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Photo shoot takes an unexpected turn.

You reached behind the bed and rummaged around in the box, and then I heard you squeal a little with delight and turn back to face us. You had brought out a dildo, my eyes widened and you settled back on the bed. You moved a hand to your left breast and started to gently caress it; all the while, you looked at me. You close your eyes and then you moved the dildo between your breasts and started to slide it back and forth slowly. My mind was spinning out of control as lust washed over me, I could not believe what I was seeing. You moved your hand from your breast and smoothed it down over the flat of your tummy, and then stopped as it came in contact with your mons.

You sighed and then moved your hand lower and started to run your fingers up and down your pussy. I heard you catch your breath as you continued to slide the dildo between your gorgeous breasts. Then you opened your eyes, looked straight at me and dipped a finger in to your glistening pussy. This caused you moan softly and you moved the dildo up and placed the tip between your parted lips. You started to work your finger slowly in and out of your pussy and you close your eyes as you gently sucked on the fake cock, all the while I could barely hear the faint click's of Lisa's camera.

I do not know what came over me, but I undid my jeans and slid them down a little, then pulled at my boxers and moved them down a little too. My hard cock sprang free and I wrapped my hand tightly around it and started working it slowly. I made a small groan as I could feel the pre cum forming on the tip of my cock. You opened your eyes languidly and looked over at me, then you gasped and your eyes widened as you watched me stroke my cock. I watched as you started to work your finger a little quicker in your pussy, and your eyes started to glaze over.

I got up out of my seat and my jeans and boxers fell to the floor, I had to have you, I just did not care. I moved past Lisa and to the side of the bed and watched you as you worked your finger in your pussy and sucked the fake cock. I looked down at you and smiled "would you like a real cock to suck on Helen?" I asked you.

Lisa screamed behind me, "Chris, get the fuck away from Helen for fucks sake you will ruin me". I did not care; I just looked down at you in all your naked glory. You looked up at me and watched my hand slide along my cock, and then you took your fingers from your pussy and moved the dildo from your mouth.

"Come here" you said to me, and you moved the fake cock down and slid it in to your slick pussy. I stepped forward and you moved your hand to my hard cock, you looked up at me, smiled, then leaned forward, and engulfed my cock with your warm mouth. My head tilted backwards as I felt you take my cock to the back of your throat. It took me a moment and then I lifted my head, watched you start to fuck your pussy with the dildo, and moved your lips back and forth along my rock hard cock. I was lost in the moment, but then felt a presence beside us. Lisa had taken the camera off the tripod and was taking pictures of you while you sucked my cock deep in to your mouth.

I could feel my stomach start to tighten, my balls lifted slightly, and my cock swelled in your mouth. You sensed I was getting close to Cumming and you started sucking my cock a little faster. You started working the cock a little quicker in your pussy, as Lisa seemed to sense my impending orgasm. "Pull it out and let me take pictures as you cum in her mouth Chris," Lisa said. You moved your hand and mouth quicker on my cock and I started to growl.

"Fuck Helen" I said, "I am going to cum any minute now".

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