Modern Girl in Thedas during the Fifth Blight.

A slender hand came into view and grabbed her robes; I uttered a - strictly internal - sigh of relief that she didn't look behind her as she retrieved the garment. I heard more rustling as she got dressed.

Anders finally spoke. "Solona, I-"

He stopped, and I figured she must have gestured. "Don't make this out to be more than it was, Anders. Nothing has changed. I'm sorry I let this get out of hand - it was a mistake. I can't..." I heard her voice crack, and then she regained control. "It was just sex. I hope you got some enjoyment out of it as well."

Her voice sounded further away as she continued. "Goodnight, Anders."

And then she was gone, and shortly thereafter I was alone in the library, and desperately, desperately in need of Alistair.

I took a moment to compose myself, and then headed down to find out where my fianc__ had gotten to. I found him playing cards with Faren, Leli, Aedan, and Zev in the main hall, and losing. Not badly, he still had a pile of coins beside him, but it was much smaller than Aedan's and a little smaller than everyone else's. I pulled over a bench to sit beside him, and he looked over, still distracted by his hand.

"Hey, Love. You here to help me stop losing at cards?"

"Not precisely, no."

He looked at me more carefully, and frowned thoughtfully. "Are you alright?"

I licked my lips, antsy but not wanting my agitation to show. "Yup. Don't let me interrupt you."

He stared at me for a few more seconds, and I watched as his gaze travelled across my face before settling on my eyes. I must have looked strange, or something, because his eyes darkened, and without a word he dropped his cards on the table. "I fold."

There was good natured grumbling at that pronouncement, which he ignored to climb off the bench he was sitting on, offer me a hand, and escort me towards our room. It took all of my willpower not to run.

"You didn't have to stop on my account."

"I was just wasting time waiting for you, anyway. And you looked sure nothing's wrong?"

We reached our room as he asked, and I avoided answering until he'd kicked the door shut behind him. And then I was on him, slamming him against the door, up on my tiptoes, arms wrapped around his neck, pulling him into a deep kiss. His arms wrapped around me reflexively, and I moaned my approval as he held me close. I explored his mouth with my tongue, teasing and stroking his own, nipping his lower lip with my teeth.

He broke away with a gasp. "What in the world has come over you?"

I didn't bother answering, capturing his lips again. With one hand I began undoing laces on my dress, and I stopped only briefly to toss it off over my head before kissing him again. I attacked his clothes next, getting my hands on his torso and stroking his warm skin before pulling the shirt over his head, then going for the laces on his trousers.

He was hard and ready for me, when I snaked my hand inside to grasp him; he may have been confused, but his body was more than willing. He groaned as I pumped him slowly, teasing him, then whined as I let go to wrap my arms around his neck again. I hitched my knee up by his hip, and he took the hint; he reached down and lifted me, holding me to him as I wrapped my legs around his waist. His hands gripped my panty-clad ass, which served to inflame me more as his bulge pressed against my mound. He stumbled over towards the bed and dropped me on it; I shucked my panties and slid up onto the pillows while he divested himself of trousers and smalls both. He climbed onto the bed and crawled towards me, and I reached up to run my hands through his soft sandy hair.

I was never comfortable with dirty talk, as much as Zevran claimed it was part of the enjoyment of sex; it was awkward and I felt like an idiot when I tried. Which meant that I didn't really know how to ask for what I wanted, even though I definitely knew what it was I wanted. I tugged his hair and whispered, "Please."

He leaned over to press a kiss to my belly, drawing a gasp.

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