Funny The sequel to Amy's Eyes: A loving ending occurs. Porn Pics

Childhood friends find love in college.

Knowing what she was thinking, they told her that either she could remove them, or they would. As exciting as the prospect of them finishing to undress her sounded, she opted to undress herself. As soon as she dropped her undergarments on the pile with the rest of her clothes, she quickly climbed into The Chair, hoping that it would somehow hide her naked body to some extent. As she was now seated, they both approached The Chair and began fastening the cuffs. She had forgotten that they would have to be so close in order to secure her, so the chair didn't conceal her at all. She found it strangely erotic being completely naked while the other two were fully dressed as they moved around her, securing her.

He now went to the computer and started The Chair. The blonde was slightly startled when The Chair began to tip backwards, but it stopped when her torso was parallel to the floor. She was now in the "rocket launch" position as they had come to refer to it. While she was in this position and could not see the base under her feet, the redhead switched the attachments on the thrusting units. They didn't feel that she should be exposed to the larger units on her first 'ride'. As she was near The Chair anyway, the redhead figured this would be as good a time as any to attach the sucking nipple cups to the blonde's breasts. As the mild vacuum seated the cups around her nipples, she moaned softly. Once the redhead stepped away from The Chair, he restarted the program. Marie's legs were brought down level with her body, then her arms were also brought level. Then her arms were swung out from her sides until she was forming a perfect T shape. She now felt her legs beginning to be slowly spread apart. As The Chair was forcing her legs further and further open, he told her that she should tell him if it got to be too much. The Chair had almost reached the preset maximum angle before she told him to stop.

Looking at Marie they could see beads of sweat forming on her forehead and her chest. They let her remain in this position for a short time to become accustomed to the position, as this was the position she would be in for a while. She had almost become complacent when the cups began sucking her nipples more intensely and alternating back and forth between the two. After letting her experience this for a short period, they decreased the sucking intensity to the minimum required to hold the cups in place. Through the clear glass of the cups, they could plainly see her nipples were very erect and had taken on a nice rosy blush as the blood had rushed to the surface. They had decreased the sucking action so that she could more completely experience what was to come next.

The primary thrusting unit was now beginning to rise up between her outstretched legs. She couldn't raise her head far enough to see what was happening, but she soon felt the warm mist of lubricant that the thrusting unit had begun to spray on her blonde pussy. As it got closer to her pussy, the mist turned to a spray. Marie gasped loudly when the tip of the vibrator first contacted her vaginal lips. Her gasps now turned to moans as the unit began to nudge its way into her warm, wet, vagina. When the unit was inside her to a depth of 5 inches, it stopped. The nubs that circled the surface of the vibrator then began to slowly spiral around its axis. This brought a loud scream from Marie as she experienced her first orgasm from The Chair.

The nubs continued to spiral the entire time she was recovering from her climax. Her body was beginning to respond again to the stimulation that her pussy was already receiving when the unit began to vibrate also. She had resumed her moaning now, but when the vibrations jumped an intensity level, she screamed again as another orgasm ripped through her body.

This time they gave her body no time to rest before they resumed the assault.