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Tom makes Grace service others for money.

Tom then took me to the grocery store and referred to me as mommy cock sucker in front of people that I knew, who must have seen the cum on my face as well. Men who are my neighbors or go to my church stared at my highly exposed cleavage and legs as their wives hit them in anger. It was so humiliating. But I got so aroused that my nipples protruded through my t-shirt and I was afraid my pussy might drip onto the floors of the store.

Tom also took to fucking me in the ass while Matt, Denise and their friends were over and making me scream that I was an ass fuck whore while he banged me. This Matt enjoyed as it opening the option of him and his friends butt fucking me, which they had never tried before. Tom also made me wear an evident butt plug, telling people he had to keep the sluts ass stretched so he had quick entry for his dick. It was all very demeaning and humiliating. But I loved the attention and I guess that this is what I asked for.

Tom also has an infatuation with urinating on my face, tits and into my mouth. He took me to a bar and introduced me dressed in my short skirt and t-shirt without a bra to his friends. He didn't say I was his step mother. He just introduced me as his latest slut. Then he brought me to the men's room, had me kneel, and then pissed in my hair on my face over my breasts and into my mouth, making me swallow a small mouth full. Returning to his friends they could smell the urine covering me and see my breasts clearly through the wet thin material. He then ordered me to pee myself in front of them and all watched and pointed and laughed as they saw me standing there with pee running down my bare legs.

Soon after he started taking me over to his friend places. He made me dress extra slutty, with no panties, a butt plug, no bra and a small blouse with all the buttons undone, so my breasts were exposed with a simple pull at the material. He coached me on how to behave around them. I was told never to speak and to follow all instructions. Entering a friend's apartment he introduced me as his latest slut. He would say to me "Say hello to my friend, slut Grace." At this I would open my top to show his friend my breasts, slide to my knees before him, undo his fly, pull out his cock and start sucking it. Some were nice. Some were dirty and nasty. I sucked all without complaint until they were hard and then I stopped. Tom and I would then sit on a couch and he would have me pull out his cock and bending over onto all fours suck his cock while pulling my skirt over my hips to reveal my bare pussy and a view of the butt plug. He would then just start chatting to his friend like nothing else was going on.

As the friend would stand there watching, stroking his dick, the inevitable question would come up. Something to the effect of "Um, Tom, what would it take for me to be able to fuck her while she sucks on you?"

And the answer was always the same. "Oh, about twenty bucks."

Soon I would see a twenty thrown onto Tom's lap, feel the couch moving behind me as someone climbed onto it, feel hands grasp my hips, and then feel the cock I had been sucking only minutes before thrust and slither into my wet, waiting and wanting pussy. I would let out a little gasp or moan and just keep sucking Tom's beautiful 9" cock as his friend got the feel of fucking me from behind.

As his friend would fuck me, his eyes of course would continue to glance at the butt plug in my ass. And so the second question of the night would be inevitably asked. "Um, how much to remove the butt plug and ass fuck your Ho?"

And the inevitable answer. "Another twenty."

With the exchange of the bill I would feel the plug pulled from my ass, the cock pulled from my cunt, the pressure of the cock head on my asshole, a couple of quick hard stabbing thrusts, and then followed by the feeling of yet another cock entering my bum.

Soon afterward, there was the equally inevitable feeling of warm goo spurting int

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