Funny Treasure hunter hits a real honey hole - or rather, two. Porn Pics

He's there, in the shadows.

I ran my fingers up and down over her lacy underwear and could feel the wetness seeping out from between. This was too much for me and I worked my fingers around the edge of her panties so that I had full access to her absolutely soaked lips. (In the meantime, Amy was carrying on an amazingly coherent and engaging conversation with those at the table. I was slightly less engaged but kept my ear out for anything that might involve me).

Amy finished her drink and requested another one and I quickly obliged, getting a soda for myself. I sat back down and got immediately back to work, sipping my soda as I slid two fingers into her pussy. And I do mean slid. By this time, Amy's body was fully preparing itself for penetration and was coated in lubrication. I ran my thumb over her clit a few times as well to test her ability to continue with the conversation in the face of what would quickly lead to an orgasm.

It was a game at this point. And so I escalated the stakes. Taking a piece of ice from my soda with my right hand, I switched it to my left hand and ran it over her lips. No obvious response. Except that she was so hot now that it almost immediately melted. I grabbed another one and began working it toward her vagina, expecting Amy to stop me. Instead when she noticed that I was struggling she whispered "more to the left." This nearly killed me. I grabbed another piece of ice and slipped it into her vagina and closed her underwear up over it.

No response, but by now I noticed that one of the bartenders was far enough back that he could surely see under the table. Going all in, I moved the the far side of Amy's dress so that her legs were fully exposed under the table. I pushed her left leg a bit to indicate that I wanted her to spread them more. Mentally engaged in the conversation, but physically completely overtaken by the sexual moment, she obliged. I caught one of the bartender's eye and smiled and looked down. He nearly dropped the drink he was preparing as he watched as I placed two fingers into Amy's sopping pussy.

I didn't think it was right for her to be unaware of their glances so I nudged her to and nodded in their direction. She glanced over briefly and then back to me. I really had no idea how she was going to respond, but certainly not in the way she actually did. She casually brought her right hand down and, making use of the fact that my hand was pulling her panties aside, began playing with her clit. Right in front of them. Looking straight at them. They watched as I took another ice cube and placed it directly into her pussy, much easier than before as Amy was holding her lips open with her fingers in that oh-so-sexy 'V' that only a woman can form over her vagina. He immediately began to get hard and "noticed a customer" and walked away.

Amy gave me a wicked grin before bringing her hand back, being sure to wipe her fingers on the inside of my shorts. By this time the conversation was winding down and things had escalated enough that I needed some time to cool down if I didn't want it to be completely obvious my situation. Thankfully there was a bathroom close by where I was able to allow things to settle before we got back into the car.

Unfortunately, my phone was pretty much dead by the time we got to the car for the ride home. The last thing I saw was a text message from Amy asking "was that enough foreplay for you?" I grinned and nodded yes to her at the same time that I realized that our position in the car -- Amy was leaning more against me in my arms than beside me -- allowed me to reach the top band of her underwear.

While we discussed the play I slowly worked her panties down her ass, fully expecting Amy to stop me.