Funny Childhood friends find love in college. Porn Pics

They take his ass...and his mouth...all together now.

I had another drink, and another, and got my courage up enough to get on the floor myself. I'm no great shakes at dancing; only when I'm very drunk do I imagine any great talent waiting to be born in darkness and sound. And this was proven again, when I bumped - quite firmly - into something warm, soft, and smelling like musky sweat. She smiled; I stammered, blushed, and tried to evaporate.

She grabbed my hands, placed them on her hips, and began to move very slowly and simply to the music. I felt shock coming on, decided this was a dream, and smiled brilliantly. Her hands settled firmly on my hips and began to guide me to the beat; it took a bit, but I found it. Or it found me; I don't know. Our bodies began to move at the same time, gradually becoming faster and more complex. I was sweating freely; she had soaked her little black dress a while back. She smiled at me, eyes dark and mysterious; and her fingers left my waist to tug the front zipper of my top down a few more inches. Her eyes went to the pale skin exposed and widened at the realization that there was nothing underneath; in the dark of the club there had been no way to tell before.

She began to dance closer, shielding me with her movement from the others on the floor; and traced her finger down into my top, feeling the sweat gathered there, sliding down the edge of one breast. I felt dizzy, lightheaded, and the beginnings of heat between my legs. My dancing slowed, and her eyes raised to meet mine; she smoothly took my hand, turned, and led me off the floor. I couldn't really process it, just went along willingly; she led me outside to the back patio, where the music still played (if not as loud) and there was a small volleyball court and dance floor. People were gathered on groups everywhere, talking and laughing; we went past them all, to a corner that was lit by the streetlight on the other side of the fence but somewhat hidden from view by a large poplar tree.

She sat on a bench and pulled me down beside her. Leaning forward, she took my face gently in her hands...and kissed me softly, sweetly, on the lips. It didn't stay soft and sweet very long, though. I was shuddering when she broke away, the glide of her tongue on my bottom lip burning like electricity. Her kisses deepened, and her hands squeezed my arms. I reached up and pushed my fingers into her damp hair, felt the heat radiating from her; massaged her scalp gently with my fingers and kissed her back. She slid her hand in and dipped it into my top again, this time brushing my nipple. The cool air she let in brought it to a peak instantly, almost painfully. She tweaked it, then began slow circles... sweet torture! I dropped a hand to her generous chest and found her as ready as I was, and began to return the temptation. She gasped, and a low moan convinced me that she was as aroused as I was.

The heat between my legs exceeded anything I'd felt before; this was all new to me, and only the alcohol was keeping the fear and embarrassment away. I knew that this was something I would never do sober; and I was very, very glad I was drunk as a skunk. It meant that when she unzipped me completely, there in the light at the club, I felt no shame; only tipped my head back and groaned as her lips sucked my nipple to a greater point. The warmth of her mouth after the cool air was a shock. I arched and caught my breath, unable to hold all the feelings that were blazing through me; she lifted her face, her hair brushing my skin, and I leaned forward again to kiss her. But now my hands were much lower, caressing her breasts, and sliding down over her belly to grip her hips. She parted her legs... and she, too, was wearing nothing under her outfit. Her damp curls were the first thing my fingers encountered.

I froze, eyes closed; but her hips thrust gently against my fingers, so I continued.