Jimmy goes on further with Nancy and even gains a new friend.

"Oh sweetie, why don't you switch your pump to the other side?" Nancy suggested.

"I would but I'm still pretty full on this side" she motioned to the breast in the pump. Nancy glanced over at me and I could almost see an imaginary lightbulb flash above her head as she then gathered thought.

"If you wouldn't mind, Jimmy has helped me hand express from excessive milk before. He could help you with that if you're comfortable with it" Nancy suggested once more. Karen's facial expression rose up both in confusion and intrigued.

"Really? How so exactly?" she asked curiously. Nancy perked up and was more than happy to respond "well, one time my free breast had so much milk that I asked him to hold an empty flask against it, but then he politely asked to further help me. He knew how to hand express it and helped me out until I could switch sides."

Karen's gaze turned to me with a curious smile and then joked back to Nancy, "So you're saying he groped you but it helped?"

They both giggled and I even joined in to cut tensions. "Essentially, but he's a good boy, very respectful" she responded back.

Karen smiled and looked down at her troublesome situation and then looked up at me still with a smile and asked, "Jimmy, would you come help me with this one?" She blushed just a little bit and turned her body into the couch to make room for me to sit next to her.

I went to grab an empty flask for the baby bottles and made my way to sit next to her on the couch. She surrendered her chest as I slowly brought the opening of the flask to make soft contact with her areola, initiating the flow of her milk into the plastic container.

I hesitated as I watched a few drops make their way to the bottom of the container and looked up into her eyes which were fixed on me. "Uhhh, May I?" I asked softly motioning my hand to her breast.

She smiled a very sexy smile and said, "Please".

I reached up to her breast slowly smiling bluntly as I watched her eyes and smile. The whirring of the machine still running in the background but finally my hand came in contact with her soft, and very warm flesh. I softly and gently cupped her large breast with my thumb below it and the rest of my hand around the side and to the top.

I ran my gentle grip slowly and down to her areola and repeated in a smooth rhythm. I heard a soft moan escape her lips and surreptitiously lifted my eyes to see her face. She had her eyes shut, and her lips were pursed by her teeth, almost as if she was avoiding a strong sensation. I continued kneading and pumping her breast as more and more streams made their way into the now, milk showered flask.

My cock was strained very tightly against my boxers and though I was feeling extremely aroused, I fought it very hard with my thighs. I continued my rhythm of pumping her breast as her machine continued its own course and then I felt her hand come to meet the back of my hand that held the jar against her breast. She opened her eyes and I could see a fire in them that was telling me she was enjoying every bit of this.

My eyes were locked with hers, and in an inaudible language, I shot a gaze down to her breast, and back up to her locked gaze on me. I quickly ran my tongue across my lips just enough to get her attention, at which her pupils dilated and her smile widened. Very silently and slowly, with the hand that held the back of mine that had the jar positioned, she pulls my hand away from her chest.

With the jar still in my grip and leaving the breast I looked down to the erect, red nipple that she then perked up for me. She scooted her body silently closer to me, giving almost no distance between her breast and my now lowering head. I gazed up to see her face as I gently brought my lips in contact with the moist and milky bud.

Her eyes widened and begged for me to complete the task at hand, at which I had no problem opening up and taking in as much of her breast as possible.

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