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A turn for the worse.


I turned off the water, and dried myself, while she did the same next to me. She put on a t-shirt. "I won't make you look at my body," she said.

I went to her, and pulled the shirt off. "No, I need to. It's part of the healing. Let me associate it with something better. Remember it like this, clean and beautiful, not marked and bruised. Not semen coated and stinking of adulterous sex."

Her eyes moistened, and she turned away from me, drying her hair. I brushed my teeth and climbed into the bed. A few minutes later she was climbing in on her side. She scooted toward me. "May I?"

I opened my arms to her, and let her lean against me, in a familiar embrace. "Anything I can do for you tonight?" she asked softly.

"Tell me a story. Remind me of the good times. Before it all went so sour."

She cuddled in closer. "That's easy. We had enough of them." She kissed my chest. "It would almost be cheating to recall our honeymoon, or any of our anniversaries," she mumbled, obviously giving it some thought. "I know, remember your business trip to Montreal?"

Did I? She chose a good one.

"I wanted to surprise you. I kept it all a secret, spending the entire week before shopping for outfits, teasing you in bed."

"I remember. I was expecting great sex before we went, and was crushed when you blew me off, to visit your sister."

Her hand was rubbing my side. "I know it was a little mean, but it did exactly what I wanted, didn't it?"

"I'll say it did."

"I was so nervous, flying up there alone, spending the day in the spa, making myself beautiful for you."

"I still don't understand that, gilding the lily. You've always been beautiful."

"I wanted it to be special. Miraculous. You called and told me you were having dinner in the hotel. I put on that naughty dress, do you remember it?"

"That much cleavage and leg showing, how could I ever forget?"

"I sat at the bar, up on the stool, my legs crossed, the slit in my dress exposing my entire thigh, showing the top of my thigh-highs. I must have turned down a dozen drinks before you even spotted me."

I chuckled. "I spotted you earlier, it took a while for it to sink in that it was you. I couldn't make the connection. I knew you were at home. That fiery mane of yours kept drawing my eyes back, but you never wore it that way."

In her cuddling, she managed to squeeze her leg between mine, and was moving it teasingly. "God, I almost laughed out loud when you choked on your drink, coughing loudly, staring at me."

"Yeah, and you switched your legs, giving me and anyone else looking a flash of those red panties. Deep red, lacy black trim."

"You remember?"

"There are some images you never forget. Ever." It wasn't until after I'd spoken, that my word's current implications came to mind.

We were both quiet for a few seconds. "I'm sorry," she whispered.

"I didn't mean it like that. Please keep going."

She cuddled in closer, desperately so. "Not a minute later, you walked away from your table, ignoring the rest of them, and came and got me. I never did ask, what did you say to them? I didn't expect you to abandon them like that."

I enjoyed holding her, and it was working, remembering the good times, putting the last few weeks out of my mind. I ran my hand down her smooth back, resting it on her firm ass. "I told them the most beautiful woman in the world had just flashed her panties at me, and I was going to take her to my room and have my way with her."

"The most beautiful? Did you really say that?"

"I've always thought so. I was the luckiest man around."

She was quiet. I think it had something to do with the 'was' in my statement. "They didn't say anything?"

I chuckled. "They looked confused, even angry. Wallace is old school, and he knew I was married. I thought he was going to tear in to me, when Dan stopped him. 'It's his wife. And she is the most beautiful thing I've ever seen'."

"Dan said that?"

"Oh yeah.

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