Suzi fuck another guy during a phone sex session.

His tongue was always delightful when he would rim my asshole, teasing my pink puckered ring with the tip of his tongue, sending electric tickling sensations deep in my asshole and pussy.

Of all of my out of wedlock permissible partners, Neil was by far the greatest lover and I'm pleased to say the possessor of a very exciting filth riddled imagination. His cock was the perfect length and girth for my pussy and asshole, which he'd used and abused to great effect on a few occasions. James actually got a little jealous at how much I responded to Neil and how much he made me cum, guaranteeing at least one squirting orgasm per session. I got an extra thrill at James' jealousy and would thrash against Neils cock deliberately making my husband squirm with envy while a better cock pleasured me better than he ever had. It is cruel but it's part of our lifestyle and is just as enjoyable for James.

"Let's go to the bedroom and you can make me your personal cheating whore in my marital bed!" I smiled.

We both walked up the stairs, Neil behind me, stroking my stockings and my soft naked flesh.

His fingertips lightly brushed my labia, sending sexual tingles through my excited pussy. I stopped halfway up the stairs, spread my legs a little wider and moaned as his fingertips enticed me.

"Oh fuck yeah!" I groaned.

Neil's fingertips teased my labia as his thumb slowly circled my pink puckered ring.

"Oh fuck I need that cock inside me!" I smiled, continuing to move up the stairs "I'll need to be nearby my phone as James will be calling soon! And that cock will be pounding my cunt when James calls!" I declared.

Neil just grinned as we continued up the stairs on our way to my bedroom. As I walked in to the bedroom, you could see the Camera was on a tripod and already linked to the flat screen TV on the bedroom wall. The blinds were half closed allowing small chinks of sunlight in to the bedroom. My phone was on one of the bedside tables with the other table occupied by a large purple rabbit vibrator and an oversized veined fake cock. The mirrored wardrobes opposite the main window, gave the room a larger appearance and a very erotic look. An exhibitionist can't think of anything more appropriate than watching themselves fucking, the ultimate act of exhibitionism.

Neil hit record on the video camera and removed my see through robe, guiding on to my bed. I stretched out and watched him remove his white shirt, Jeans, Shoes, socks and finally his skin tight Calvin Klein underwear. His impressive cock bobbed up and down as it was unleashed from his underwear. A tingle surged through my pussy as I bit my lip gently, staring at his smooth hard cock. His foreskin was back, revealing a shiny purple dome, glistening with pre cum. The musky smell of his pre cum made my nostrils flare as my sexual instincts kicked in to overdrive.

Neil climbed on to the bed, positioning himself between my legs, which I was opening wide, showing my shaved wet slit, glistening in anticipation of his cock sliding inside me. Holding his hard cock at the base he slowly ran the head up and down my slit, pushing the tip of his cock inside my hungry pussy.

"You like that don't you, you dirty cheating slut!" Neil said through clenched teeth.

I rocked my hips so my pussy was rubbing the head of his cock.

"I love cheating on my husband when the cock is this good!" I moaned.

"When James rings I'm going to fuck your ass and ram your vibrator deep in your shaved cunt!" Neil snarled, showing me all of his alpha male qualities.

I spread my black stockinged legs wide almost pushing my pussy on to Neil's rock hard cock. My waspie was shining in the strands of sunlight coming through the blinds. My opera gloved hands were stroking Neil's wide chest, as he slowly slid his huge cock between my labia, pushing deep inside my shaved pussy.

My chest heaved, pushing my firm large breasts upwards as his cock made it's first deep thrust.

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