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"You'll get over it. Anyway he's a good looking guy. Total Adonis if I have to be honest. But with those looks come his ego so, I'm NOT interested. I'm just looking but I sure as hell am not touching." Rory concluded

"Of course not. You never touch, do you Rory?" Jay teased.

"Screw you!" Rory smiled timidly as a blush crept into her high brown cheeks.

"Yea. It's too late to ask now, Rory. I'm getting married."

"What's going on here?" Karen asked pickin up on the fact that there was an underlying issue being addressed.

"You want to tell her or should I?"

"Your finacee finds it hilarious to advertise the fact that I'm still a virgin." Rory said comfortably.

She was waiting for it; that look of total shock that always crossed people faces when she told them she was a virgin. It wasn't a judgemental look. It was just surprising to them that in this day and age Rory hadn't seized her opportunity to join the orgasmic club of intercourse.

"May I ask, why?" Karen asked. Her expression was just neutral and hadn't changed after Rory had mentioned her virginity.

"I always get asked that question and the truth is I don't know. It's just never felt...right." Rory answered.

"I get that and that's good. I hated my first time. I thought to myself 'I'll never have sex again!' But then I took a chance on this man right here and I'm forever grateful I did. You'll know when its time and I hope it's fan-fucking-tastic!" Karen finished.

"Wow, you're passionate, babe."

"I learn from the best." Karen replied with a knowing smile before they shared a deep kiss.

Rory couldn't watch these two at it. Too depressing, AND creepy.

"Alrighty. And with that I'm out. I've got to get to work anyway. Thanks for the lunch guys." Rory said standing up to hug the both of them."Karen. Thanks for plastering a smile on my friends face and congrats to both of you."

"No, the pleasure is all mine. I know he considers you as his 'sister from another mister'-yea he actually says that- and I'm so glad that I've had the chance to meet u." Karen said to Rory while squeezing her tight.

"I'll call you soon, Jay." Rory finished up the goodbyes as she waved at him on her way out.

"Well that went pretty well. I like her. She's a little tightly wound but she's sweet." Karen said to her fianc__ as they both watched Rory leave.

"Yea, hopefully she'll find a good enough guy who'll help her unwind." Jayden said before turning back to Karen and asking her if she was ready to go home.

"Sure babe, let's." She smiled.


"Ms Jacobs. I've finished with all the files I needed to audit today. I was wondering if I could go home early. You know, do some homework for the Lussonave Portfolio." Rory had been back for all of an hour already. She'd been sitting at her desk sending emails and looking through James's company's file. She wanted to make sure that she got a good idea of how they functined as a company so that she could best serv e them.

"Actually that'd be just fine Rory. Provided that you make up the time this weekend." Kate watched Rory.

"This weekend? But we don't work on the weekends." Rory reminded her.

"No. We never USED to, but the Wilkz's have recommended we include them every step of the way. So this weekend you WILL make sure that you are available.Call anyone necessary. We wouldn't want any 'important' phone calls keeping you from your JOB."

"Oh yea. Um sorry about that. It won't happen again I just-."

"Spare me." Kate cut off Rory's impeding fib. "Just be here and ready 10:30 on Saturday. We have a meeting at one their offices. Bring all the documents and details I've given you with you. Make sure you familiarise yourself with the necessary finance people as well as which accounts they deal with. Our biggest mission on Saturday is to see where we can assist the Wilkz's financial accounting staff and in turn the portfolio."

"Ok. I'll be there. How long will you need me for on Saturday exactly?" Rory asked.

"Well, its only one o

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