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Why your sex life improved.

In fact, she felt herself coming more intensely and trying to spread herself open wider as she heard comments like: "Look at this whore squirt all over the place!" "What a slut!" "I've never seen such a little cock whore in my life!" And so on and so on. She felt so ashamed of herself, crying and yelling "I'm sorry" as she came and came and came. Before she was through coming, Mr. Elman yelled at her to finish Mark off in her mouth. She jumped down between his legs, her wide open asshole and dripping, convulsing pussy looking up at the men behind her, and jerked Mark's cock off into her mouth. She saw the next man lie down beside them, his cock rigid and sticking straight up, as Mark pumped load after load of jizz into her waiting mouth, she couldn't believe how much it was or the force behind it-he must not have ejaculated for some time. She dutifully sucked and swallowed, squeezing along the underside of his shaft to extract every last drop.

"Tell Mark 'thank you,' Jelena," Mr. Elman said.

He should be thanking me, she thought. But she did as Mr. Elman told her, looking down at the ground and saying "thank you, Mark."

"Thank you for what, Jelena?" Mr. Elman asked.

Oh god. How much would he have to humiliate herself before them to make them happy? Jelena blushed and shuddered to look at Mark's satisfied face. "Thank you, Mark, for coming in my mouth."

"Mark," Mr. Elman said. "Have you ever seen or heard about anyone acting like this much of a slut, sucking off and fucking strangers in public before?"

"No," Mark said. "This is awesome!"

"Oh god," Jelena thought to herself. "Why did he have to say these things?" She had to leave, now.

Out loud to no one, she said, "I have to go." But she didn't move. She just stood there looking at the ground and cutting her eyes over to the next cock she was supposed to fuck.

"Now, Jelena." Mr. Elman said. "You're being such a good girl. You know you're not done here. Other cocks need to come. And that's why you're here: to make cocks come. I see another cock, now, needing attention."

She looked over at the man lying on his back on the ground. Why did he have to be so patronizing? She knew she was not being a "good girl." Did he really think that she would believe she was being a good girl just because he said she was? She wanted to say something to him and to the rest of the people watching her to prove that she wasn't just some na__ve whore. But other men started lying down in a line and stroking their cocks. How many men was she going to fuck? She watched them, man after man, cock after cock, lying down in front of her. She began to cry again as she looked at the next hard cock that would enter her. She knew it wanted to, needed to come. And she knew that she would lower herself down upon and fuck up and down until it did start coming, upon which time she would pounce on it with her hands and jerk it off into her mouth. The next cock was long-at least 8 inches-and veiny. It belonged to a man of at least fifty. He wasn't in bad shape. Bald and a little scruffy, but not bad.

Mr. Elman broke her trance. "Don't just stare at it, Jelena, get him wet with your mouth and make him as hard as possible; he may want you to use your ass."

She began to cry a little harder at this thought: not only were they showing that she could not control herself, they would eliminate all pretenses of her having self-control by making her most private, most intimate hole to make them come.

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