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I stifle a groan. The temptation to just pull my cock out and spray my cum over that innocent face is almost overwhelming. Instead I remove her thong from my trousers.

"Open your mouth," I say.

She obeys and now I can see the lust darkening those blue eyes. Either she wants this as badly as I do, or she is a truly terrific actress. I don't particularly care either way. I just push the soaked panties into her waiting mouth bit by bit until it is all in except for one thin strip of cord dangling from the corner of her mouth. Instinctively, I bend down and kiss her on the lips.

It is time to return my attention to her pussy. She obligingly spreads her legs for me as I get back in position. Now the thong is out the way and with her skirt pushed up around her waist, I have an open view of her most intimate area. Her pussy is perfect, the lips slightly open as if begging my entrance. She has a thin landing strip of pubes, blonde to prove that her hair colour is, like the rest of her, entirely natural. A drip of juice runs down her slit and I waste no time in licking it up. I find her clit without any trouble, the little nub looking like it is desperate to leap out at me. I apply a little pressure with my thumb as I continue to lick and kiss her. She starts to writhe, grinding her pussy against my face as my movements get faster and faster. I drive my tongue deep inside her cunt, followed by first one finger and then a second, all the while rubbing away at her clitoris.

She is getting very close to her first orgasm of the night. She cries out, the sound muffled by the thong still stuffed in her mouth. I pull my face away and lightly scratch my thumbnail across her clit. When she cums, it is as powerful as I have seen in any of her videos. She squirts pussy juice over the bed and my face. Having expected this, my mouth is open to catch some of it. I swallow it down and catch some more. My face and the sheets are drenched by the time she subsides. I crawl up the bed and kiss her again. The pussy juice I have been holding in my mouth trickles into hers. She returns my kiss greedily, as much as she can anyway with the panties in the way. My fingers continue to rub at her saturated cunt. More fluid is still leaking out from her. She looks like she is ready to cum again, but I don't want her to. As much as I want her to enjoy this night, to feel like I have been a great lover, the night is still mostly about me and what I want. She knows this too.

Therefore she is ready when I get off her and remove my trousers. My ten inch cock springs to attention. She is looking to me for direction. I simply point to the floor and she knows what to do then. She gets off the bed and goes to her knees before me. She stares up at me in adoration. The thong is dangling from one side of her mouth and from the other, either spit or pussy juice dribbles from the corner and hangs from her chin. I tilt her head back with one hand while with the other, I rub my cock all over her face.

I stop and gaze down upon her angelic face. She returns my gaze. From the look in her eyes, I could almost believe she thought me some kind of god. It is no wonder men are willing to pay so much for her services. I haven't even fucked her yet and I feel like the luckiest, greatest man in the world.

"Do you want my cock?" I ask.

She nods eagerly.

"Very well." I put my fingers in her mouth and slowly pull out the thong. Her saliva has been added to the other fluids already saturating the fabric. I rub it over her face and hold it against her nose so she can take a deep breath. Then I tuck it away in my shirt pocket to save it for later. "Hands first," I order her.

Stella complies, bringing both her hands up to my cock and rubbing it slowly between her palms.