Curiosity about you gets the best of her.

You found me in your room, standing near the window. My clothes clutched to my breast with one hand the other hand held the towel, still wrapped around me. Something behind me moved, I turned, with tears welled in my eyes, you were standing in the doorway with a towel around your waist. Water rivulets slipped down your chest into the towel. You looked so good, all wet and most definitely all male. I wanted to reach out and touch you but I wasn't sure of your reaction to me now.

"I shouldn't of come. Please, let me get dressed and I'll go."

"Go... go where? I know you don't think you are going back to North Carolina."

"Y-yes, I only meant to surprise you, and I know you weren't expecting me, and I only wanted to be with you and.... " the words rushed from my mouth.

"Hush... You certainly managed to surprise me." you said, and gave a small chuckle.

"I am sorry. Please, I'll go. This was a mistake, I didn't' mean to upset you by coming here. My curiosity got the better of me. I should of known better."

"You know what they say about curiosity, don't you? It killed the cat."

The tears had started to roll down my cheeks when you stepped closer to me. I tried to back away but wasn't able to as I was against the wall. Your hands came to my face and your thumbs wiped my tears. I kept my eyes lowered, you already knew I was crying and afraid I'd upset you, but I couldn't look you in the eye. I felt totally vulnerable.

"There is nothing to be sorry for, Angel. You surprised me is all. A very nice surprise I might add."

At the use of your pet name for me, I looked up at you. I knew, somehow, that it was going to be ok. That I was right in coming here, and that you weren't upset that I was here. Every nerve in my body was on end. I shivered as you continued to touch me. You dropped one hand to my chest took my clothes and dropped them to the floor. My hands went to your shoulders, uncertainty in my eyes, I looked deep into yours. What I saw in your eyes was breath taking. Desire had clouded your beautiful green eyes, which made you incredibly sexy. I wanted you; in a way I've never wanted anyone.

As you stepped back, your towel slid from around your hips to pool on the floor. " Your turn." you said.

I shook my head because I KNEW what I looked like naked and was self-conscious about my body. I CERTAINLY didn't want you to see me in the daylight. I knew you'd said you like larger women, but there was still a part of me that was afraid that when you actually saw me naked you'd shun me.

"Angel, you came to me to give me the chance to worship you. Let me do that. "

"Seeing me with clothes on is one thing, seeing me with nothing on is another."

"Ahh, you are right, however, you were just in the shower with me and you didn't have anything on then and I enjoyed the feel of your luscious body against mine."

My face flared red, and looking deep into your eyes, I allowed the towel to drop.

Without the cover of the towel, I was at a loss. At a loss of what to say, what to do, what to feel, I continued to watch you as you bent into me, our eyes held for a moment and we kissed. My heart began to pound and my mind started racing toward all the things that I wanted to do to you, and what I wanted you to do to me. My hands went to your chest, touching you was like nothing I'd ever experienced before. You felt so good beneath my fingertips. I let my fingers go where they wanted; I had to learn your body. I simply had to. I had no way on knowing WHEN or even IF we would ever have this chance again, and I intended to remember every moment of it. Deepening the kiss, my hands slid up around your neck, pulling you into me. With more of our naked bodies touching it was difficult to hide what I was feeling. My body betrayed my pleasure, as the kiss was broken.

Your hands slipped around my waist and you rested your open palm against the curve of my bottom and pulled me even tighter into you.

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