A Red River Falls Spin Off Story.

I cut off his attack by sprinting the short distance to him and threw my right knee into the side of his face as he was struggling to get to his feet. My knee made good contact with his left ear and jaw and he flopped back to the ground completely unconscious.

Danny was yelling at me but, in my rage, I couldn't hear a word he was saying. I immediately looked back towards Randy Jones who was now semi-conscious and struggling to get back to his feet. Randy got to his knees, shouted something completely unintelligible to me and attempted to reach out and grab me.

I put every last ounce of my body weight into it and threw the most pulverizing overhand right cross that I could - and made exceptionally good contact with the bridge of his nose. The blood immediately started gushing out as my punch sent Randy flying backwards again onto the pavement. I also felt an immediate and excruciatingly sharp pain in my right hand and knew that I had broken at least one bone in my right hand. It was at that point, when I knew that all five of the men had been neutralized, that Danny's voice finally became intelligible again through the fog of my own rage.

"Daulton!! For God's sake, stop!! It's over!! If you keep this going, we're both going to go to jail and lose our fucking jobs!!"

I stopped in my tracks and looked around. Danny still had his weapon drawn and was keeping it on the man who previously had the knife. Four men were lying on the pavement and we were starting to draw a crowd of onlookers and I could hear the sounds of approaching sirens. The entire fight had lasted barely over a minute from the first moment Randy had shoved me into my car. In the light of the overhead parking lot lights, I could see a piece of red mass lying on the pavement along with a couple of white specks that I knew had to be teeth. As for the reddish mass of flesh, I would find out later that I had inadvertently caused Randy to bite off the tip of his own tongue with my first punch.

Soon, the first black-and-white squad car from the Red River Falls Police Department had pulled into the lot and made an abrupt stop. The officer got out of his car and immediately drew his own firearm and pointed it directly at Danny, who still had his gun drawn on the guy with the knife.

"Police officer! Drop the weapon! Drop it now!" the cop shouted.

"Mason County Sheriff Deputy," Danny answered, showing the officer his wallet badge with his left hand and keeping his gun aimed at the dude who had the knife. "This man drew a knife on me and my friend a minute ago. He threw it over there," he gestured. "You just about ran over it with your right front tire. I'm going to disarm the weapon now and place it on the pavement."

The nervous young officer watched as Danny did so and then visibly relaxed. Still, he keyed his lapel microphone and radioed for backup that he had a 10-10, or fight, in progress. Within two minutes three more police cars showed up, including one belonging to one of the police captains, Pete Sturgeon. Danny was none too happy to see Sturgeon, for whatever reason. He never told me why but it was clear he didn't care for the man.

I was mortified when two ambulances from the Red River Falls Fire Department showed up and began attending to the "wounded". I had really done a number on Randy Jones and his face, as well as his friend, Wade Ryan, who was the guy I knee'd in the face a while ago. When a friend and co-worker of mine, Monica Banner, approached me and asked me if I was okay, I just said "yes". I knew my hand was probably broken and I was delaying the inevitable. At some point, I was going to have to get my hand looked at.

Danny and I got questioned over and over again about the fight - what led up to it and who threw the first punch? It appeared like the police officers were absolutely giddy over the fact that they had a sheriff's deputy on the hook for being involved in the fight.

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