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Uncle Jake and Barry meet up at the hideaway.

Sarina sighed in pleasure, feeling his hands graze her tingling skin.

Once he had the bra off Barry admired her small but perky breast. They were rose tipped and erect, just begging to be lavished with attention. He leaned in and suckled one tip into his mouth. She moaned at the contact and pushed her breast towards him. He let go of the peek and smile at her, "Like that do you?" When she gave a simple nod he closed his lips around the other while his hands traveled to her ass and gave a good squeeze.

Sarina growled in frustration. She like slow seduction but her blood was pumping and asking for a faster pace. She moved to get up off of him to remove his pants but fell over onto the couch. Laughing she turned over onto her back, her butt hanging on the edge of couch, skirt hiked up and legs slightly parted. Her laughter quickly died when Barry swiftly moved down to between her legs and ran his hands up her skirt.

Barry got hold her the waist band of lace panties and pull them down and off. Not giving her a chance to react he place his hands on her knees and spread her legs further, inhaling at her musky scent. He looked up to catch her watching him and he gave her one of his geniune wicked smiles. Yes he was going to like her sweet pussy and enjoy what she giving him. He flicked his tongue over her sensitive clit and her hips bucked up off of the couch. Not wasting time he planted his tongue more firmly on the spot and began circling it around the swollen nub.

Sarina groan in pleasure, his tongue torturing her pleasure button. He was good at this she thought to herself, raising and lowering her hips. He kept his eyes locked with her as he trailed his tongue down her wet slip and sucked and pulled on her pussy lips. Sarina moaned louder then realized that
Barry men could probably hear her. She grab a nearby pillow and buried her lower face into it, muffling any sounds she was making.

Barry chuckled at her actions. What she was doing wasn't really masking the sounds she was making. And would help even less when he had her cumming for him, but he wasn't going to tell her that. Let her think she was having some privacy. The face was every one of his men were in the cockpit watching the whole seen. And he was determined to make sure they had a great show.

He thrust two fingers into her dripping cunt, loving the sound of her gasp at the sudden intrusion. He began finger fucking her in time with his flicking tongue, his cock becoming harder with each passing moment. He kept his mouth moving with her rocking hips, licking at her fountain of pussy juice. He pulled away telling her to play with her nipples then resumed his feast between her legs.

Sarina grabbed her breasts and began to massage them and play with her nipples. She pulled and tweek them, the ache building the tension in her throbbing pussy. She was going to cum quickly and told him so. With that said he added another finger into her tight hole and sucked her clit into his mouth. Sarina felt her pussy set fire and she climaxed hard, biting onto the pillow her face was buried in, groaning over and over.

Barry undid his pants and shove them down his thighs with his free hand, letting his cock spring forth. As she was still cumming he removed his fingers and plunged his thick shaft into her clasping pussy. Her wet tight walls grasped at him and he loved it. He began to plunge his cock in and out of her cunt, not giving her time to come down and get a concience of what she was doing. She removed the pillow from her face to look at him and smiled dreamily as his mouth latched onto her nipple and suck on it.

Sarina raised her hips to meet his as she felt her pussy beginning to heat up again.

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