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A virgin is forced to orgasm to the highest bidders.

I swallowed.

We've blown some cold air into the room so you can see her nipples at their full peak-don't you just want to eat them up, ladies and gentlemen? Can I hear the first round of bidding, please?

The intercom in the room shut off as the bidding above me commenced, I, evidently, not allowed to hear how much people were willing to pay to see me naked. I shuddered from the floor, my breasts straining at the bralette, nipples pushing further into the material.

I took a deep breath. As much as I hated to admit it, there was something oddly...arousing, about being put on display in front of so many. I shook my head. There was no way I was beginning to have those thoughts, no way I was becoming...turned on by this.

Was I?

No. Of course not.

The dull throbbing in my clit told me differently, but I clenched my thighs in hopes that nobody would notice.

Lovely! I see everyone has stayed for the second round. Well, let us continue with the fully naked display and inspection.

My heart stuttered. Inspection?

A metal arm with sharp looking scissors extended from the wall, descending toward my sternum. I gasped in horror, watching as it came closer and closer-and cut clean through my bralette, my breasts practically bursting to be free. The bralette was pulled into a hole in the floor. The scissors did the same thing with my thong, the cold air brushing against my exposed sex and making my back arch involuntarily at the cold.

As we said earlier, her breasts are a lovely 34DD, and oh-you can really see how firm her nipples are now. She's responding wonderfully to the atmosphere, ladies and gentlemen, you really couldn't get a more responsive girl.

Slowly, the arms holding my ankles began to rotate up, shifting my hips up up up until my ankles were bent back over my head, my pussy facing the glass ceiling and on display for all.

Or a more flexible one, evidently-see how she doesn't even struggle to be in this position!

I blew air through my teeth, the dull throbbing in my clit intensifying.

And even lovelier, ladies and gentlemen, a real treat-look how she's become aroused! She has a beautiful, firm, pink clit that's wonderfully swollen for you today, and a smaller slit. Oh, you can see her beginning to become wet. Very wonderful, let's see if we can't get her a little bit more aroused for you, see how responsive she truly is.

My eyes widened as another arm came out of the wall, this one with no hands at all, but a slim, bullet shaped object. I gasped as the arm slipped the object inside of me, the tight more fit than anything I had ever put inside of myself before.

Did we mention she's a virgin? Never touched by any hands besides her own.

Yet another arm came out of the wall, this one ending with what I knew was a Hitachi wand. I shuddered as it pressed against my clit, neither object moving at all, just sitting inside of and against me, waiting.

Let's start with a very low level. How about...1?

All at once, both objects started buzzing, sending waves of instantaneous, excruciating pleasure through me. I arched my back, gasping aloud at the sensation. I'd masturbated before, of course, and plenty of times. But always with my hands-never with any toys. I'd always been too embarrassed to buy toys.

Very responsive!

I felt it. Within less than a minute, the low buzzing had pulled me to the brink of an orgasm, close, close, so close-

I screamed in frustration as both turned off and withdrew abruptly.

Ladies and gentlemen, twenty-three seconds! I think that's an all-time record!

I groaned and let my head fall back against the floor.

See how slick her thighs are now, see the pool beneath her on the floor. Ladies and gentlemen, can I hear the bidding for the second round?

Once more, the intercom cut out and I was left alone on the floor, a dripping, shaking mess.

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