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Choking back a gag as the thick girth filled her throat and mouth. His moans turning to groans as he stayed buried in her throat. Her face was snuggled against his groin, nose nestled right against his stomach. Soft breaths were wafting against his skin as she breathed through her nose.

Her hands were now gently rolling his heavy sacs between her fingers, causing him to moan more and thrust his hips, further embedding his cock in her mouth. She felt his fingers loosen their grip and she pulled back slightly, gasping for breath through her nose as his cock slipped out of her throat, slid past her tongue, grazing the roof of her mouth. Hollowing her cheeks she sucked hard as he pulled out to just the tip, only to thrust it back in again.

She shifted her position so she was now kneeling instead of being poised on her heels'. Her one hand snaking down the front of her skirt, hoping to somewhat ease the burning ache that was forming in her wet dripping cunt. Her hand stopping right at her bare mound as she felt his warm breath against her ear...

"Nuh touching...that's mine to take care of later when and if I determine to do so."

The emphasis on 'if' as her body shuddered and her pussy quivered...her soft groan of protest being muffled as he began fucking her mouth again with his now rock hard cock.

She shifted her concentration from her own cravings to his cock as it picked up speed and momentum. Her mouth was practically drooling as his hands tightened in her locks, completely taking control of the entire situation. She whimpered as she felt his fingers flick across her pert nipple, then grasp it, pinching. She felt warm liquid dribble down her thighs as her inner muscles clenched. 'oh and no cumming either, no matter what I do'; she whimpered as he twisted her nipple, pinching it even harder between his fingers.

She could feel his cock swell as he fucked her mouth, her tongue flying along his cock as he thrust it in and out of her pursed lips. She inwardly groaned as she felt it twitch against her tongue, each time letting it slip down her throat.

He every so often just holding it there snug, letting it throb deep in her throat. She wanted him to erupt right there, feel his hot thick white cum spurt and run down her throat, coating it; but she knew he wouldn't allow it and he knew she could suck him for hours if he wanted.

She heard him grunt a few times and at others pulling in raspy breathes. He was close but wouldn't allow himself to topple. She heard his husky lust filled words against her ear...

'Do you want something?" as his fingers cruelly twisted and pulled on her nipple. She groaned and shuddered as she opened her eyes and looked up at him, nodding, his cock deeply embedded in her mouth and throat.

He could actually see her throat bulge as his girth filled it. He didn't need her nod to know what she craved. He knew but he liked to see her submit. He'd make her beg for him in a bit. He continued to fuck her mouth and throat for a few more minutes.

He pulled out suddenly as she gasped for a deep breath, quickly swallowing as her mouth was filled with saliva from sucking and licking him for so long. Her entire body hummed and was on fire. Her cunt was sopping wet. She needed to be fucked now.

He knew it. He could tell from the slight sheen of sweat on her flushed skin, from the look in her now dark blue eyes as she gazed up at him, and from her heavy breathing.

He fell to his knees and pushed her back on hers, grabbing at her shirt and ripping it open, pushing it off of her shoulders, baring her chest, her tits straining at her bra, reaching behind her to unhook it, roughly removing all of it, leaning down to take her red rock hard nipple between his teeth and biting it.

Her quick intake of breath was followed quickly by a mixture of a moan and a groan as he bit down. Her hand gripping the back of his head as her other one raked down his back. The nails made him bite down even harder. She was shuddering in need pinned beneath him.