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Lebanese vampire woman and Haitian revolutionary meet.

Finally Hannah opened her eyes enough to see me sitting there and had a surprised look on her face.

"Bravo, bravo!!!" I said enthusiastically and I stood and applauded their performance. Both girls instantly broke into a fit of laughter.

"How long were you sitting there?" the very inquisitive Hannah asked me.

"Long enough to get one hell of a show. Was that the third orgasm for both of you?" I replied.

"Fourth for Me!!!" Cheered Brianna. Again all three of us erupted in laughter.

"Oh shit Bri, we've been soooo selfish. Poor Craig over there has only busted his nut once tonight." Said Hannah in her sexy little sorority girl voice.

"Oh no, I think we need to make it up to him." Cooed Brianna.

"Oh its fine girls, you've got all weekend to make me cum as much as you want." I responded. "Why don't we move the party out into the living room?"

"Uh oh, sounds like Craig's up to something." Said Hannah.

"If he is, I'm sure it will be a lot of fun." Said Brianna referring to our past sexual escapades together.

"Shall we?" I invited offering each of them a hand. Brianna took my left and Hannah my right as I helped them off the bed and led them to the bed I had arranged in the living room.

"Well this certainly looks cozy." Said Brianna

"College Girl Tag Team pt. 4??" Hannah asked inquiring about the video waiting to start on the large TV in front of us.

"Seems like a fitting title there Craig," added Brianna

"My thoughts exactly. Would anyone care for more wine?"

"Please!" They replied together.

"Why don't you girls go ahead and start the movie while I pour the drinks."

I found my empty glass on the end table where I had left it. Brianna's was still on the bed and Hannah's on the nightstand untouched. I poured out Hannah's glass since it had gotten warm and filled all three to the top finishing the bottle. I returned to the living room and the girls had left the center of the bed open for me. I handed each one their glass and got comfortable right in between the two of them. Each one cuddled up next to me with their head on my chest as the opening scene of the movie began.

On the screen, two girls were studying together in a dorm room. One a voluptuous blonde that I immediately reminded me of Hannah with her massive tits and curvatious figure, the other was a tall and slender brunette. Hannah and Brianna kissed each other on my chest and looked up to me for the same attention. We embraced in a three-way make out session with tongues probing and darting into each other's mouths. I wrapped an arm around each of them and pulled them close. I could taste the sweet nectar of each of their pussies on the others tongue and my cock grew hard again. I felt a hand wrap around the base of my cock and begin stroking me gently, but wasn't sure who's hand it was.

As the three of us broke from our kiss, I realized it was Hannah massaging my member as she lowered her soft sweet mouth towards it. I glanced back at the screen and found a man in the room with the two college girls as they were taking turns sucking his cock. Hannah engulfed my entire thick 8 inches in one swift motion and began sucking furiously at the head as she came back up. My left hand found the top of Hannah's head as I grabbed a thick handful of her curly blonde locks. I wrapped my right arm around Brianna and pulled her close as we embraced in another passionate lip lock.

Hannah was working me hard, milking my cock for all its worth.

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