Master gives his pet what she needs..

It must have excited the man fucking my cunt to feel me squat down more on him.

I felt the man at my ass. I heard and felt him as he spit a few times. It landed in the crack of my ass and slid down. He proceeded to rub his hard cock in the spit; his fingers opened my ass and in went two fingers. Again I tilted my cunt inward trying to get away, but he continued the assault on my ass with his fingers fucking me deep. He positioned his cock at my asshole and shoved hard. In one stroke, he was in to his balls. I could feel them slapping my cunt, and I screamed as he opened me up. I closed my eyes and waited for the pain to stop.

When I looked up I saw a lanky biker with about a 9 inch cock heading straight for me. I didn't look at him. I just watched as his long thin cock looked me in the eyes as he got closer. I could smell his musky odor as he came inches from my face. Grabbing my hair he forced his cock in my mouth. I gagged as he went all the way in. I heard click, click as Master took pictures. There was no easing up on my mouth, he just kept fucking it like it was the last one he'd ever have. I gagged with the intense face fucking I was getting, and he grabbed the hair at the back of my head to keep my head as still as possible.

I could feel the cock in my cunt throbbing and the biker yelling "I'm gonna cum bitch!" He was grabbing my tits and roughly toying with them as he came. I screamed, feeling I was gonna cum too. As I screamed the cock in my mouth went deeper. His hands in my hair held me tight to his cock, his balls slapping my chin, I could feel his cock oozing cum, and I knew it wouldn't be long before he came too. The biker fucking my ass picked up his pace too. It was bang... bang... bang... we all came at once; I gagged as the cock in my mouth went deep as he blew his load, making me gag trying to swallow it all without losing a drop. The men rolled away one at a time and I could feel cum dripping from my lips, as it landed on my chin and then on my tits. My thighs were wet as cum was dripping from my cunt and ass. My ass stung from the hard fucking the short cock gave me. But my cunt ached for more, and my mouth wanted more cock.

I heard voices, then I felt several pairs of hands exploring my exposed body; someone was standing in front of me. A strong pair of hands pulled the back of my head forward to his thick hard cock. I took him into my mouth and tried to take his huge cock into my throat but the angle was too high. He pushed my head down onto his cock the head pressing against the back of my throat; I began to gag and struggle for a breath.

At the same time I was being rolled onto my back, my legs were being spread wide. I felt like I was being split in two. All the while the cock stayed in my mouth but at least now the angle was better as it slammed my throat. My cunt was being entered by another hard cock as hands explored my body; I had a cock in each hand.

I tried to count the number of hands exploring my body, but my head was spinning with sounds, smells and sensations. I could hear the bikers talking about how to properly share me so that everyone who wanted to participate was able to fully enjoy me. They began taking up rotating positions, starting with their cocks in my hands and then moving to my cunt, then the assault on my ass, before they finished in my mouth.

The fucking from the bikers seemed like it lasted for hours. I could hear myself moan and whimper as I was being fucked over and over. I had at least five explosive orgasms and counted nine ejaculations in my mouth. My legs ached and my cunt and ass hurt from the bikers intense fucking. They were having no mercy on me. When they were done I laid in the middle of the floor in a puddle of cum; mine and the 10 bikers that used me. I heard Master yell out "Anyone else wanna feed My Bitch?"

I started to protest when I felt the crop hit my ass a few times and heard Master telling me, "Shut up bitch, remember, you wanted the attention!" I moaned as he hit me.

Then I heard a man's voice yell, "I want to feed the bitch!

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