He wasn't what he appeared.

Not that she had the body for it anyway. She was only a few inches shorter then him and her full body was hardly bikini material. Still, there was one thing...something she had brought on impulse. The skirt was shorter then she normally wore, but the top was what she liked best. It hugged her breasts just right and the skirt hugged her ass in such a way that she liked best. It gave them a softer, rounder look.

Telling her mom she was going to go walk around town, she was at the motel in five minutes. He opened the door on the first knock and smiled at her as he saw her standing there. "I was hoping you'd show up. Come on in."

He was alone, that was good, and she had seen the motorcycle outside, making her wondered if he was traveling solo. Not that he looked like some of the bikers she had seen back in Portland. Just the long black hair falling past his shoulders, and a chin beard that was more a dusting of hair meeting a mustache that drooped down. He had broad shoulders and a narrow waist and hips. It was more evident then before because he was shirtless, and barefoot. She liked the hair that made a v down his stomach to disappear in his low slung jeans.

He was watching as she examined him and he smiled. "Honey, with that hungry look in your eyes, you better get in here, before some calls the fire department." Taking her hand, he drew her in, closed the door and pulled her to him. His mouth was as hungry as her eyes and she gave herself up to it with a moan. Her arms went up around his neck and she felt him running his hands up and down her body in a exploring way.

When she was able to draw back, she looked at him and smiled. "Am I going to live through this?"

He laughed, "only if you don't die of pleasure sweetheart. Though I got to admit you look good enough to eat." He kissed her again and this time his hand slid up her skirt so he could feel her bare skin. At the side of her thong, he traced it around to the front and cupped her already moist mound. "Hmm, you are nice, are you cherry?"

She nodded. "Unfortunately..."

"Hmm, that just makes it better baby, tells me to take it slow and easy with you." He moved his mouth over the lobe of her ear. "I love the taste of virgin blood honey on my tongue. It's a fetish of mine, I'll pop your cherry then lick it all up before I finish fucking you...Because I have wanted to fuck you something awful since I saw you on the beach. I would have taken you right then and there if it had been warmer."

"Would you have really?"

"Oh hell yes, I love big girls as much as I love virgin blood." He stroked her face with his finger tips. His longest one moving over her lips as he did. "How long can you stay with me?"

"As long as I want, I don't have curfew anymore."

"Then call mommy and tell her you got invited to an all night party. I want you to be here with me all night long." His voice was persuasive and she did as he asked. Her mother sounded happy to hear her sounding more cheerful then usual.

"Have fun dear, we'll see you tomorrow."

When she hung up, Jeremy was holding out a soda and he drew her to the bed. For a while they just talked, and she listened in fascination as he told her about his travels. He had been all over the country and explored both Mexico and Canada since he had left home at sixteen. He loved the freedom of travel and while he admitted it got lonely sometimes, he preferred to travel alone. Now and then he met someone who gave him an urge to stop, but it was seldom more for a day or two.

"I was going to leave today, just saying goodbye to the ocean before I headed out this morning. But then we met and I decided to stay another day. So we have to night Leandrea, that's all I can offer you."

She was a little sorry, but she found that to expect more from him would be wrong. He was like a lone wolf that hadn't found his pack yet. "Well, then lets not waste it."

He ran his hand along her bare leg and up to her hip again. "No, lets not..."

This time his kiss was harder and more seductive to her, his hand touching her in a

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