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A man sexually dominates his ex.

She looked away quickly but I knew that she had seen. I walked back to my place behind her nude, bound helpless form and made ready to continue. She shook her head slightly and groaned an unintelligible protest through the gag. I drank it in like some heady wine.

At that point, I began to whip her nude, bound helpless form in earnest. The belt danced out and caught her back, sides and even licked around to caress her front.

With each wet smack of the belt, she cried out through the gag and pulled helplessly against the restraints that held her firmly available for my pleasure.

"We have just begun my sweet." I thought deliciously to myself.

At one point, I could see her mood change from that of a helpless and reluctantly lusty sub to an angry frustrated vixen. However, I was in no mood to submit to her now. She was mine tonight and I intended to take full advantage.

Finally, I could see that the belt had aroused her as much as it was going to. Her cries through the gag blended well with the swish of the belt and the wet sound it made as it landed on her upper torso.

I left her ass alone as I had a special treat in store for her and I needed her unbeaten butt for it to be most effective.

While I could have continued for quite some time, I could see that she had reached her limit which meant that we had reached our limits, at least, when it came to using the belt.

Again, I was pleased to notice she had not dropped the ball despite her protests.

Chapter Five


I walked past her and back over to the laundry table and dropped the belt back into the box. Pausing to peer into the contents, I decided upon what next to use upon this woman who was my oh-so-responsive toy for the night.

Behind me, I could hear her gasping and struggling against the now cruel restraints. The very idea of what we were doing and what I was about to put her through made my erection grow even harder through my pants. It was a sensation I took a moment to savor.

Reaching into the banker's box I pulled out the two items I knew I'd need for her next torment.

Laying one down on the table, I picked up the other and turned dramatically towards her.

The electric vibrating wand, complete with cord was something that had always bothered her. She had always protested that it was too strong and that she wouldn't be able to stand it. Tonight we'd find out.

Predictably, she started struggling and complaining unintelligibly through the gag as soon as she saw the wand in my hands.

"Oh, did you think that we had stopped playing "Confession"?" I asked her innocently. The powerful sex toy belied my innocence and leant an air of menace to my mild demeanor.

Her fearful eyes met mine and she tried to plead with me. I rather enjoyed watching her bound, nude body struggle uselessly.

Then I stepped over to the wall and plugged the wand in. Stepping back to the table I picked up the other item and stepped toward her.

Her face was a study in shock as she began to divine what I had in store.

"Oh yes, the wand will be giving you pleasure but this item," I waved the other thing I had picked out of the box, "This I'll be using during the next phase of the game."

I held the electric vibrator in my left hand and a riding crop in my right.

She shook her head but I ignored it and her muffled protests. I actually enjoyed her futile struggles as I stepped over to stand between the pole and her left side. Facing her left side kept the wand in my left hand ever ready to be applied to her mons. The riding crop in my right hand was, of course, freely available for use on her tender posterior.

She was standing with hands together held above her head, nude, on tip toe and with her feet bound tightly together. I was so close I could smell the shampoo she'd used that morning. It was all too alluring and I had to struggle not to take her down and use her right there.

She was so wound up that she missed seeing my reaction to her.

"Oh relax!

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