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Funny Grandma tests new feelings when her grandson moves in. Sex Video

She tries to get him to swing--bad idea.

Christian threw back his head and grunted, the assault of her tongue on his sensitive testicle slightly painful, but in the best of ways.

Finished with working the oil into his ball sack, Michelle returned her attention to his penis and slowly sucked in Christian's head and the first Michelle inches of his shaft into her mouth and began to vigorously blow him, purposefully generating a large amount of saliva so that her spit began to escape her lips and run down the sides of his cock to puddle at the base of his shaft and run down over his balls.

"Hey, not so fast... you wouldn't want to bring me off before the main event!"

"Sorry... I wanted to get you even more lubed up but I guess I got a bit carried away..." Michelle replied.

All this time, Jake had certainly not been idle. While Michelle had her attention captivated by the mesmerizing reality of Christian's thick cock, he had picked up the bottle of lube from where Michelle had sat it, and had begun to work on her back end.

He first poured the oil onto her rear at the top of the crack of her ass and watched with lust as it ran down between her cheeks and over the mound of her pussy, which was peeking out from between her thighs as she bent over. He roughly massaged the oil into her ass cheeks for a minute or two before sliding his hand in between her thighs and cupping her smoothly shaved pussy.

"Mmm..." he heard her moan as his hand came into contact with her mons. He gently flicked his fingers back and forth across Michelle's labia, greasing her up as he did so until her whole rear end was shiny and slick with the oil. Reaching slightly forward, his fingers came into contact with her large, engorged, and distended clitoris.

"Ahhh!" Michelle cried, and began to slowly rotate her hips, seeking even more contact from Jake's hand. Jake teased Michelle by stopping his ministrations on her clit, and moved back up to her rump, this time running his fingers into the crease of her perfect ass and lightly circling her small, puckered anus with his forefinger.

"Nngguhh!" escaped Michelle's lips as Jake lightly played with her slippery, brown ring of sensitive muscle. Jake decided it was time to plumb her depths, and quickly plunged his thumb into the entrance of her pussy.

"Hurggh!!" exclaimed Michelle. There was no hiding the fact that Michelle was really, REALLY into this. Her pussy was so wet that his thumb sunk all the way into her with no resistance whatsoever.

"God, she is so hot inside!" thought Jake. "Her cunt is on fire for us... I've never felt a girl so slippery and ready!" and indeed, when he glanced down he could see a sheen of slick wetness running down the insides of both of her thighs.

No longer able to contain himself, Jake quickly kneeled behind her and gazed up at her horny fuck hole. There was creamy-white girl cum leaking out of her cunt, and Jake could wait no longer to taste her sex.

He pressed his face hard into her ass, thrusting as much of his tongue up into her channel as he could, both lapping at her sensitive hole and fucking her with his tongue.

His nose was wedged against her anus, and he breathed in her musky scent while tasting her tangy pussy cream.

"AHHH!" screamed Michelle, as she tried to shove her pussy back against his face even harder, seeking more contact. Jake enthusiastically complied, alternating lapping up her pussy juice with fondling her engorged clit and rimming her asshole mercilessly.

Deciding he had waited long enough, Jake rose to his feet and quickly rubbed some of the oil into his own, now steel-hard, cock. He nestled the swollen head of his dick against the plump lips of Michelle's cunt and swirled it in the moistness of her frilly, inner lips before slowly but relentlessly sinking his rod into Michelle's hot, horny hole.

Her passage expanded to accept him, and Jake sighed as he felt his cock slip past the outer ring of her entrance

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