Funny The competition gets heated. Porn Pics

You discover an old fuck-buddy while on the prowl.

Harriet knew she needed to be turned on in order to survive her ordeal. Thankfully, Harriet knew an easy solution.

"Bitch," she grunted. "Oh, you goddamn witchy-bitch, ouch, you are fucking my ass."

"You like it don't you boy bitch," Stella said, fucking her paid for captive even harder.

Suddenly, it didn't feel so bad. A pleasurable warmth enveloped the dark-haired sorceress. Harriet wished the girl would let go of her arms so she could push back against her. Instead, she had to settle for dipping her hips to meet every thrust.

"Mmmmm-yeah, I like it bitch," Harriet admitted. "But it goddamn hurts. You'll see one day when it's your turn."

Stella slapped Harriet's ass, leaving a red handprint. "My turn? No way bitch-boy, I'm your daddy and it is always daddy's turn."

Stella could feel her orgasm rising and proceeded to fuck Harriet as fast as she could, punctuating every thrust with a "Who's your daddy?" and a spank on the girl's upturned ass.

It proved too much for Harriet. "You're my daddy, you goddamned bitch," Harriet admitted. She was on the edge and it felt like she only needed a bit more to cum.

But before she could, Stella cried, "Oh-shit-I'm- cumming!" and collapsed on Harriet's back, kissing her sweat covered neck. "Worth every penny," she whispered, hugging the girl tight.

When she could move again, Stella pulled herself off her the collapsed form of her classmate. She nudged the girl, but Harriet, just grunted and didn't open her eyes.

Stella performed an incantation and took off the wooden phallus, and noticed it had streaks of blood and evidence of Harriet's anal deflowering. Stella took off her locket, opened the small golden bottle and a drop of glowing liquid dropped onto Harriet's plundered opening. It instantly transformed from raw gaping hole to the smooth ivory rosebud it had been before.

Before she left, Stella cleaned, then reattached the wand to Harriet's crotch, tucked the long lean brunette into bed, and placed an extra gold coin on the pillow. She looked back one final time and closed the door behind her.

That night Harriet dreamed, not of sex, but of something quite different. There were three people standing on a hill, white robe, a red, and a black. The black was a male.

Harriet watched from the back, and they all seemed intent on the complex incantation they were performing. The wind began to gust, blowing leaves around in circles, and pulling at the long robes. Harriet watched in rapt silence as the land on the other side of the valley seemed to fold in on itself and disappear, leaving only a path where it once was. 'This is the Great Sealing', she realized.

The figure in black reached into his robe and pulled out a darkly stained knife. It flicked out, faster than Harriet's eyes could follow. Harriet didn't even know where it ended up, until the white robe began to turn red. The girl in the red robe caught the wounded expression in her mother's face. Mordick's hand flicked out again, grazing his sister's arm.

The red-robed girl cast a spell on her brother and smoke seeped out of his robe. The girl looked down at her arm and then fell down to her knees. She preformed another incantation on the shimmering halfway folded land behind her. Mists rose up, and the path was now hidden.

Mordick turned around and looked in the direction where Harriet was hidden. "Only two more," he said with a voice that caused the hair on Harriet's neck to rise. She shivered as she felt a wave of malevolence over her such as she had never encountered before. Finally, Mordick disappeared in a final burst of smoke, leaving only the remains of his robe, but what Harriet couldn't get out of her mind was the look on his face. It wasn't the look of defeat, but of evil victory.

On the ground, the red-robed girl clutched her white- robed mother to her breast and cried out in agony. It was a cry that never seemed to end and echoed in Harriet's ears, even when she woke up.

Harriet was covered in sweat