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While waiting for the roommate to take interest.

Also, if you decide to start having sex with others, it's only fair that you let me know before hand. I will never interfere or be upset as it is probably inevitable. I will also let you know if a woman comes along in my life, not that you wouldn't know anyway."

(Mary) "OK. But don't be surprised if you get your butt or cock grabbed or otherwise fondled when no one is looking. We have discovered that our touching and fondling is what keeps us sane and we are including you in that now."

"I can certainly live with that and may make my own opportunities to steal a feel."

That night after retiring I awoke around 2AM and found the girls in my bed asleep each side of me. They brought the Arctic Fox fur spread with them. How thoughtful. Good thing I have an extra large King Sized bed and several fur spreads as this would become normal.

So much for "Their Room"! Shelly was snuggled up close in front of me still in the Sable and had her hand gently holding my now permanently stiff cock. I gently rolled her over on her back and slid smoothly into her as she awoke moaning quietly as I kissed her. We had quiet intercourse as she wrapped her arms and legs around me. I proceeded with slow strokes. Shelly is so fine at holding at the edge of orgasm before release.

We screwed this way for half an hour or more kissing deeply to quiet our moans. I pumped her smoothly, spasmodically ejaculated generously into her long orgasms. It was the finest love making I had ever had with many to cum. I finally get to have quality time sucking Shelly's marvelous tits and her wonderful big nipples. She is pleased in the extreme that I so love them.

Mary is smiling sweetly in her sleep and we fondled Mary's vagina with the Sable for a few minutes until she is quietly moaning in her sleep and breathing a little heavily. Mary is clearly into a very sexy dream by then. Shelly kisses her lips softly as I kiss and softly suck her sweet tight puffy labia tucking the Sable snug in her vagina and around her. Shelly and I wrap our arms around each other again both still aroused, hugging closely sliding my still stiff cock into her as we fall back to sleep in the middle of slowly moving in and out of her.

In the morning I had a short and near violent round of intercourse with Mary upon waking. She had super sexy dreams all night last night she said and was near orgasm when she woke saying she had orgasms in her sleep and demanded my immediate attention. Mary recited her very sexy dreams at breakfast that led to the urgent need to get screwed again.

Shelly and I smile with our secret. We sex showered together, Shelly and I making sure Mary was fully satisfied, then had breakfast, Mary still talking of her dreams in amazement as we ate. Hugging and kissing all around almost too much and we were off to the Office and school to register for the winter quarter.

I tell a few at the Office that the girls are live in housekeepers while they attend College. I got lots of "yea, sure" looks, especially from Trish but it was never mentioned or discussed again as they moved into my life and my interest in finding a woman vanished and was never, ever discussed again.

All day I was thinking that the whole thing could not be real. I clearly had a very active sex dream. I expected to awake from this dream at any time and they would not be there when I got home.

Each would be a prize unto themselves and there are two of them. This is every guys wildest sex fantasy, boy-on-girl-on-girl. They are so different. Not only are they so different physically but their personalities as well. I recall that from when I talked with them at the Mall those times. Mary is somewhat shy and retiring and Shelly is very outgoing and spunky. They are sure different sexually. Mary is so sweet, submissive and coy and Shelly is more aggressive yet very attentive.

I thought about our shower this morning and how wonderful to do all these things together.

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