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A young man goes on a holiday and finds a free spirit.

I wondered how it was Aunty Lucy put up with him all these years. Bad enough that she got knocked up by him while she was a teen, but sticking by him through the shitty years in a shitty house, just for the sake of their ratty little daughter... man, that takes the patience of a saint.

Just as I thought of her, a tall young woman stepped up and grabbed me. "Cousin Charlie!" she squealed in my ear, and I was slightly taken aback. The girl was about my height, brown all over and real pretty, and it took a couple of seconds for me to realise that little May had grown up. Boy, had she grown up.

She was no longer the little shrimp who liked to rat on me (some things you don't forget). May had become quite the looker... what guys at college would call an 'angel face' because she looked just like one. Her features were delicate, her large brown eyes, cute nose and small, pouty mouth framed by a head of short, black hair which she wore loose. Her eyes sparkled and looked just as mischievous as they did when I last saw her, and her grin was the same, but everything else was, well, better.

For someone who lived on a farm, she wasn't large or big-boned... in fact, her shoulders were quite narrow, her arms toned but not too muscular. Those arms lifted me up off the ground in a bear hug, before setting me down. "Let's take a look at you cuz!" she giggled as she pulled away, leaving my nose hungering for more of her earthy, musky aroma. May smelt like a woman should, that was for sure.

I took the chance to look at her too -- she wasn't very stacked in the top half, but it didn't matter. I don't have a breast fixation like Dad does, and besides, May had all the bumps and curves in all the right places. Plus,I happened to touch her ass when I wrapped my arms around her waist in response to her hug... that part was great -- perky, round and muscular.

"Coming, cuz? Or are you getting ready to go back?" She smiled as she picked up her dad's carton of beer easily, turned and walked off towards her parents. As I followed behind her, I caught whiffs of her intoxicating scent that perked my willy up no end. It was enough to give me a hard-on, and I was thankful once again that I was wearing briefs instead of going commando like I normally do.

Hmmm. Maybe this wouldn't turn out to be such a bad holiday after all. She turned to look at me, her eyes twinkling as she swung the beer into the bed of the beat-up little pickup that the family owned. As she reached up and over, her shirt rode up, revealing a brown expanse of skin, from just above her waist right down to the deep, inviting groove of her buttocks. Damn. The shorts she was wearing were the loose fitting sort, so I got a good view of the top half of her butt. My cock began protesting, pushing against the material of my briefs.

"What's the matter Cuz? Need a hand to get in here? Or are you saving that for something else?" she teased as I stopped next to the pickup and looked in. She had sat down on some sacks and was grinning at me. Damn it, I thought she'd forgotten about that.

I was just short of 10 the last time I stayed over with Aunty Lucy and Uncle Larry. I don't remember it to be a particularly happy period of my life then. I didn't like what was going on and being sent to live with Aunt Lucy and Uncle Larry for months seemed to be some sort of punishment for me.

The week before I left, I'd overheard one of the older boys at school talking about wanking off. It was something they were discussing in the toilet, and at the time, I didn't even give a second thought to what they were saying. Then I ended up on this island, with too little to do and too much time to spend.

I think I did play with cousin May, but I remember wanting to be on my own at some point. On one particularly hot day, I ran off to the river after completing my chores. I checked to make sure May wasn't hanging around like she usually did, chucked my clothes, and went for a long swim in the cool water.

It felt good to be out of the heat, so much in fact, that I kept swimming

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