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I agreed, and put one on. At first, we giggled and made sexual jokes as we watched. Our conversation stopped though as we watched a couple have oral sex. After a few minutes, Donna couldn't control herself any longer. Months and months without sex had built up until she decided to spring into action.

Shaking slightly with anticipation, she began by rubbing my chest and softly kissing my shoulders and licking my neck and ears. Opening my shirt, she licked my nipples until they were stiff. That gave me a hard-on, which she began to rub as well.

"Let's have a look at this bad boy," she said with a smile, freeing my cock from my shorts.

She fairly gasped when she saw it. She flicked her tongue on the tip, then licked the shaft while tonguing my balls for good measure. She showed off her true oral talents, though, when she took the entire length down her throat. It was soon wet with her saliva from top to bottom as she sucked it and jerked me off with both hands around my shaft. I was so turned on watching her blow me, I can't tell you. This must be what heaven is like. I stopped her before I could cum - it was too soon.

Then it was my turn to spend some time worshipping her lithe, luscious body. I lifted her shirt, unsnapped her bra and played with her firm tits until her nipples were sticking out fully, as mine had been. I licked around them and sucked on them until Donna was writhing in near-ecstasy.

Lifting up her skirt, I pulled off her panties and went to work on her pussy. She momentarily pulled away, straightening her hair and getting ready to let me take her. I thought "I must be dreaming."

She was absolutely stunning. Imagine: this was a girl I'd known and, frankly, desired for over twenty years and she lay totally, beautifully naked in on the couch, wanting nothing more in the world than for me to fuck her.

Is life great, or what? I got on my back as she straddled me, her pussy dripping directly over my face. Holding onto her ass cheeks, I buried my face in her snatch, lapping her essence while she gyrated and moaned loudly.

Her knees bent and actually began to give way. "Keep licking," she cried, "keep licking!" Believe me, she tasted and smelled so good I had no intention of stopping.

When she finally climaxed, her whole body shook and she came like a wild animal, shaking her head from side to side.

I still wasn't done. I laid Donna down on the couch and turned her over, spreading her legs wide. From this angle, I was treated to the sight of possibly the best, most perfect asshole I'd ever seen. I kissed, licked and nibbled my way up her magnificent calves and thighs before giving her the rimjob of her life. I lightly licked around her asshole until she began to relax more. Then I went in for a landing, sticking my tongue in as far as it would go.

Donna gasped. "That feels so good. I can't believe how good it feels! Oh honey!" she exclaimed. Once her anus was totally relaxed, good and wet, I was ready to rock.

Sitting on the couch, I pulled Donna on top of my lap, facing away from me. As I reached around and caressed her tits, I slowly inserted myself into her asshole, since I knew that she loved butt-fucking from our many sexual conversations. Inch by inch her ass devoured my cock, slowly at first, then picking up the pace as her rectum accommodated me.

Finally I was in all the way, and Donna was rocking back and forth, working my prick deeper inside her. The sight of her tight, tan body bobbing up and down, my cock fully in her asshole, her long hair waving back and forth, was a beautiful thing. After a few minutes I flooded her bowels with semen.

Donna came very soon afterwards, savagely rubbing her clit with her eyes shut and her mouth open. By the time we finished we were both covered with sweat. Tired and spent, we took a shower and went to bed. I held her tightly as we slept.

Sometime in the wee hours of the early morning, I awakened to find Donna sucking my cock.

"I didn't want to wake you," she said, "but I c