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Beginning a new series, Micaela & Debra and their families.

I placed no limitations on her activities. I told her for the first time that I loved her very much and wanted her in my life for a long time. She said she felt the same way about me and would think about what we had talked about.

On the day that Jack was to arrive, I had to be in town. Jack and Sue later related the following to me: I knew Sue had been blind since yesterday and when the door bell rang she went to the door. She invited him in and stuck her hand out for him to shake. He said I'm down here and she felt her hand being pulled down a little. Jack told her he was in a wheelchair like I was and that he had leg problems. Sue was a little surprised but kept right on going. She asked if he had lunch yet, which he had, and where was April, his wife. He said her plane connections had been messed up and she was not due until tomorrow.

They went out on to the patio and Jack said he was going to transfer to one of the lounges as he had been sitting for a while. Sue asked if he would like something to drink and he said a beer would be great since he did not have to drive anymore. Sue got up and went to the kitchen. Jack could watch her every move as it was right off the patio. He noted at how she moved with such ease and seemed to have been blind for some time. He also noticed that the small halter and short shorts she had on made her very attractive (sexy!) looking. She came out and gave him the beer and sat back down. She made no effort to keep her knees together as she sat and he thought there were no panties beneath them, just the outline of a camel toe.

They talked for a while about different things and finally Sue could not resist anymore and asked about his legs. Jack remembered what I had said about her looking at them with her hands so asked if she would like to see them. He would be glad to remove his pants so she could look at them he told her. Sue asked if he was sure that he did not mind and he said of course not. He removed his shorts and had nothing else on. Jack asked her to move her chair over closer to him and he reached out and helped her do so. He suggested she give him her hand and he would place it on him so she could get started. He noticed she did not seem to be nervous but in fact seemed to be egger to do so.

Jack took her hand and placed it on his waist and let go. Sue brought her other hand over and both of them started moving. Her hands started down and very shortly she thought she felt a scar. Very soon after that there was nothing else there. Jack's legs had been removed at the hip, a bilateral hip disarticulation. Her mouth dropped open as she felt down across the bottom of the stumps and ran into his balls. She did not jerk away, just repositioned her hands and kept "looking" at his lower torso. Sue asked Jack what had happened and she said about 5 years ago he had them removed. She said on purpose? He replied yes, he had always wanted to be an amputee. She asked where he had found someone to do that and he said there were people around if you looked hard enough.

Sue looked at both sides of his lower torso and finally ran into his penis. It was standing straight up and she felt it some. It was not as long or big as mine. She sat back in her chair and did not know what to say for a few minutes. Jack just let her process and did not say anything either. Finally she asked him what kind of work he did and Jack said he was a doctor. Sue asked what kind of doctor and he said an eye surgeon. Sue said my god, did I tell him all about her and he said most of it. Sue was speechless for several minutes. She then asked him if he thought badly of her pretending to be blind. He said not at all he knew of others that did so. She then asked if he could/would make her blind for real. Without delay he said if that was her wish he would do it but they had to talk more about it first. Sue could not believe she had been set up with not only an amputee but an eye surgeon that was willing to grant her wish of being blind.

Jack told her that he and I had been roommates at

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