Funny A middle-aged woman gets to live her fantasies. Porn Pics

A lover's re-awakening after a long, cold winter.

I was loving everything that was going on all evening. I had been fingering her while we sat at the table and she was showing off most everything already. I told her to go for it.

When the MC asked for the next contestant Judy raised her hand and our friends started to hoot and holler. They took her in the back and a few minutes later they announced her dance. She came out with a cowgirl outfit on and they started to play Tina Turner's Private Dancer. The hat came off first and then she turned her back wiggled her ass and slipped her vest off exposing her bare back to the crowd. The guys on the other side of the stage could already see her naked breasts and were giving her cat calls. She turned and faced us and looked right at me as she took her hands away from her chest, exposing her bare breasts with her nipples standing out like small missiles. Most of the girls didn't strip totally naked but kept their g-strings on. Judy was down to just her g-string and our friends were encouraging her to take it off. Again she looked right at me and although there were dozens of guys watching her I felt that she was dancing just for me. She hooked her thumbs in her g-string and turned away from us and started to pull them down. She stepped out of it and spun around to face us and again gave me her total attention as she danced totally naked on the stage. She was getting lots of cat calls and whistles from the crowd.

The song ended and she walked to the back of the stage. She came out a few minutes later still totally naked carrying her dress. She slid onto the bench next to me with the two guys on chairs across from our table. She said that all the girls were going to get up and dance again together after the contest so she saw no reason to dress. She was hot and we all could see it. One of our friends asked if she would give him a lap dance...kinda joking. She looked at him and asked how much - she said that the girls were getting paid to do it, why should she do it for free. I think she caught him off guard because it took him awhile to respond. He said $20. She looked at me for approval and I told her to go for it, I told her that I wanted to see how much whe can make. She told him money first and he handed her $20. She held it between her fingers like the other dances and started to dance for the guy.

She was good! She spread his legs and grinded her ass into his crotch and turned, pushed his legs together and sat on him with her legs spread. She was swinging her breasts inches from his face and ended up smothering him with her bare tits. While this was going on other contestants were dancing on stage. After the song ended she was still sitting on his lap and she gave him a long intense french kiss and got off his lap; exposing a bulge the size of a football. Our other friend said that he was next and had his twenty already out. And she gave him pretty much the same treatment.

Rules were that the guys were not allowed to touch the girls...but, the girls did their share of touching. After that song they announced the winner (it wasn't Judy). It was a redhead with tits the size of melons. Judy didn't seem very disappointed and said that she had to go because the girls were going to do a dance together. She went back stage and they announced the dance and the girls came out one at a time either totally naked or in their g-strings. There were a total of seven of them plus three of the regular girls. The ten of them danced together to the sexiest dance I think that I have ever seen.

When the dance was over Judy came from the back and returned to our table.