Valerie meets the sisters.

"You're good at this," she said at one point. "Now that you have all that practice."

Josh's smile faded and he looked away from her with a little ball of guilt bouncing around inside his stomach. But Alice took his face gently between her hands and waited until he looked at her. "Josh, don't feel bad about it," she said, her voice so soft that Josh's heavy breathing sounded like a jet engine in comparison. "I told you it was okay."

Josh nodded. "I know."

"And besides," Alice added, "I get to reap all the benefits." She gave him such a sweet smile that Josh couldn't help but smile back and kiss her again. They kissed for a long while, and then Alice said, "I like your hair," while she plucked at it with her fingers.

"I thought I needed a change," said Josh.

Alice raised her head off the pillow and touched her lips to his, barely a kiss, but enough to send a shiver down Josh's spine.

Then it was time to lift up her nightdress and slip it over her head. Josh put it carefully on the floor before turning back to Alice. She became shy again, now that she was naked, but just like the first time, she was a vision. Her bare shoulders, her slender arms, her soft breasts; they all caught slivers of moonlight from the window and looked like something far softer than human skin. Josh ran his hand across her stomach and leaned down to kiss the top of her chest.

As he did that, he let Alice unbutton his shirt and drop it on the floor. She ran her hands over his back and sighed into his ear. Her hands, like the rest of her body, were impeccably soft; it was like being caressed by silk gloves.

Josh took his pants and underwear off himself, piling them on top of his nightshirt when he was done. He applied both condoms to his cock and made sure that they were secure. It was tighter and a bit restrictive, but he would rather suffer that than the hell they'd been through the first time. He pulled the sheet higher to cover them both and sucked Alice's ear lobe into his mouth, which always made her giggle.

"That's nice," she sighed. "I didn't think boys did things like that."

"Boys are morons," said Josh. Alice laughed before he had a chance to correct himself.

"They're not all morons," she said. "I've got one here that's very nice and romantic."

Josh smiled and locked his lips together with Alice's, looking into her eyes as they kissed. He'd only ever done that a few times before, with his sisters, as he always found it to be emotionally overwhelming. It was now, and he was forced to close his eyes before long.

His cock was pressing lightly against Alice's opening, begging for the entry that Josh was denying it. He wanted more time to enjoy her body; to savour her taste and her touch and make her giggle again. But his cock kept poking her between the legs, and soon, it was making even Alice gasp.

"You're teasing me," she said, holding onto Josh's head as he attacked the side of her neck with his mouth.

She moaned his name into his ear, soft as a breeze, and they both trembled against each other. Josh loved that he could make her sigh and moan and gasp with pleasure; he'd do it all night if he could. But his cock was tensing with anticipation, and he could tell that Alice was waiting too, so he lifted his mouth away from her neck and positioned himself between her legs. She parted them a bit more to give him room and held onto his back as he slid himself inside. A gasp and a sigh from them both, and then he was all the way in, shaking from the feeling. She was wet inside, more so than the first time, and Josh's cock felt saturated to the base. He eased himself down and wrapped his arms around her; she did the same until not even a molecule would have passed between their bodies.

He had tried different positions with Dawn lots of times and several times with Jacquie as well, but when he was with Alice he didn't think he could stand not to be facing her and holding her as tightly as possible.

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