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Jenny is forced to accept his proposal.

Then she half-worried, half-hoped that some or all of the women from the bar might come join in and even out the gender balance. She'd have welcomed the solidarity, but she also rather enjoyed having all the guys' attention to herself. In any event, no other woman turned up to compete for her new friends' favor, and neither did Matt or the boys turn up. After a couple of songs, Sarah stopped worrying about such things altogether.

The Valentine's Day hate notwithstanding, though, she couldn't help hoping for a slow song. That wish was granted before too long, with a friendly encouragement from the deejay to "Grab somebody, it's the season!" Sarah remembered her fa__ade long enough to feign annoyance as the pretty ballad kicked in on the speakers, but then remembered just in time that none of her new friends would ask her to dance if she looked disgusted.

Two of them did look disgusted in their own right, and shuffled off the floor to the bar. But Sarah looked up to see the third one regarding her with a shy, hopeful grin. "Wanna dance?" he asked.

"I'd love to!" Sarah said, forgetting all about her jaded act -- Matt wasn't around to see it anyway. "Thanks for asking," she added quickly, enjoying the thrill of feeling her new friend's arms around her. "I was worried that all three of you were going to be too macho for this! I'm Sarah, by the way."

"I'm Rob," he said. "And I was afraid one of your guy friends over there was going to turn up and sweep you off."

"I wish!" Sarah said. "They're all wrapped up in hating Valentine's Day right now, they won't shut up about how lousy it makes everybody feel, and there I am practically begging them to come dance."

"I have to admit, we were all playing that game too," Rob confessed. "That's why Jim and Rich over there took off so quickly. I almost did too, but truth is I love slow dancing."

"Me too!" Sarah said. "Don't worry, I won't tell them your secret, Rob."

"I think maybe now they know it," Rob admitted with a grin. "But hey, if they don't like it, they could have asked you too."

"Just why does everybody have to pretend they hate it, anyway?" Sarah wondered out loud.

"Sour grapes, I guess," Rob said. "But hey, high school was years ago. Time to work past that."

"Exactly!" Sarah said. She was quiet for a moment, and gave Rob the once over. He was cute, with sandy blond hair and dark eyes, and his flannel shirt was the perfect country-in-winter touch. Matt and the guys were still off in the corner getting wasted, and Rob had already gone to the trouble to ask her to dance...her turn, she concluded. "Listen, after this, we're going to the club. Want to join us?"

"Gee, I'd love to, but I think Rich and Jim have plans for a movie marathon later," Rob said. "Lots of action flicks, guy stuff, you know. Sorry."

"It's okay!" Sarah smiled through her disappointment. "That sounds like more fun than clubbing at this point, actually."

"I can ask if you can join us if you want," Rob said.

"Aw, I'd better not," Sarah said. "I did tell the guys I'd go to the club with them."

If Rob was half the gentleman he appeared to be, he knew exactly why no woman he had only just met would go home with him and two of his friends, of course. He apparently got it, because he didn't argue the point with her, and they finished the slow-dance in pleasant silence. As the song came to an end, Rob gave her an affectionate squeeze which she returned happily, and then they shook hands and said goodbye. The spell was broken once the next fast song kicked in, and Sarah returned to the table.

"Told you you could get lucky," Matt announced as a greeting.

"Does it look like I did?" Sarah demanded.

"It looks like you could have," Len said.

"No kidding," Matt agreed. "I was starting to wonder, should I get up and warn the guy to back off."

"What?!" Sarah snapped. "'You leave my friend alone so I can refuse to dance with her?' What is your problem, Matt?"

"Just being a loyal friend," Matt protested.