Kinky fun with a street girl.

"Can I ask you to undress me?"

She moves close. I can smell the lipstick. She's a good few inches shorter than me and quite slim. She starts to undo my shirt buttons with her cigarette poised between her extended fingertips, and I hold my breath as the smoke swirls around between us. She puts the cigarette between her lips and lets it hang there as she continues to unbutton. She removes my shirt and takes a drag. She has a quite high-pitched, girlish voice, with what sounds like a Leeds accent. "D'you knor, when you wank yourself, d'you want meh to blow smoke in your face?"

I grin, inanely, thrilled that she understands. "Oh, yes please..."

She sends a stream in my direction and smiles. "Turn 'round, love..."

She unbuttons and unzips my trousers and carefully pulls them down past my erection, her fingertips brushing me. I have a surprise for her at this point- I'm wearing semi-transparent lacy black French knickers and sheer black lace-top holdups. "Mmm... Naughteh boy... You want these off, or on?"

"I'll keep them on..."

She pulls the gusset to one side and releases my erect cock from the silk panties. She strokes the head and shaft. "You're a bit sticky down here!"

She's right; I've been streaming precum since being in the lift. "Sorry..."

"S'OK..." she replies, wiping her fingers on a towel. "So you're into girls who smoke, then?"

I'm almost naked in front of her, in my stockings and French knickers. I feel vulnerable and feminine. "Oh, yeah..."

"D'you like to look at them on the internet?"


She smiles. "Just tell meh if I'm talking too much..." She pulls up a swivel chair. I sit on the bed. "What sort of things do you like? D'you like the celebs and movie stars? Or do you like girls getting fucked, or sucking guys off while they smoke?"

I can't take my eyes off her mouth and really want to kiss her. "All that stuff. Glamour. But sometimes just a cool girl in trendy clothes who just looks like she's enjoying smoking..."

She smiles again with the same foxy-eyed, toothy grin. "awww... You're dead nice, you are... Doesn't your wife smoke?"

"Sometimes, just for me. She looks great, but..."

Trudi slides her chair nearer. She takes a really deep drag and disappears behind a dense cloud as she slowly exhales into my face. My hand instinctively reaches for my shaft, and I close my eyes and groan quietly. I semi recline on my elbows, spreading my knees apart.

"Oh, sorreh," she smiles. "Go on..."

"No, that's about it. She doesn't smoke very often, and she's usually quite stressed..."

She picks up her cigarettes again and lights a fresh one using the stub of the previous. She tuts. "I'm trying to cut down on meh cigs, and look! You've got me chain-smoking..."

I grin. "You should give up. It's really bad for you."

"You don't see as many girls smoking, these days, do you?"

"No," I reflect, sadly...

"Awww... Did you used to like watching girls smoking in pubs?"


She giggled, and stood up, applying more lippy in the mirror. She returned with her cig dangling from her mouth. She points to herself. "Do you like it when girls do this?"

"Oh, yes..."

She looked around. She seemed to be looking for topics for conversation. She glances down, eyebrows raised. "I like your knickers..."

I blushed, but I was really turned on by the fact I was showing myself off to her. "Thanks. They feel good..."

"D'you wear them quite a lot, or just tonight?"

"Just when I'm playing... I've never been out in them before..."

She pulls the chair closer to the bed. Eyes fixed on mine, she takes a deep drag and exhales creamily into my face. I think I'll have to wank off soon. I wonder if I have time to cum more than once.

"Here," she says, unzipping her top halfway to reveal a pert, milky-white cleavage and black bra. "D'you want to see a bit more of meh?"

"Mmm... Fucking nice..."

She blows thick smoke in my face again, unsmiling. "I'll suck you off if you want. I don't mind. Or you can fuck meh. I'm good at it..."

I just gasp and moan, wanking myself luxuriously.

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