Jacqui and Jim expand their sexual experience.

The next couple introduced were disguised as Adam and Eve, wearing nothing but leaf shaped fabric attached to a string around their waste. Their names were Mark and Robin. It was obvious that these two athletically built bodies worked out a lot to keep fit and trim. Robin's c-cup breasts showed no signs of sagging despite their advancing middle age.

"Here we have Marshall Dillon and Miss Kitty," Frank said introducing a couple sitting on the living room sofa. "Actually their names are George and Alice," he added. George, Marshall Dillon, wore a belt with a badge and two six-shooters on his hips. His own natural shooter hung gloriously free in the open, its flaccid length and thickness promised to be an effective sex weapon.

Miss Kitty, Alice, wore a bright red corset that lifted her substantial breasts high on her chest, leaving her nipples pointing straight out. . Alice's corset covered her waist but left her pussy on display. She also donned thigh high black stockings and stilettos.

Pam led Jacqui and Jim over to a tall muscular man dressed barely as Superman. He had on a tight red Speedo and a cape around his neck displaying the familiar Superman "S". Pam began to introduce him.

"Jim, Jacqui, this is Clark," she said with a chuckle. "No really, his name is Clark. He's my date for the evening," she went on. "Clark lives next door. He's divorced now because his ex caught him fucking me when I was home from college some ten years ago."

"It was all her fault," Clark explained. "She used to sun bath nude all summer long and what red-blooded man could resist such a smoking hot body like hers."

"He was just lucky I became a slut at an early age," Pam laughed. "Anyway, excuse us for a few minutes," she said as she led Jacqui and Jim to a bedroom down the hall.

"I figured you guys would feel uncomfortable in your costumes," Pam remarked, "so, I got you these to put on. They are not too revealing but not prudish for this crowd either," she said holding up two Roman togas.

Jim and Jacqui changed their costumes. The white cotton linen contrasted beautifully with Jacqui's dark skin, giving her an appealing exotic appearance. The togas were tied around the waist with a rope that could easily be removed to reveal their natural bodies. Jim admitted that he did feel a lot more comfortable, not being so out of place.

Rejoining the group, Frank asked them what they wanted to drink. Jim had a beer and Jacqui a glass of wine. Susan announced that she had snacks and sandwiches in the kitchen and that everyone should help themselves. Jim took Jacqui and sat down on the large sectional sofa with George and Alice.

"Is this your first time at a party like this?" George asked Jim.

"Yes. It is. We thought it might be fun to try," Jim responded.

"Do you do this often?" Jacqui asked the couple.

"Not as much as I would like to," Alice chimed in. "Problem is when George gets his ten inch boner, he scares off most of the women," she lamented.

"It looks scary to me," Jacqui remarked.

"The only women here who will let me screw them are Susan and her daughter Pam," George explained. "And they still won't let me in their beautiful butts," he chuckled.

"You're an unusual couple," Alice remarked.

"How did you two happen to get together? The age difference and all?"

"I was first attracted to Jim's cock when I was giving him a treatment," Jacqui replied while untying the rope and opening the toga to expose Jim's genitals. "See how clean and perfectly shaped he is. I love that fat head. I wanted to put him in my mouth the very first time I saw it," Jacqui confessed.

"It is very good looking," Alice commented. "Looks like the perfect size for deep throating."

"Perfect for that," Jacqui claimed.

"I can never take George in all the way," Alice bemoaned. "Mind if I get a quick taste?" she asked Jacqui.

"Absolutely, I don't mind," Jacqui answered.

All the sex talk had already aroused Jim and his cock was stiffening.

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