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Our two girls move on and into the bedroom.

You should observe how her face brightens when he is around."

"You are overreacting. It is natural that she would like some young company. We should understand her needs too."

"I understand the so called needs. But I don't want people gossiping. I want to protect the family honour. Is that wrong?" snapped Sarita.

Raghav started thinking about the matter. Sneha was a good daughter in law who took good care of them even after the sudden death of their son in a car accident two years ago. She became sad and quiet after the accident. She spent all her spare time taking care of household chores and her five-year-old son Deepan. She decided not to remarry because of Deepan. Raghav encouraged her to be more social and was happy when Rahul started visiting. She was relaxed and looked happy again.

Raghav was annoyed with his wife. He wondered why she was unable to understand the situation.

After few days Sarita reminded him that something was wrong. Sneha and Rahul were in the other room from where the constant sounds of chatter and laughter were coming.

"Are you going to do something about it?" Sarita demanded from her husband.

After sometime Sneha came out of the room along with Rahul.

"Mummy may I go to the market with Rahul?" She asked her mother in law.

"What for?" She retorted.

"To buy some groceries and some books and stationery for Deepan." Sneha replied.

"I myself was going to the market. Give me the list I will bring everything. And I will take Deepan along."

Raghav saw a disappointed look on the face of Sneha.

"Rahul will you take me to the market?" enquired Sarita.

"Of course Aunty" came the reply.

Sarita asked Deepan to get ready. While going out she addressed her husband again, "Do something about it or I will do it."

Raghav was shocked with the last part of the sentence. She didn't wanted her aggressive wife to do anything. So he decided to talk to her daughter --in-law about the matter.

Sneha was in the other room, sitting on a couch visibly upset. As soon as Raghav started talking to her about the issue she started crying out loudly. He rushed towards her. He hugged her and tried to calm her. Sneha continued to cry.

"What have I done wrong?" She asked between sobs.

"Nothing dear, nothing", Raghav tried desperately to control the situation. Sneha had her head on his shoulder. Her boobs were pressing against his chest. Raghav was feeling embarrassed as the physical proximity was giving him a hard on. He tried to conceal it. He started to kiss her forehead but could not stop there. He kissed her cheeks and mouth. Sneha got confused as to what was happening. Her own pent up desires were coming out vigorously. Passionately she responded to his kisses.

After a while they parted. Both of them were totally consumed by desire and yet feeling confused and guilty about it. Soon they started kissing again. His one hand slided under kameez (a kind of shirt worn by Indian women) and started feeling her boobs. He helped her in removing the kameez and unhooked her bra. He caressed the boobs and took them into her mouth. She closed her eyes and started moaning. She was enjoying every bit of it. Raghav untied the knot of the chord of her salwar (a kind of lower worn by Indian women) and removed her already wet panties.

He helped her in lying down on the bed and spread her legs. Her hairy cunt was welcoming him. He put his mouth in it and started kissing the vagina. His tongue was vigorously exploring her innermost areas. She was moaning heavily.

Raghav removed his clothes quickly to relieve his organ, which was becoming uncontrollably hard. Sneha was pleased to see a thick 7 inch long one. He put it in her mouth and she started sucking it hard. Afterwards he put the hard one deep inside her cunt and started thrusting vigorously. Sneha seemed to be in seventh heaven and reached orgasm for at least three times.

Finally Raghav took out the penis out of the cunt and exploded the semen.