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Wife brings out husband's secret fetish.

What on earth would he have done had he known the full story - bizarrely he had never asked.

Carrie had agreed, after the meal and a couple of drinks to accompany the men, including her boss up to the room. She had already been flirting, the clients were in a jolly mood, the boss liked the way she flashed the tops of her legs. Alone in a hotel bedroom with three men made her aroused and happy to entertain them further. Two had watched while they each in turn had joined her on the bed to pet and fondle. She realised that when she let them take out her tits and watch each other finger her pussy that she was playing with fire. Her boss more surprised and astonished at her unexpected willingness remained in control while the two clients were fast giving in to their base instincts.

They had got as far as enjoying Carrie's hand pumping their cocks when they suddenly forcefully changed moods. Now they saw her as a common prostitute, paid for to be used and abused. They liked it hard and violent and her boss proved unhelpful though disapproved. Carrie had fought until saved by the ringing of the telephone.

Later that week she told Tom that her boss made it up to her by giving her a big bonus. She also told him that the boss would buy her a good dinner and take her for drinks. Tom said she ought to take up the offer. Carrie came home very late - due no doubt to the boss saying how excited he had been to learn that Carrie was so adventurous sexually though what a shame it had ended on a bad note. On the way home Carrie asked him to stop the car and showed her boss what he had missed at the hotel.

"Did you have a much more pleasant evening this time?" Tom had asked unemotionally. She answered that she had with a coy smile.

Carrie had fallen in with a crowd who, like her liked to do more than just dance and drink. Some wild parties followed and certain items of lingerie prompted Tom to ask the odd question, especially as his wife sometimes didn't come home at all until daybreak; she did phone him and say she would sleep at the house of a friend and not to wait up for her.

"Have you got a new set of acquaintances?" he asked.

The question gave her the opportunity to mention that a party was being held the following weekend - the catch was, it was hoped to last for literally the full weekend - could she go, would he mind? Tom thought for a few minutes and his reply alarmed and disturbed her. Did the invitation not include him, for a change he would like to come with her?

To say no would be rejecting him and cause a row signalling the end of his unspoken tolerance and willingness to grant her the complete freedom she had enjoyed. Carrie carefully explained without incriminating herself that the people, and the party, would be very wild and hedonistic. She tactfully explained the type of fun and social activity they liked.

"You have missed out the reason for your wish to attend," Tom pointed out, "The sort of fun you like and your idea of pleasure." Before she could respond Tom continued, "You have no need to introduce me as your husband, in fact I would prefer you not to. Neither do you need to change anything else because of me; I won't cramp your style. Do what you would do if I wasn't there - in fact, that's exactly what I want you to do."

Carrie eventually reluctantly agreed but showed signs of worry and disappointment.

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