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Wife and Husband cross a line they can't come back from.

Before that he had cum twice deep in her cunt; when he started working her he had hacked her family's med records and knew her husband was fixed. After that in the arrangements leading up to today he had given her fertility drugs laced in wine coolers. From past experience with other women he knew that she'll get pregnant. And there haven't been abortions for years she would be his, until her tired of her.

But even a bigger prize was possible. He had taken Trish's phone as he let her lay on the bed and sent a text. Shorty the first part of his plan worked. He heard a key in the front door, then it opened; no reaction from Trish, he waited;

"Mom, I'm home, where are you?"

Trish sat up, rubbed her eyes, trying to get her bearings. Then:


Fighting back panic she managed a coherent response.

"Hey Sandy, I, I am in the bedroom, ah, just wait out on the couch. Okay?"

"Okay, I'm grabbing a pop."

"That's fine!"

Then she looked at Paul and in a whisper


He showed her phone. On the screen was Sandy's reply "Coming right away" Above it "please come home, I need you."

Shocked, she looked back at Paul;

"This, she, she isn't..."

Tears came to her eyes.

"That's how it goes Trish, you made some mistakes. Now you go out there and convince your girl that's she needs to participate, for all of you, or, well you know."

Trish took a deep breath. Once again, the thoughts, Oh God, if I only hadn't...but she had. She got up off the bed and went over to her closet and grabbed a robe, tying the cord as she went to the bedroom door Paul grabbed her wrist and spun her around.

"Fifteen minutes, you need to be bringing her in here. Understand?"

She nodded and went out. In a moment;

Mom! What happened?!"

"Please Sandy, sit down."

Then Paul would her Trish's muffled words, with Sandy's interjections.

"What! How did this happen!?"

"Who, who is this fucker."

That made Paul smile.

Trish would talk some more and soon there was nothing coming from Sandy Paul had given them a few extra minutes when they both walked into the bedroom, Trish first. Then Sandy, who stood there and glared at him. She was wearing a powder blue sweat shirt and rose shaded shorts. Just like her picture her legs were tan, well formed. She had hair a bit lighter than her Mom's, and longer, done up in twin braids that hung on her chest, and had just turned eighteen.

"So you're this man." Her voice filled with disgust.

"Yes, and your Sandy, and your Mom told you the rules, and since it doesn't seem like you'll follow them I have a call to make"

Before he could finish Trish stopped him.

"No, Paul! Sandy, you, you know, right? You said you would."

Her defiance left the young woman.

"Ye, yes..."

"And what are they?"

"I, I'll do want you want, and answer your questions..."

"Good, well did Trish tell you how much she liked it?"

The women looked at each other, then;

"Yeah Sandy I loved it, he, I mean he really gave me a fucking, like, like..."

"Like your stepdad never did. I have a recording, so later you can listen Sandy to your Mom. When she wasn't begging for it she was moaning like a banshee."

The girl stood there, shocked. Now her eyes had tears. After a moment; he took out two wine coolers out of his duffel and handed each of the woman one; Sandy looked at it; but then Trish told her;

"Look Sandy, the wrapper is still on..."

"Oh, yeah..."

And not thinking of anything else to do they opened the bottles and drank them down;

Of course, they weren't just wine coolers; Sandy's had a mix of a ramped up libido enhancer, an ingredient that would heighten, close to unbearable, the nerve endings of her nipples and clit; combined with an agent that would prevent her from climaxing;

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