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Nikki has to face her biggest challenge.

Alice remained bent forward, hands on her knees and grunted with each of his thrusts.

I left them to it, feeling pleased that Alice's attitude seemed to have improved, to get the drink for myself.

When I returned to Kat's table more people were gathered but there seemed to be a pause in the activity. I noticed Mary beside the Ambassador, an old friend in every sense. I also noticed that as he pinched and tweaked Kat's nipples, Mary was gently stroking his veiny cock into an impressive erection.

Pausing at the head of the table I looked up at the portraits. My ancestors, from many generations, looked down on the scene and I couldn't help wondering what they would think if they could actually see it. From what I knew of my family history I was positive that most of them would have been disappointed not to be attending. Especially old great, great (something) grandfather Joshua, who'd reputedly been an original member of the Hellfire Club. But most especially, of all of them, my father would have been devastated not to be here, throwing himself wholeheartedly into the centre of the debauchery. I glanced at his painting - he would have loved this.

Then I glanced at the picture besides his. "You hated all this didn't you..........Mother?"

The painting showed a short, plump, blonde woman. Despite the best efforts of the famous painter responsible, he hadn't made her look beautiful. Nor could he entirely conceal the air of mild disdain that was my mother's default expression. Her family's money had been welcome, crucial even, when my parent's married - but it had not been a basis for a happy match.

Breaking out my reverie I bent forward and lifted Kat's head with one hand, tipping the glass of water to her lips with the other. She drank deeply and gratefully, then smiled up at me. Again she couldn't see that it was me, couldn't know it was me, but something about that smile made me believe that she did.

Then a familiar voice broke my train of thought.

"Awwwww, what a touching scene?"

I looked up to see my sister, Bailey La Motte. As always, when I saw her, I was struck by how much she looked like me. If people met us together for the first time they almost always assumed we were twins. Like me she was tall, slim, dark, almost black, hair and green eyes. Now these eyes were full of mischief; cruel mischief.

She stood flanked by Wren and her uninvited guest, gloved fists on her hips, sporting thigh high boots and short leather skirt. Under a cropped jacket (also leather) she wore a silk blouse with a ruffled front - every bit of her clothing was black.

"Hello Bailey." I said, keeping my voice flat. 'Your usual understated arrival I see.' And then, even though I knew she only ever wore designer clothes, I couldn't resist adding,

"How many vinyls died to make that outfit?"

She sneered back at me; head cocked aggressively forward and to one side, green eyes flashing.

"And I am pleased to see you too Bast-i-on." She said, her voice continuing to drip sarcasm. Then she glanced down at the table as I lowered Kat's head.

"Is this your new toy bro? The one Wren's been telling me all about?"

I looked at my cousin, furious. He had the good grace to look embarrassed. But Bailey had always been able to wrap him round her finger.

"Of course you always let your guests play with your toys at party time, don't you B?" my sister purred as she moved closer and ran her fingernail across Kat's breast.

"I am sooooo looking forward to playing with this one." Then she looked at me directly and the cruelest, coldest smile slid across her lips.

"Can I Bastion? Can I pleeeeassse play with your toy?" she asked, in voice mimicking a child begging for a treat.

Her tone of voice reminded me of our childhood. And of the fact that any time she had borrowed a toy of mine, she always broke it.

I tried to gather my thoughts and think of some reason to deny my sister her demand, however she might pretend to made it sound like a request.

At that point Ma