earlier that morning.

Jo was way ahead of me. She broke our kiss and dropped her head to my lap. She just licked at first; much the same way Bobbi had, teasing me, trying to drive me out of my mind.

She didn't make me wait long, opening her mouth wide and taking me deep into her mouth. I started pumping aggressively into her mouth as I watched her head bob up and down in my lap.

I grabbed her by the hair and pulled her from my quivering member. I prefer a little visual stimulation with my blowjobs. "Get on your knees and show me how you suck cock! I want to watch!"

Jo pulled back, unbuttoned her blouse and unhooked her bra. For the first time, I saw Jo's beautiful tits. She grabbed my lipstick-smeared cock with her hand and rubbed it all over her jiggling boobs. That sight alone nearly drove me over the edge.

"You like to watch?" Jo moved my cock from her tits to her face, rubbing it all over her chin and cheeks. "You wanna see how much of that big fucker I can take in my mouth?"

I was incapable of speech. This was exactly how I liked it. Jo opened her mouth wide and took most of my cock deep into her, locked her lips around my shaft and slowly pulled back. I watched her cheeks cave in as she swirled her tongue around me. It felt amazing, it looked amazing, and when I heard the first loud slurp, I realized that my senses were being totally satisfied by this high school slut.

I knew I wouldn't last much longer. Since Bobbi had always been reluctant to swallow my semen, I was determined to leave my load in her sister's mouth. I began pumping my hips wildly. This was it, and Jo showed no signs of pulling away. I let loose a torrent of jism and Jo eagerly gulped it all down.

I sat there for a moment. My rapidly softening cock still in Jo's pretty young mouth. After about a minute, Jo pulled her mouth off of my cock, kissed me on the cheek and ran upstairs giggling.

It seemed I was unable to move. I sat on the couch for a few minutes, looking at my lipstick-covered cock. A small drop of come hung on the head. For the first time since I got home, I thought of Bobbi.

The first thing I decided to do was to get my cock cleaned off.

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