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Engaged couple are spanked and humiliated by neighbor.

Restaurant food sounded so much better than the lunchmeat sandwiches my youth group would serve for the evening. I agreed to this and then took Pete and Crius over to my youth group leader and explained the situation. He agreed to let me go as long as they had me back in time for worship. The three of us walked to a little hole in the wall place with flashing neon lights of cowboy hats and boots around the name. As we walked in the air thickened and filled with a stench that wasn't repulsive but not really welcome either.

" Welcome to Rooty's! May I check your IDs please? " A man barley older than me stood wearing nothing more than brown chaps and tight red briefs that outlined his um...well penis nicely. Not that I was looking I had just noticed it's prominences. We all handed him our driver licenses to show we were all over the age of 18. Then we were guided to a table in the center of the main room.

" Alright kid let's hear what you've got to say." Crius said breaking the uncomfortable silence that surrounded us. I cleared my throat and shifted uncomfortably in my seat watching all the scandal clad men roam the room some even giving customers lap dances.

" Aw look baby cat's got the little boys tongue." Pete giggled and reached over ruffling my hair. I could feel my very unwanted erection press against the zipper of my jeans. Crius laughed along with Pete at my discomfort. This was the first time I had noticed they were a couple. I struggled to get the words but managed to get out the first half of my testimony of my coming to Christ in between the bites of hot wings Pete and Crius would comment on how lucky I was to have been adopted by such a loving family.

" You know kid I was adopted too wasn't lucky like you and I've got the scars to prove it." Crius gestured at me with his half empty whisky glass in hand. We talked about his abusive father and when he had moved from Australia to America. By the time we had finished his story and our food, it was time for me to go back to the church. I had enjoyed my time with the guys even if it had been uncomfortable. I couldn't stop thinking about Pete for the rest of the night. Around midnight it came to be too much. My mind was running through the metal images of Pete's firm body perfectly outlined by the tight jeans he had been wearing. I ran wild with the images causing my eight-inch cut cock to stand at full attention in mere seconds. I felt so guilty for thinking these thoughts about someone taken let alone a man. Lying on my back at least three feet from all the other boys I reached under the covers and slid my throbbing member out of my athletic shorts it was already slick with pre-cum.

"Fuck..." I whispered as my mind forced Pete to do a sexy strip tease just for me. I slowly began to play with my rock hard cock. My eyes were squeezed shut as the perfect stranger began to imitate my movements to his own body with the addition of wandering fingers circling his tight-pursed ass hole. Oh God why was I thinking like this and why did it make me so fucking hot. I had never had a dirty thought about men before but now all I wanted was to pin down my temptress and fuck his brains out. As the fantasies progressed getting dirtier and dirtier my strokes became more furious and my balls ached as they tightened preparing to blow the creamy load they held. As I exploded my friend shone a flashlight on my face just in time to catch the first shot hitting my lips.

" Oh.