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A trip to the vet takes an unexpected turn.

"Could you just hold him down for me? They normally put up a bit of a fight."

"What? Oh, sure, sorry." Lost in a lusty daydream again...I obligingly held down Demetrius as the vet approached with the needle. Demetrius lay dead still as it went in, and the vet slowly, deliberately brushed my hand with his as he pulled away, catching my eye as he did so. It would have been better if he hadn't been wearing latex gloves but it still sent electric shocks right through me, and I was starting to get seriously wet.

'He must know what he's doing,' I thought, wondering excitedly what might happen next. His roguish smile as he asked me to hold down Chiron only confirmed my suspicions, as did the unmistakable caress of his hand on mine as he turned away to peel off the latex gloves, and not before time too!

"Have you always been a dog lover?" he asked, with a suggestive look in his eye.

"Oh yes," I said, finally getting into my role as seductress, "In fact I think I like dogs for the same reason I like men...they always do exactly what you tell them to."

I tossed my hair and started to give him a slow sexy smile, but before I could finish he grabbed hold of my wrists tightly.

"That's funny," he hissed, "because I've always like to be the one giving the orders."

He crushed his lips against mine without warning, and I could feel his tongue incessantly demanding access to my mouth. I yielded almost instantly, and melted into him with a moan as he lifted me up onto the examining table. The kiss deepened and I could feel his rock hard cock rubbing incessantly against my thigh like a dog in heat. I twined my fingers into his soft curls and gently pulled his head away from mine.

"Oh no, we can't have that. Don't worry, I'm sure you can recommend some ways to make...dogs more obedient."

His eyes were completely glazed with desire as he smiled at me, leaning in for another kiss. I pressed a finger to his lips to warn him off, grinning as he started gently sucking on it.

I started tugging on his white coat, and he must have got the right idea as he quickly struggled out of it, leaving me free to run my hands all over his body and underneath his shirt. He was skinnier than I had imagined but still sexy as hell.

He moaned and shivered a little bit as I slid my hand underneath his waistband.

"There's this one technique that I've always found really useful," I said, grappling with his belt buckle. His hands reached for my breasts as I struggled to unfasten his trousers, and once I had slid them down to his ankles I paused for a minute to guide him around to unfasten my bra.

I stood up and peeled off my shirt, allowing him to see them in their full glory, before reaching down to expose his throbbing organ. It was bigger than you might expect for such a skinny guy, and positively quivering with anticipation. I pushed him down onto the table where I had so recently been sitting myself, and bent down towards his beautiful cock.

I drew the head of it softly into my mouth, and started licking it like it was the sexiest, most delicious ice cream I had ever tasted. I started to really get into it and stuffed in as much of it as I could, not willing to be content until I could feel his balls slapping against my chin. He had his hands on my head, and as soon as I started to feel him putting more pressure on me I pulled back, wanting to prolong the fun for a little bit longer.

I released his cock with a soft popping sound, not really wanting to let it go, and stood up slowly. Immediately he grabbed me by the waist and lifted me up on top of him. I straddled him and knelt up as high as I could, pushing my breast into his face. He started licking and sucking on them, using his hands to pull up my skirt and give him access to my dripping, aching pussy.

He moved his hands gently up my thighs and pushed my underwear to one side, caressing my folds with a firm but light touch. Clearly an expert, he was soon using those fingers of his to work me into a frenzy.

Just as I was on the verge of an earth-shattering orgasm he.

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