Brother and sister find each other.

ou come in and cook breakfast or do you wait till after you eat to take care of it?"

I saw the little amused look on her face when she asked me that and I know, she could still see it as she was sitting next to me, "Oh... I took care of it before coming in to cook but... What can I say? When a sexy hot woman is near me with no clothes on her... even when she has none under her outer clothing... my problem arises again."

"Oh... Do you always know when a woman has no under clothes on under her outer clothes?"

"No, not always but I do usually know if they are wearing a bra or not and even then, every now and then it is hard to tell if they are or not. With the way they make women's panties any more it is hard to tell when panties are being worn or not at times."

We just continued to make small talk while we ate and drank our coffee, then when we finished we decided to go do the grocery shopping for the week. Once the kitchen was cleaned up and everything put away where it belonged, we went to our bedrooms and got dressed and ready to go shopping.

On Monday morning I got up and went to the kitchen to start the coffee and fix breakfast but before I got to the kitchen I smelled the bacon and eggs cooking and found the coffee already made and Alice at the stove without a stitch of clothing on, but then, I had no clothing on either. I stepped over to the coffee pot and filled a cup, "Morning Joey. I'll wait for my cup of coffee. When I'm done fixing breakfast I'll have a cup."

"Okay, by the way, good morning Alice. I didn't think you had to work till later on?"

"I don't have to be in till around nine this morning but I wanted to fix you something to eat and eat with you, that way we don't have to eat alone and it helps me feel better like I'm doing my part around here. With all that you've done for mom and me to date."

"You are family is why I do what I do for you and mom. As mom always said, 'family comes first', which is the way it should be."

"Yes I know but still, why should you pull all of the weight when I can pull my own weight if not more."

"Okay I know just how you feel. I must say it does smell good and the coffee sure is good. Now I can say I have it made in the shade. A sexy hot woman cooking a meal for me and she is even sexier when she is nude, cooking and moving around in the kitchen. I never thought I would ever see such a sexy hot sight in this kitchen, man what a view you make. So thank you very much sexy Alice." I was doing my best for it not to sound like I was being sarcastic, toward her, "I really mean that in a good way, not a sarcastic way." to clarify my compliment.

"Why thank you handsome Joey and you are very welcome too."

"I just had to speak the truth."

When I got home that evening before I went into the house I had a feeling something wasn't right because Alice's car wasn't home in the drive like it should've been, unless she went shopping right after work, then my cell phone started ringing, I saw who it was calling me, "Hello mom."

"Hello son. I'm calling to see if you know if Alice went to work today?" I was just getting out of my pickup and started toward the front door to the house.

"Yes she got ready to go and said she would be leaving about thirty minutes to one hour after I left to head into work." just then another call came in on my house phone, "Hold on a moment mom my house phone is ringing." I picked up the receiver on the house phone and lowered my cell phone to my side. "Hello?"

"Are you Alice Johnson's husband like she says you are?" come a voice on the other end of the line I didn't recognize.

"Does Joey Johnson answer your question? Now where is my other half?"

"If you're as big a man as she says you are, you can find her here at this cabin out in the woods here and bring your big money bag with you, to pay us for her release back to you.

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