He forced by female coworker while on a business trip

Expertly reaching in and pulling his engorged cock out into the open.

"mmmmm nice!" Cindy purred as she dropped her face into his lap stroking his cock hard up and down and looking up into Peter's eyes.

Cindy's tongue licked his shaft then swirled her tongue around his head tasting the precum that was now leaking out. Peter moaned again as Cindy opened up and started sucking more and more of his dick past her bright red lipsticked lips.

Peter was in a daze as he watched Cindy quickly remove his shoes and pants and throw them into the corner of the room. The devilish grin returned as she looked up at him and began to swallow his 7" raging hard cock.

"Do you like my shade of lipstick hmmm?", Cindy purred hovering her juicy red lips inches from the tip of his straining dick. "The color is called 'fuck my face'.", she said with a smile then opened her mouth and sank down on Peter's cock.

Cindy hollowed her cheeks sucking like a vacuum while holding the base of his cock with her thumb and forefinger. Every few strokes she would lift her mouth off and look up into Peter's eyes a thin line of spit and precum bridging her lips with the tip of his cock.

Spitting on her hand she worked the natural lube all over his shaft and began to jerk him off in earnest while alternating between sucking on each of his balls. Peter was beyond understanding now eyes rolled back into his head as he received the best head of his life.

Looking back down Peter watched in amazement as Cindy started forcing inch by inch his cock down her throat. He could feel the tip of his cock pressing against the back of her throat. Animal lust took over and Peter found his hands grabbing Cindy's hair and pumping his hips as he face fucked her. His balls were tightening and he knew he could not hold out much longer.

Pulling Cindy's face from his cock by her hair Peter reached down and began stroking himself off....aiming the tip of his cock at her hungry open mouth. Cindy strained against his hands desperately trying to get her mouth around his swollen member.

With a groan Peter raised his hips from the couch and began to shoot load after load of white spunk all over Cindy's face. She tried to get as much of it in her mouth as possible but Peter frantic jerking ended up painting her cheeks, forehead and hair.

Out of breath Peter collapsed back to the couch. Cindy straddled him as he rested leaning forward and kissing Peter deeply. Peter could taste his own cum running between there lips and tongues. It was at first revolting and exciting. Never in his life had he been with someone so kinky.

With a smile Cindy stood back up and pulled off her blouse revealing a pair of very nice C cup titties. Turning and bending over she slowly writhed out of her skirt as she looked over her shoulder to watch Peter staring at her ass.

"Now it time for you to fuck me.", She stated flatly, while bending over her hands on the edge of the bed.

"Cindy I have totally screwed up, but you know I'm married I have to go..." Peter exclaimed pulling his pants up and heading to the door.

"Get back her and fuck me you dick!", Cindy screamed

Peter didn't turn around but stopped before the door to get the final buttons of his pants done. Then he heard a loud zap and everything went dark....

When Peter awoke he was naked and spread eagle on the hotel bed. As he tried to roll over he realized quickly that his hands and legs were tied to the corners of the bed.

"Hello sleepy head." Cindy chimed from the couch while looking at the TV. She was still completely nude and although Peter couldn't see the screen from where he lay it sounded like the hotels adult channel on the TV.

"Wow you should see the size of this guys cock he is really fucking her good.", Cindy purred her hand moving up and down her slit. Peter watched as she closed her eyes and played with her cunt, noting she was completely shaved.

Opening her eyes Cindy stood and walked across the room to where Peter lay helpless.

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