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Two changlings at the lake.

He was able to gauge the feeling of the room quite quickly without reading each individual mind. He did a quick sweep and all seemed well except for one dark area on the dance floor. 'You're just tired.' He berated himself and mentally started to explore the area again.

There was definitely something going on over there. He wasn't overly worried as he leisurely walked around.

Eirini felt a mental brush against her mind. She was aware that vampires had strong mental abilities of their own, so she had put her own walls up as soon as she realized where she was. There it was again, a stronger push this time. She wasn't worried about anyone gaining access, her walls were strong. However, this mind was powerful, she felt the push again. She had whoever it was curious, they were obviously not use to being blocked. She told her friends that she needed a drink and headed for the bar. It was closer to the exit in case she needed to leave in a hurry. She was definitely not in the mood to become vampire fodder.

Reece was stumped, no being had been able to withstand his power. He was more than curious. He was concerned. Instead of pushing he now began trying to locate the mind in question. He followed the 'flavour' of it through the crowd. He had it. When he saw who the mind belonged to he stopped in shock.

There at the bar was the one behind all that mental strength and it was a girl. She stood no more than five-three with raven hair cascading down her back. From behind he could see that she had generous curves, unlike the stick thin creatures that were generally about. He moved to the side to get a better look at her. He was rewarded with a continuation of the curves. Particularly her generous breasts presently contained in a top that was meant to play them down but was failing miserably. His eyes travelled to her face and for a moment his breath caught in this throat as he looked upon some of the bluest eyes he had ever seen.

This was interesting, he thought maybe he could have some fun and he pushed harder into her mind only to be met with nothing. 'Damn' he thought 'she's strong'. She was certainly human and he knew that some humans had some latent skills but this was different. He pushed harder than he ever had with anyone and again was rewarded with nothing.

'Enough' Eirini thought. She followed the thread of the mind and pushed back and sent a verbal comment with it "Please stop". 'Wow' he thought, she was talking to him now. Oh he had to find out more. He walked up to her and sat next to her at the bar.

Reece wondered how to introduce himself when she said "Are you going to stop or not?" without looking at him. She was direct, he was surprised. In his position people were generally fawning all over him. It was refreshing.

"I'll stop." He said simply and looked at her sideways. Eirini finally raised the courage to look at him. Even though he was seated she realized that he was tall, then again most people were taller than her. He was also impossibly handsome, broad shoulders, chiselled features and silver-grey eyes, vampire. Crap she had attracted the attention of a vampire and now he knew what she could do.

She looked over to her friends and noticed that two vampires were dancing close to them and trying to get their attention. She sent a mental nudge to her friends and they moved further away from them. She'd been doing this for the last half hour. "Are they yours?" she asked nodding towards the gorgeous vampires vying for her friends' attention. "Because neither my friends nor I have any intension of becoming snacks tonight." She continued.

"Are you sure? They would find it extremely pleasurable." He stated and added 'as would you' in his mind. After the mental block he was only mildly surprised that she knew what he was.

"I'm sure." She said firmly. Reece sent a mental message to his men to find entertainment elsewhere and they moved off. He turned to look at her again.

"So what are you?" he asked bluntly.

"I see manners aren