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Funny Her Master continues her disobedience lesson. Sex Video

He blackmails her into an orgy.

"Stupid crazy bitch, getting herself into this filthy situation. And the whole time, getting off on it, too!"

She screamed her head off. She screamed and screamed. While her nude body flailed like the proverbial fish out of water, or as if she was being electrocuted. Yet Phil managed to keep her across his lap where he wanted her. No matter how wildly her flaming ass bounced and juked around, it never evaded any of Phil's brutal blows, not a one.

He taunted her. "Is it as good as you hoped, Angel? Or do you need it harder? Harder? I'll give you what you need, yes I will. How's this? How's this?"


He loved torturing her. Shaming her. He was having the time of his life, the fucking guy. Last time he'd been crying while he did this. He'd pretty much bawled his eyes out through the entire thing like he was the one getting tortured and disgraced, not her. It hadn't prevented him from coming, of course.

She was surprised he hadn't taken his cock out again. She could still feel it beneath her, hard like the other time. He was bound to get off again soon, from her bouncing up and down on it, and everything else, all her pitiful noises. But when he did he'd go inside his pants. Dumbshit. Was it because of the other guy in the room he didn't want to uncover it? Probably-except Jarod was still too out of it to have noticed, even if Phil waved his thing right in his face.

Why did she care anyway? Well, duh. No use pretending ... Because she wanted to feel it when he came-when she made him. She wanted to know exactly when it happened, and she wanted to feel it spurting on her skin, like the last time. She wouldn't get to feel that because he still had his stupid pants on.

Phil kept taunting her. "Tell me something-this jock douchebag you brought over to fuck me up. You fucked him yet? I assume you did, when you recruited him. Or did you decide to hold off until after he got his job done? Guess he's out of luck, if so. Is he or doesn't it matter 'cause he got to bang you already? Tell me!"

She didn't. The only answer she gave him was more squeals and screaming.

But yeah, matter of fact, she'd fucked Jarod already. Or rather she'd let the guy fuck her. Yesterday.

Originally when she thought up this plan of hers, she had another guy in mind. A guy named Garrick she was involved with briefly last year. Because he was one of the burliest dudes she'd ever hooked up with-maybe the burliest, in fact, up to then. Only Jarod was burlier. He was one of Garrick's frat brothers. She went over to their house to try recruiting Garrick for her scheme, and ended up settling on Jarod instead, pretty much soon as she met the guy. They all hung out together for an hour or so watching a bad movie on Netflix-three or four other dudes in the room, she the only female. Then when the stupid movie was done she asked if she could talk to Jarod alone for a little bit-they hadn't said hardly anything to each other up 'til that moment. But it was another of those situations where nothing had to be said ahead of time. A done deal in practically two seconds just from eye contact. He had led her down to his room in the basement and probably no more than five minutes later she was naked in his bed and so was he, and she was hollering her lungs out underneath him as she took his shaft. Quite a biggie, it had been, to match with the rest of him.

Everybody else in the frat house must have been able to hear her. Not normally her style at all. She didn't enjoy having any kind of audience in those situations, like some other people do ... Much preferred to take hookup's back to her own little place, which was pretty well isolated, where she could cut loose without worrying about any other folks not personally involved knowing or hearing what she was up to in there. But for Jarod she made an exception and made a wanton spectacle of herself-if only of an auditory variety-in order to give the guy bragging rights with his frat brothers.

It had worked like a charm.

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