Alfie and Eva settle in.

Alfie moved tot he side, and pulled her into him, kissing her damp neck, her cheek, fondling her breast, and then he said, "I love you, Miss America!" and fell asleep.

When she woke, it was dawn, and Alfie was already up and dressed.

"I'll make the arrangements for you to stay on here, hun!" He walked over to kiss her. "Don't get up!"

She raised a languid arm to pull him in for a kiss, and he sat on the edge of the bed and obliged her. There was silence in the room for a minute as they kissed, each feeling the need rise. But Alfie ended it, pulling her arms from around his neck and standing up.

"Hun, I have to go now!" He saw the look in her eyes, and he smiled.

"If you keep wanting me like this, we'll be in bed an awful lot!" He chuckled as she tried to punch him on the arm, and sidestepped her.

"I'll call you when I make the first stop, okay?" He blew her a kiss. "Take care, my love!"

And then he was gone.

She was still languishing in bed, tingling from their night of sexual debauchery, the feel of his body still with her, when a knock on the door startled her, and she called "Come in!" It was a waiter, with a breakfast trolley for her.

" Excuse me, Mrs. D'Augustino, but Alfie thought you might be hungry, and, the executive suite will be ready for you in an hour, will you be ready to move by then?"

"Ahhh, yes...yes, I'll be ready, thank you!"

The waiter left. Alfie?? The hotel staff called him by his FIRST name??? These Aussies are weird, she thought, laughing to herself. An hour later, she was standing in the executive suite, feeling a little lost. The hotel staff had transferred all her gear, and Alfie's, there for her. Suddenly it hit her that waiter had called her" Mrs. D'Augustino." She laughed in delight. The phone rang, and as she answered it, she heard, "Hello, Mrs. D'Augustino! Are you comfortable in your new room?"

"Yes thank you, MR. D'Augustino, you cheeky monkey! What did you tell the hotel staff?"

"Oh, nothing, hun, just that you're my wife! Thought you'd need practice in hearing your married name, is all!" he laughed.

After a brief conversation, they hung up. She went shopping, looking at all the stores in Darwin, then back to the hotel for lunch. Over the next few days, she looked all around Darwin, checking out everything. Then, on Saturday night, the usual nightly call from Alfie didn't come, and she began to worry, as he'd told her he'd ring every night. At 8.00 pm. there was a knock on the door, and a worker gave her a note,

"Meet me in the dining room. Wear something nice!"

That's all it said. No name, nothing.

When she'd dressed, she went to the dining room, and it was empty. A waitress came to her, and guided her to a table, where a bouquet of roses waited. She sat, and looked at the flowers, and saw a card with her name on it. As she reached to pick up the card, a kiss landed on her neck. It was Alfie.

"Hello, Mrs. D'Augustino!"

"Hello, Mr. D'Augustino!" she answered, turning her face for his kiss.

"You look wonderful, hun!" he said, bending to sniff her. "And you smell delicious!" He planted a kiss behind her ear, and took his seat across from her. "How was your week?" he asked, pulling one of the roses from the bouquet and presenting it to her. "Sweets for the sweet!" he said, and smiled at her.

Eva sniffed the fragrant bloom, and said, "It was okay. It would have been much better of you had been here to share it with me." She smiled at him. "I bought you something."

"Oh yeah?" He lifted an eyebrow. "Where is it?"

"In the room," she replied, and winked at him.

Alfie chuckled, and signaled the waiter to bring the first course.

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