A new case presents itself.

When she was back in Kaiserstra__e 60, she started by storing her belongings carefully in her bedroom. Her old clothes seemed out of place in the pretty, precious closet, and she closed its door in shame. As soon as she had money, she'd buy herself some new clothes, she thought. Oh yes, of course after having paid off old Schulz. But right after that.

A knock on her door tore her from her thoughts. It must be Frau Sch__tz, Eliza thought, who else would want something from her? Who else would even know she was here? She opened the door smiling and stared into the eyes of an older, heavily made-up harlot, who obviously was working in the house. A cigarette was hanging from the corner of her mouth. "You're the miss of Frau Sch__tz?" she asked.

Eliza blinked. Was that who she was? "Uh, y-yes," she answered.

"Then tell her she's got a gentleman visitor," she replied snippy and pointed with her thumb at a well-dressed man in a long coat behind her, who was looking around somewhat indignantly.

Eliza just nodded and smiled sheepishly at the man. "Uh, if you will wait here for a moment," she said and stepped out into the hallway. "I'll see to it that Frau Sch__tz will see you right away." She spun around and had almost reached Kathleen's door, when suddenly something important came to her mind. "Uh, whom may I say is calling?" she asked nervously.

"Walker," the man replied with a strong English accent. "Herbert Walker. I'm secretary extraordinaire of the attach__ of the ambassador of the United States of America in Berlin. It's about an issue of utmost national import."

Eliza's eyes got wide and she nodded reflexively. "Of course. Herr Walker." She spun around and knocked heavily at Kathleen's door.

Without waiting for an answer she entered and closed it shut behind her again, then took a deep breath. Kathleen looked up from her desk and stared at her puzzled, a fountain pen in hand and obviously at work writing. Her hair was tousled as usual, and her attire was likewise out of order, but Eliza overlooked all of that. "T-there's a man," she stuttered. "Of the embassy. With a message. A messenger, so to speak, an American. He wants to see you. I'll send him in, yes?"

Kathleen was about to say something when Eliza had already opened the door and waved at Herr Walker to come closer. He entered with a look of business and importance into Kathleen's office and at first looked around confusedly. "Ah, Eliza," her boss said when she was already about to leave. "Please, would you stay a while and... assist me?"

Eliza eyed her confusedly, when Kathleen gave her a telling look back. "Uh, of course," she said finally. "Please, Herr Walker, have a seat." The young typist held out a chair for him and then rounded the desk to take position next to her boss. Only there she could see that Kathleen had not been alone, as below her desk, between her naked legs, the head of the young prostitute from the day before peeked out, who obviously was busy there in a most prurient manner.

Eliza held her breath, and it took all her resolve to not give anything away. Kathleen smiled up at her sheepishly and then cleared her throat, before addressing her guest: "Well, what can I do for you, mein Herr?"

"As I had already told your... receptionist," he began with a disparaging look at Eliza. "I'm secretary extraordinaire of the attach__ of the ambassador of the United States of America in Berlin, and here in a matter of the highest national importance. Utmost discretion is required, and I would like to advise you that no word of what is spoken in here must reach foreign ears. Indeed, I do not even know if it is advised for the young lady to be present."

Kathleen looked at him confused, and then followed his look to Eliza. "Oh, that young lady," she said and laughed nervously. "Uh, don't worry, she enjoys my complete confidence. Frau Spur is a... long-standing and trusted... entrusted... secretary, and, uh, trusted with all my affairs."

The secretary extraordinaire snorted, but didn't object.

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