What happens when 'Internet Lovers' meet?

She sits next to him, nursing her drink, and he puts his arm along the back of the seat they share. His body is half turned towards her, and she wonders if this is a sign that he finds her attractive. She turns toward him, and he leans forward and softly kisses her . Encouraged she responds by parting her lips, and tentatively explores his lips with her tongue, as he puts both his arms around her and pulls her closer, the kisses deepen and they both begin to feel aroused. As they part and look at each other, they both smile at once, and with out a word he takes her hand and leads her toward the hotel lift.

Again she feels shy, but he puts his arm around her reassuringly, and she begins to sense that he can understand how she is feeling, and will take his time, not rush her, and let things develop naturally. Once in the room she is touched to see an ice bucket containing a bottle of pink champagne waiting for them. She smiles, thanks him, and sits on the edge of the bed, giggling as he pops the cork and it rebounds off of the ceiling. She takes off her shoes now, feeling slightly tipsy, and more daring as the time passes.

When he walks around to refill her glass he stands in front of her, she looks up at him smiles, he takes her hand. pulls her to her feet, and they resume the kissing they started in the bar, deeper and more passionate until they both feel breathless. He steps back, and with a quizzical look, as if asking her permission, he begins to unbutton her blouse, she responds by unbuttoning his shirt, neither rushing this process until they finally feel each others skin next to skin. He drinks in her scent as he caresses her, her fingers running over his back sending tingles of pleasure through him.

He slips the strap of her bra off of her shoulder and pulls it down exposing one breast, the nipple already clearly aroused, and as he brushes it softly with his fingers she lets out a sigh as the nipple hardens further. He bends his head and licks eagerly, as she pulls his head closer, he takes the nipple into his mouth and nibbles gently causing her to moan softly. His attention now turns to the other breast as she feels the moistness starting, her stomach lurching with pleasure and anticipation.

He then gently pushes her back until her legs are against the edge of the bed, she sits down and he kneels before her, she lifts her bottom as he removes her skirt, his passion increasing as his eyes drink in her underwear, hiding the promise of what is to come. Kissing her again he runs his hands up and down her thighs, his thumbs coming to rest in her groin, massaging gently. She is breathless now, trembling with the sensations he is giving her, and when his thumbs slip inside the wispy material she can hardly contain her moan of pleasure. He feels her hot wetness and dips his forefinger within, feeling her shudder with nerves and delight.

He kisses her again reassuringly, using the sweet juice to moisten her clitoris, feeling it swell and throb beneath his expert touches.

He pushes her back, she lies with her arms over her head as he removes her panties and gently kisses the inside of her thighs, tracing a path with his tongue. Her legs open wider and she places one foot on the bed to allow him to come closer, his hands reach under her bottom to bring her nearer to him. He nibbles and licks her swelling lips and her moans become louder, until he senses her first climax is near. He licks her clitoris, then sucks it harder, her legs shaking, she wraps them around his head, hands clutching furiously at the bed spread her hips rise and she moves herself against his tongue until with a scream of joy her orgasm engulfs her, his tongue feeling the first waves as he licks and sucks rhythmically matching her body's spasms.

As her orgasm subsides he can contain himself no longer.

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