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Kay and Jenny at the beach.

With each thrust, Annes pearl began to threaten another orgasm, " Please give me your son," she moaned as her own orgasm erupted. She wrapped her legs around his waist, locking him in. As the warmth of her pearl and the sensation of her orgasm increased, Alex growled latching onto Anne's mouth as he released jet after jet of his seed deep inside her.

"You are mine again," he growled at her.

"I have always been yours Alex. I will always be yours," she said as the two remained intertwined for several moments. Once Alex's manhood slid out, they took their time recomposing themselves.

Tomis walked in as Anne was pulling up her dress, "Many apologies my lord and lady."

"Do not worry Tomis, what is it?"

"My lord, it is about earlier." Tomis hinted.

"The death of Reed? My lady here knew about it."

Tomis looked shocked, "It has been taken care of my lord."

"Very good Tomis, prepare my sleeping chambers and relocate my sister's luggage to my room."

"Yes my lord," Tomis scurried off.

"You know have majority," Anne said taking a seat in his lap as she idly played with his chest hair.

"Not yet, I do need the ever so sad widow to sign this document."

Anne signed the document without reading it, knowing that it gave Reed's Estates to Alex. "Now you have majority." She smiled as Alex planted a kiss on her cheek.

"And I hope a son," he put his hand on her stomach.

"I will know in one week Alex."

"Well then, perhaps we should try it know to be sure," he didn't give her a chance to answer as he lifted her over his shoulder and headed towards his bed chambers. Anne was screaming and laughing the entire way.


It was mid-morning when Alex was woken up by some movement. It didn't take him long to figure out what was going on. He was laying on his side with his sisters back to him, they had fallen asleep that way with his member buried inside her. Now she was fucking herself on his member, he began to play with her breasts with one hand as his other hand worked its way down to her mound. His fingers took over for her hand as he started to play with her clit.

The more he teased it the more she impaled herself, he felt his member begin to pulse his seed into her. He felt her body tighten as her own orgasm took over milking his manhood for all of his seed. As their ecstasy subsided, he smiled "That's number ten."

"We have to be sure that your baby is growing inside of me," she teased.

"I will, we also have two lords due in a few hours," he shifted which allowed him to move her lips to his as he caressed her stomach and breasts. They kissed for several seconds before he got out of bed. "I'll see you in a bit my love," kissing her on the forehead he left the bedchamber.

Alex had just finished straightening his shirt as he stepped into his study to see Tomis in his dark green and black tunic. "My lord, everything is prepared in the great hall."

"Is the throne room complete, as instructed?"

"Of course my lord. Everything is ready."

"And the edicts, as well as patents of nobility?" "Yes my lord. As well as the estate documents for Dornin, Neval, and Trinsmon."

"Then it seems I have little to do."

"Perhaps some more time with the Lady Anne?" Tomis suggested.

"As much as I love my sister, and spending time with her. I need a break Tomis."

"Of course my lord. There is some food on the table if you get hungry."

"Thank you Tomis."

Anne walked into Alex's study as Tomis was leaving. "Love, do you think this is appropriate for this afternoon's festivities?" She asked leaning down to kiss him.

"Yes, sister of mine, that will do perfectly." His member hardened as he looked at her. She wore a hunter green gown, which exposed her cleavage and even offered glimpses of her pink nipples.

Anne smiled as she stepped in between his legs, "I heard you tell Tomis you needed a break from me," she pouted.

"Now Anne, you know that I needed some recovery time."

"You look recovered to me," she teased unlacing his pants.