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Married man finds the cock he needs - & it's black.

Of course I was but knowing that someone was watching me slide a cock in my mouth made me feel like a slut.

After just a few minutes I felt the cock in my mouth begin to swell and knew that soon I would be swallowing my first load of the day. I felt the dick pulse in my mouth and the first squirt hit the roof of my mouth. I swallowed every drop of that delicious cum. As his cock softened I let it slip from my lips. He put himself together and left.

That's when I got a look at who had been watching me and was surprised to see it was a tall well built black man. He was about 6'2'' and had a swimmers build and a HUGE bulge in his pants. He looked down at me and asked if I wanted another load.

I didn't answer I just reached out and unzipped his jeans and freed that big black dick of his. It wasn't fully hard and was already nearly nine inches and very thick. I started stroking it enjoying the feeling of something that big in my hand all the time thinking how big of a load he would give my hungry mouth.

I started by licking the head of his cock and then licking up and down his large shaft. Then for the first time ever I slid a black cock into my mouth. My mouth was stretched to its limit as I forced more and more of swollen dick into my mouth. I was able to get seven inches in before I felt it hit the back of my throat. He obviously wanted it all in because he grabbed me by the back of my head and rammed the last two inches down my throat. I had to breathe through my nose and found that if I concentrated I could keep from gagging.

Now he was holding my head in his hands and was fucking my mouth. My jaws were aching and my lips were swollen from the abuse they were taking. He seemed to be lasting for ever. He was ramming into my mouth harder and harder until my nose was buried in his stomach and his balls were slapping against my chin. Finally when he was ready to cum his cock swelled in my mouth forcing it open even more and making me want to eat his cum. I was not to be disappointed. He started shooting his cum, first straight down my throat and then into my mouth. I sucked and swallowed until I was sure there was not a single drop left. I sucked him until his cock went soft in my mouth and then unwillingly let it slip from my lips.

Then for the first time I looked up and got a good look at his face and realized he was from the same town as me. I hoped he hadn't recognized me. But I was to find out different on Monday.

About ten o'clock the receptionist came into my office and said that there was Mr. Lee here to see me and he said that it was personal. She showed him into my office and shut the door. I was stunned when I saw it was the black man from Saturday. He introduced himself as Ty Lee and started saying how it had taken him a while to realize who I was. I tried to be nonchalant but couldn't keep myself from looking at his crotch.

He sensed my panic at having been discovered and said don't worry I wont tell anybody as long as you agree to my terms. Ty then said I have an arrangement in mind that will benefit both of us. I just want to be able to come here and get my dick sucked when ever I want, that will save both of us the trouble of driving an hour to get what we want. I started to protest saying that I couldn't suck cock in my office but he stood up and came around my desk. As he was walking toward me he was stroking his hard cock through his pants.

He leaned against my desk directly in front of me and said are you sure you don't want to suck me and then unzipped his pants pulling his thick swollen shaft out. There was no way I could resist, once I saw the magnificent cock I had to suck it. It took it in my mouth and immediately swallowed all nine inches. Ty chuckled and said god you're such a little cock whore. As I was sucking him I knew that this was the man I wanted to fuck me.

I took his cock from my mouth long enough to ask him to fuck me.

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