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Funny Sue joins Ransom while Ben tends house. Sex Video

What happened one night after phone sex.

All the while you feel you must be the lone soul in the world focused on this subject matter. Then out of the blue you find all around magazine articles, talk shows, book plots, or conversations overheard at random that shed a whole new dimension of vast knowledge already archived about your special interest. Seek and ye shall find. Ironic, a Biblical quote could be so apropos.

Late one evening Nathan sat glued to the computer while I read a novel. "What are you working on, Nathan? Why don't you come to bed?"

"It's a research project. " He quipped as he flashed with a quick smile over his shoulder. "Going to Arizona next week. Would you like to join me?"

"Yeah. Sure. I'd like to see some cowboys."

And so as Paul Harvey says, as only he can say, "And now for the rest of the story......."

We were airborne for over an hour and sipping cocktails when he reached into his briefcase, pulled out an envelope, and handed it to me. "Wait! Before you open that, there are some rules you should know about!"

"Rules?" I query, "Are we playing a game that I did not know about?"

"That will be up to you ultimately. But, I did take the liberty of contacting a 'playmate' should you be inclined." He handed me the envelope and smiled seductively while savoring the amber liquid.

Okay, I admit it!! I was abundantly curious and my mind was already racing with the sensual possibilities that he may have arranged for our pleasure. So, with no pretense of just subtle interest, I tore the flap of the envelope open in a single stroke. Inside were several sheets of paper that appeared to be copies of e-mail communications.

The first one was easily recognizable as having originated with him. It was a letter, an unbelievable letter that detailed a fantasy that included both this woman and us. What woman? That was the driving thought in my mind!!! I concentrated my efforts on her communiqu__'.

Dear Nathan,

So you want to play?

You should know that I am very selective about who I spend my time with. My first requirement is for immediate compliance of my instructions. Since you have sent me your detailed desires for an encounter with me, you have successfully passed the first test.

Your imagination and diligence have been noted.

I have scheduled the two-hour encounter on the date and time for our experiment as you stipulated. However, I now require hearing from your lady. I must know what her imagined pleasures and desires are. Have her e-mail me on Thursday morning. Then we shall all meet for coffee Friday night and get to know each other before we proceed further.


Lordy! There was a picture of her and she was incredibly sensual, self assured, and worldly. Yet, she had softness and sparkle in her eyes that seemed to scream that she would be more than a passive participant on any playground. I was intrigued!! A self proclaimed dominatrix, a purveyor of sexual psychodrama, a fulfiller of dreams! Where do I sign up was all I could think about!!

I starred at her picture. She seemed to stare right back at me. My pulse quickened noticeably, my nipples became taut, and a small gush flowed between my legs. I was hooked!

What had Nathan written to her? There was a sure fire way to satisfy my need to know!

'Dear DomHelene,

Today, I went to the edge!

I had a rather nasty fantasy after discovering your listing on the web:

"Erotic understanding...Bondage and discipline...Fully equipped...Very private...highly recommended"

What an intoxicating thought! I imagined an afternoon excursion to the edge in a world a thousand miles away, where no one knows us and we know not a soul. Going to a world too expensive to become a habit, but a momentary "goose" of the human psyche. A removal of any accumulated "cobwebs". A spring-cleaning of the libido.

A meeting shared at a safe, private place, with comfort zones established, limits of play set and curiosities explored.

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