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The Master and Margarita.

The background noise is loud, covering your words to everybody but me. The line moves up, and we step forward as one.

You whisper again into my ear, "I know what else you like ... remember last night?" I nod slightly, shivering as I remember ... .

"My cock pulsing inside your hot hole, slamming into your tight cunt, pumping my creamy cum deep inside you as you begged me to fuck you harder ... ." I feel a rush of wetness, warm fluid seeping from my tingling pussy. I'm not wearing any panties, since you always insist on easy access to my cunt - your cunt. Quivering, I lean back against you, feeling your hands caressing my hips.

Your hands slide down my sensitive hips, over my short skirt, your fingertips tickling the bare skin of my thighs just below my hemline. Lifting my hem a little, you whisper to me, "Such a little cumslut ... I bet your cunt is already dripping."

Blushing, I nod my head just a bit. You chuckle at me, amused. The line moves again, and we step forward, in unison. Your fingertips lift my hem up a little more, the light material brushing my skin. I look around again, wary, as anyone watching would be able to see my partly exposed ass. Still, nobody notices us. I'm breathing hard now, my heartbeat racing, my bra-free nipples poking peaks in the thin fabric of my shirt, my cheeks flushed. I think, How can nobody notice?!

You notice, though, and you whisper again in my ear, "What a whore you are ... just thinking about your Daddy's big dick sets you off."

I feel my juices start to flow, sticky hot fluid trickling down my inner thighs. Your words drill through my mind, sending burning shocks to my boiling, aching pussy. And I think, Knowing somebody were watching would set me off even faster!!

We step forward once more, stopping next to a large pillar this time. The pillar blocks us from the crowd on the left side, but people still mill about, walking past on our right. You place your right hand back on my hip, holding me close against your strong body. But you slide your left hand boldly up the back of my brief skirt again.

I gasp as your hand sneaks up. The man in front of us turns around, peering at me suspiciously for a second. I manage a weak smile at him, your fingers moving steadily higher, and he turns back around. I wonder, Did I see him return my smile ... or was it my imagination?

Your fingertip wiggles between my thighs, sliding up the length of my slit, collecting the dewy moisture. "Mmm ... your pussy is so wet, Baby ... you're such a slutty cunt for your Daddy."

A quiet moan escapes from the back of my throat. You withdraw your hand from between my legs, pulling it out from under my skirt and bringing it up to my face. You trace your wet finger over my mouth, smearing my sticky juices on my lips, leaving a shiny trail. My tongue slides out of my mouth, licking up the sweetness you left behind.

I try to stay in control of my breathing, but you slip your hand back down to my oozing cunt. You slide your fingers along my soaking slit again, parting my pussylips with your fingers. Circling around my tingling clit, you then flick it with your fingertip. I bite my lip to hold back a groan, my head falling back, my eyes closed.

You say in a firm voice, "You're going to have to order in a minute, whore." My eyes flutter open, and I tremble slightly as your fingers continue stroking my seething cunt.

We step up one more time to the register, leaning against the pillar, your hand still up my raised skirt. You slide one finger right inside my tight little hole as the cashier looks up at me expectantly. I manage to squeak out, "Two Pepsis, please."

He asks, "What size?"

At that moment, you thrust another finger inside me - prompting me to blurt out, "Large!" He gives me a curious look: taking in my flushed face, rapid breathing, glazed eyes, and stiff nipples - clearly visible through my sweat-sodden shirt.

You curl your two fingers inside my cunt and r