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In the Seduction Chamber - Ultra-Platinum members play.

Sophia shifted her hips to ease the entry of my two fingers, dancing first at the lips of her vagina, then stroking, teasing, moving first in a frolic and then in earnest search for her G-spot. Capturing it at last, I drew her pearl into my lips and began to pleasure her from both sides at once. Familiar as we were with each other, I coaxed her onward in her free fall toward the kaleidoscope that she later revealed had spun before her. In our embrace, I could feel the pressure building through her, and as her sweet sighs grew lower pitched, her well-exercised muscles clenched my stroking fingers. Had I been inside her, I would have been a goner, but now instead I was enjoying being the man with the key who would release the woman within her.

Gasping for breath, she arched her back, pushing herself hard against my lips, tugging away from and plunging up toward my fingers. She inched toward the precipice.

Suddenly, she was over the edge, falling in my arms, her body safe and her mind freed of all petty restraints. When the tremors had died down, she seemed to float with me, that is, her body was there on the madly rumpled bed, but her spirit was somewhere else. I pulled the sheet up over us as she cooled off, and found myself looking down at her. She could barely keep her eyes open.

"Go ahead with your case...." she murmured, falling deep asleep with the last word. I felt a rush of adoration wash over me.

"Wow!" I thought to myself, "I must be falling in love with her." It was a thought that I had evaded for so many years that there was no effort. It's not that I had not loved, it's just that it had been generic, rather than being devoted to one person. A long, long time ago, Meg and I had a wonderful relationship that could have blossomed with time together, but that had run its course. Now, Sophia reclining in my arms so trustingly as I led her through her spinning kaleidoscope, was having a profound affect on me. I even began to think jealous thoughts for a moment. After all, I had not really asked her much about what she did at night on some of her long business trips.

Compulsively, I tried to think of an antidote, and of course the Casino de Amour case was perfect for that. I went into it thinking it was as far from Amour as a man or woman could get. Now, I lay awake reviewing that eventful night. And how would I tell Sophia what had happened there? Should I tell her? You tell me!

My experience on the front end of the Casino de Amour was pretty similar to what Crystal and Carol had described. Punch a few buttons, and a trackball emerged for me to guide. Armed with Joe Martinez' cash, I began working the no-armed bandits in the front room of the casino. Soon, I was enjoying the stimulation of the plugged-in, turned-on devices. It was getting easier and easier to understand the fascination with this new level of gaming. Around me, others were plunking in the coins, swiping credit cards, shoveling tokens around in plastic cups.

I particularly began to notice the sharply dressed African-American woman at the next machine. She must have sat down there while I was absorbed in some detail. Out of the corner of my eyes, I saw the panel doors on her machine opening, and the phallic joystick rising to its erect position. She must have been in her 40's, reasonably slim, and quite nonchalant as she slipped the Nipple Teasers into her expensive blouse. She was not intimidated by catching me looking sideways at her, and she laughed when I lost money on a bad move on my machine while watching her slide the vaginal unit from its pouch and down the front of her skirt.

Later on, as the intensity of play increased, I noticed her loosening her blouse at about the same time as I paused to unbutton my shirt. Her mint-green bra was framed perfectly in her deeply-opened collar, contrasting perfectly against her chocolate skin. She just grinned at me and returned to her game.

It was hard to think apart from the game, but it occurred to me that she was doing the same thing that

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