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...should be kept exactly there - inside!

She looks back at me with a mischievous smile. 'Having fun..?'

'VERY much so!' I reply, giving her butt a friendly squeeze.

'Well, I'm sorry to ruin your party, but I have to sit down now.' she says, putting the brush back into the bag. She stands in front of me, her bronze haired pussy straining against the front of her panties, inches from my face. 'Where can I sit?' she asks

I pull up my knees, only too glad to have an excuse to hide my raging hard-on. 'There... An instant recliner for you.' I offer, gesturing to my knees.

'Why, thank you! Very considerate of you. What a gentleman!' she teases and leans back against my drawn-up knees.

I open the cooler bag next to me and take out two cold drinks for us.

'Wow! Now that is just what the doctor ordered! You thought of everything!' she says, gladly accepting the drink.

We make small talk while we finish our drinks. I suddenly part my knees and she falls back with her head against my chest. I put my arm around her and my hand lands on her left boob.

'You evil man! You gave me a fright!' she scolds and places her hand on top of mine. As I have mentioned before, her boobs are not really unexplored territory to me, so it does not surprise me that she is not making an effort to remove my hand. She seems pretty comfortable with it.

She leans back with her head against my chest and relaxes. Her hand falls from mine into her lap. I slip my hand into her bra and my fingers fold around her naked flesh. No objection. I gently tug on her nipple. She sighs softly.

Although I have played with her boobs more times than I can remember, I have never seen them in all their naked splendor. I decide that now is the time to do something about that. I push the bra to the side and lift her left boob out of its confinement. She reacts by putting her hand over mine, thus covering her boob. I keep my hand still, giving her time to get used to the new boundaries we're crossing.

Then I start to play with her nipple under her hand. Slowly she relaxes and her hand falls back into her lap. Her naked breast is lily white, her nipple light pink as only a true redhead's can be. I watch my fingers gently tugging on her hard nipple.

I slip my hand under the bra of her right boob and pop it out. Again no objection. I lie back and play with her tits while gently nibbling on her ear. She moans softly. Surely she must be aware of my monster hard-on pressing against her back!

Then I let go of her tits and push her slightly forward. I start to undo her bra.

'Please... Don't...' she says softly.

'Shhh... It's not going to make any difference, is it?'

She does not reply. I unhook the bra and slip it over her shoulders. She holds it hesitantly over her boobs as if she is having second thoughts. Then she slips it over her arms and places it next to us on the blanket.

I pull her down next to me and take her into my arms. I push my knee through her thighs and pull her leg over me. Her plump pussy is now resting on my thigh, her naked breasts pushing soft and warm against my chest. Heaven!
'We are playing with fire...' she whispers.

I ignore her remark, realizing that she's right. My hand glides over her bare buttocks, her panties still wedged between her ass cheeks. I rake her buns lightly with my fingernails. She shudders and pushes her pussy firmer against my thigh. I lower my head en look into her green eyes. I kiss her gently on the mouth. For the first time it is more than a mere peck on the lips. She returns my kiss and her mouth opens to receive my tongue.

I roll her onto her back, keeping my thigh between her legs.

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