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Is he an ally or an enemy?

Anna then told him how she had put a spell over the young soldier so that he wouldn't notice her.

Conaill chuckled with low laughter and remarked, "You against an army. I wouldn't bet on the outcome of that confrontation."

She laughed too for the first time this night. He rose from the floor and fetched a bottle of wine and a glass.

"I only have one glass, we have to share it," he said. She liked that idea very much, and the wine warmed her and made her inside melt sweetly. He went to the small camp bed and fetched a pillow that he put under her head.

"The bed isn't very comfortable," he added. "We might as well stay on the carpet." He let his hand glide over the soft surface. "A piece of luxury left in this pile of rubbish." He put his army coat over her and rose again.

"Shortly before you arrived tonight Major Templeton died," he informed her in an even and calm voice and she looked at him with attention. "In a way one can say that he died a couple of days ago, having been in a coma for the better part of our stay here."

Conaill was silent for a while, and then he continued after a brief pause. "The major was a good soldier and a good man. He was totally dedicated to what he fought for, and I did nothing to take him out of his convictions. He died all the happier, believing that he shed his life for a worthy cause. We will bury him tomorrow, but I'll go and check on him to see that everything is all right in the room, and I will also have a look at your horse."

"Do you know where I left her?" Anna inquired and he nodded.

Anna couldn't rest on the floor when Conaill had left her so she got up and went about the room, examining every item that belonged to him; she fingered his clothes, feeling the coarse material and taking in the scent they signaled to her. She examined the books and weapons that he kept on a table by the camp bed. She lay down on the bed and wrapped the dirty sheets around her and closed her eyes. There he found her when he returned. He went up to her and looked at her for a long time in silence. Then he removed their clothes and lay down in the bed and covered her with his body, he was heavy, and he was already very hard. She moved a little under him, feeling how he pressed and rubbed his swollen cock against her belly, groaning in desire. Then he withdrew a little and resting on an elbow he started to trace the outlines of her body like a blind man. His fingers moved around the hollow at the base of her neck and continued their journey down to her breasts. He wetted his fingers and traced intricate patterns all over them, brushing over her erect nipples, giving them quick, sharp and almost painful squeezes that made her cry out.

Then he bent down over her and sucked at her breasts with long, forceful, and yearning licks.

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