Funny What do the Caverns hold? Porn Pics

Husband & wife play sexy, albeit dangerous games of bondage.

Dana didn't complain but she was scared that at any moment the cock would drive into her rectum and cause her pain. However, that never happened as Mike's dick slowly but surely found its way into Dana's ass. Once Mike was in her he decided to go for it. He knew that once he ejaculated into her ass that his cock would soften and that would give them the best chance to get free from their bonds. Mike moved slowly in and out of her ass and he only wished that he could watch his cock sliding in and out of Dana's curvy bottom. The tightness of her ass and the thrill of butt fucking her drove Mike to a quick but satisfying ejaculation.

Dana moaned when she felt the warm semen flood her rectum as she had never felt anything like it before. She wished that her hands or Mike's hands were free to play with her pussy as she felt she could cum again. Mike allowed his cock to soften in her ass and then it slipped from her passage with a trail of semen. Dana could feel the wet cock on her buttocks and she was in disbelief that her ass had been fucked in a storage closet. She had often thought about trying anal sex but she never expected to loose her anal virginity in such a situation. She also never expected that she would have handled and big cock like's Mike's on the first anal encounter.

Mike resumed working on the ropes and it too quite a while but her was able to free her hands. Dana then with her hands free was able untie the robe around her legs. Once free she slipped under Mike's arms and untied his hands. Mike then untied his legs and they were both free. They stood back up and Mike turned on the light in the storage closet. It temporarily blinded them since they were in the dark for so long. Their eyes eventually adjusted and they stared at each other's nakedness admiring each other's body. Mike opened the door and he heard the robbers milling around. He then locked the storage closet door from the inside.

Mike turned back to Dana and she smiled and moved into his arms and kissed him. Mike kissed her back and their tongues dueled in their mouths. Dana broke the kiss and dropped to her knees. She took Mike's semi-hard cock in her mouth and had him hard again in seconds. She was unconcerned that it had just been in her ass. Dana gave really good head and Mike loved what she did with his cock in her mouth. She had a unique way of running her tongue around the cock head which drove him wild. If he had not cum twice already he would have not been able to last long in Dana's mouth. Dana was ready as her pussy was on fire again. They went to the floor again and this time Dana was on her back. She raised her legs up toward her chest and spread herself for Mike's entry.

Mike hooked the back of her legs in his arms as he drilled her pussy with his impressive cock. Dana's head was rolling left and right as she seemed to have a continuous string of orgasms. Finally she couldn't take any more on her clit and told Mike to fuck her from behind. Dana got on all fours and Mike admired her curvy ass. He held her hips as he entered her from behind and then he caressed her lovely bottom as he fucked her. He loved looking at her ass and he was thrilled that he had fucked it earlier. Mike kept fucking Dana and fondling her ass until he ejaculated in her for the third time.

Afterward they both sat on the floor with Mike's arm around her as they waited for the robbers to leave the shop. Finally they heard the back door slammed shut. They unlocked the closet and Mike made sure that the coast was clear before Dana came out of the closet.

"I'm going to call Bill and then the police," Mike said.

"Let's get cleaned up and dressed first," Dana suggested.

"Yeah, good point," Mike agreed.

They used the bathroom in the store to clean up they best they could and then they got dressed.