Sheldon & Leonard finally hook up with their mothers & more.

He had a tough time hold her body still as she rocked from side to side, her long slim legs flaying around and wrapping them around his head, humped his face as if fucking his cock.

She fell back to the bed and lay there panting as Leonard slowly lifted his face from her swamp-like pussy. He slid up her body and lying on her sweat covered body he laid his first hot kiss on her mouth, she kissed him back. Mary reached down and squeezed his cock for all it was worth inside her tightening fist, forcing more pre-cum from the tip of his cock.

She began to lick Leonard's mouth clean of her cum. She removed her hand from her own breast and reached for his face, keeping it centered over hers as she raised her ankles off the bed. She held his face in front of her and licked his chin.

Leonard ran the tip of his nose against her tongue, letting her suckle at the sweet sourness of her cunt.

She pulled his face to the side and kissed and licked up the edge of my cheek.

He pulled her head back and bit her throat. Her fingers left his cheek and she slapped me hard on the ass. "You've been a bad boy Leonard and you need to be spanked, I love how bad you've been!"

"Is that how it is, huh?" He moaned into her throat. He pulled his hand down from her breast and began to pry her fingers off his cock.

She dug her chin into my cheek and tried to push me aside. Their bodies were wet, mashed against each other; his dick pressed into her hand, her hand pressed into her stomach. He brushed his lips against her ear; "Tell me to stick it in!"

She didn't say anything. He propped himself up on his arm until he was looking down, deep down, into her wide, inscrutable eyes. "Tell me..." Leonard said.

His cock throbbed and swelled even more in her hand. Slowly her mouth opened, until her teeth and pink tongue were visible. For a moment he thought she would say something. Her head leaned back, her eyes locked on his. Her tight dripping pussy lips rubbed against his balls. He reached down and tried to push her hand aside but she held tight and their pubic hair tangled together. The underside of his shaft tickled her clit.

She dragged it down, keeping her eyes locked with his the whole time. When she brushed the tip of his throbbing cock against the folds of her vagina, they both shuddered. Mary took a very deep breath and let go of his cock.

Leonard reached out for Mary's face. She cupped his fingers against her cheek and reached out for his arm. She wrapped her fingers around his back as he slowly pushed his cock into her moist body.

Mary grimaced, sucking air between her lips. Their foreheads met and he reached for her tits. She lowered her hands to curl her fingers over his ass and pulled him deeper into her pussy. "Aw..." she said softly. He squeezed her. "Awwww..." she grunted.

Her pussy was a long, smooth sheath, muscular and soft, and incredibly hot. She hooked her ankles over his ass and forced him inside it. She was making sexy sounds; "Mmmmm... oh yesssssss Leonard, fuck my neglected pussy!" He sucked on her lip and she let out a gasp and another moan.

The full length of his shaft fit snugly inside her, unprotected, bare, their cum mixed together. He reached down and cupped her tiny tight ass. The two of them tangled with each other like animals suddenly let out of captivity. Mary, despite everything Leonard expected of her, suddenly pushed her body as deeply into the mattress as she could go and let him buck furiously into her tight, tense body. It was what he needed right then, and Mary was doing everything she could to make him cum. She reached back and pushed her hands into the wall, her mouth open in a silent scream. His cock was soaked from her sopping pussy, pulling completely out of her slim body and then diving back in, each dive registering a pained but addictive wince from Mary, a similar desire to experience it and give it and take it all at once.

Leonard dug his fingers into her flesh and pumped her harder.

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