The cheeky submissive gets her M'Lord's reward. ;)

As He looked up, there was her plump, round ass kind of glowing in the limited light, her head pressed firmly into the bed the way He knew she liked, her eyes peering out around her shoulder to watch the man. He approached her body and, wanting to ravish her body, He regretted for the first time being so hard. He could not think. Foreplay was not an option tonight.

Cock in hand; He guided it to her moist hole just like He knew it would be. She gasped, pushing herself back against the man, wanting Him to fill her, fuck her until she could not walk the next day. Getting the hint, He threw all caution to the wind and pushed against the folds and inside up to the hilt. Her screams of pained pleasure were all He needed to know she was ready. With one hand on the back of her neck and the other on her hip, He would thrust hard, only thinking about His own pleasure knowing that she would get off to the treatment as well as the hard fucking. He gripped the back of her hair again, pulling hard so she was no longer being fucked into the bed but instead she was being pulled back onto His cock.

Finally understanding, she started moving her hips back against Him, their skin smacking as she did. The force would be enough to make any normal person scream in pain but the girl kept going, moaning louder, begging for Him to continue and to fill her, mark her with His scent. Her words spurred Him on, His completion already underway. He fought tooth and nail but her pussy started to tighten. She was close as well. Her moans reached a new octave as He shifted, both hands tight on her hips, pulling her back harder, faster, their movements almost inhuman as their fucking had been filled with pure animal lust and instinct. He growled low in her ear.

"Are you going to cum girl?" He growled in her ear before taking it between His teeth knowing the reaction it would produce. As if on cue, her back arched and a furious nod came from the girl, her moans now high pitched whines of unimaginable lust. "Huh? Are you?!" He said louder, His pace slowing but His thrusts gaining power.

"Yes YES! I'm going to... going to cum M'Lord!" she practically cried out in pleasure, fighting off her orgasm tooth and nail. "Please M'lord... Please PLEASE! Let me cum!"

"Yes my dear. Cum on my cock! Fuck!" He growled. The moment the words left His mouth, her pussy was like a vice, His cock suddenly swimming in a sea of cum. She had almost managed to push His cock out by sheer force but He would not allow it. She found release so it was His turn now. Buried as deep as her pussy allowed, He released His pleasure inside of her with a few grunts. He loved the feeling of His own cum filling her, wrapping around His head, moving down His shaft to drip slowly from where His cock and her pussy met.

He stayed still for a moment; His cock still throbbing inside of her but was quickly on its way to sleep. As He softened, He slapped her ass hard, making her jump and move away from Him, His cock sliding from its warm hiding-hole. The moment they separated, His cum flowed out from her, dripping down to her clit to drip off onto the bed.

"Look at the mess you made. I swear, you can be so messy some times." He said with a smile, his fore finger running lightly from her clit to her still shaking pussy. He brought the finger to His mouth and licked it clean, the taste of them combined made His taste buds explode; they were the perfect combination of salty and sweet like a bitter sweet chocolate. He put both hands on her ass cheeks, pulling them apart to get a better look. The sight of her cream filled pussy was enticing. He leaned down, a stupid grin on His face as her body smelt as He did, of sex, of male... Of Him. The thought made His cock twitch but He knew it was an empty threat. Tongue out and ready, He teased her with a quick lick which surprisingly made her hole tighten, more of His cream flowing out slowly.

In His desperation to catch the cream, His mouth covered her hole, tongue licking, mouth sucking as He drew out the mil

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